CNET UK Editor choose Windows Phone

CNET Editor chooses Windows Phone

Add Rich Trenholm to the list of Windows Phone users. Rich is the News Editor over at CNET UK and had been using an iPhone. That is until he spent some time with the Nokia Lumia 800.

He notes that interface is king when it comes to measuring an OS and Windows Phone has it while the iPhone has been left behind. Trenholm does recognize the importance of processors, screen sizes, app stores and other aspects of a smartphone but if the interface is a chore to deal with the phone will falter.

"Windows Phone strikes the perfect middle ground between the two (the iPhone and Android). The slick, instantly recognisable and totally intuitive live tile interface is playful without being toylike, knocking Apple's once-revolutionary front end into a cocked hat. And on the other hand, widgets and dynamic live tiles give you the flexibility that marks Android."

Trenholm doesn't believe Windows Phone is perfect, noting, "the pool of apps is more like a muddy puddle" but sees the choice of the Lumia 800 over the iPhone as "utterly compelling".

source: CNET UK Thanks goes out to everyone who tipped us on this!


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CNET UK Editor choose Windows Phone


and in 3 months he will be using iPhone because he couldnt find accesories for his Lumia...and such...and such...
Come on, the guy is talking from the side of his mouth.

Your comments leads me to believe that you have not read the article. The author pulled together a very interesting opinion piece in which he lays out the many things he liked about Windows phone... based on his actual usage of a Win Phone device. He made many comparison to both iOS and Android, and even stated some of the shortcomings he noted with the Windows Phone OS/ecosystem. Nowhere in his article did he mention anything about accessories being a consideration for any of the three smartphone OSes. Your comments regarding his potential reaction to the platform three months down the road is really just conjecture.

The OSes Ecosystems strategy was brought in by Apple to control and retain potential loyalties to their platform. it may be hard for anyone to break out from that genius designed system after spending so much to acquire and built around that system. Microsoft will get there slowly and steadily. we will see