Deal Alert: T-Mobile US Nokia Lumia 925 only $200

T-Mobile Lumia 925

Looking for a good deal on the T-Mobile US Nokia Lumia 925? HSN.com is offering the aluminum bodied Windows Phone for the low, low price of $199.95 that includes free shipping.

The offer is eligible for HSN.com’s FlexPay program with interest free payments as low as $49.99 a month. You can also tack on HSN Protection Plus 2 year plan for an additional $25.95.

HSN T-Mobile Lumia 925

The Lumia 925 is an impressive Windows Phone that has a 4.5” display, dual core 1.5GHz processor, 16GB of storage and an 8.7MP PureView camera. For all the low-down on the Nokia Lumia 925, check out our in-depth review.

You can find all the fine print on this offer and ordering details on the Lumia 925 here at HSN.com.

Thanks, Tom, for the tip!


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Deal Alert: T-Mobile US Nokia Lumia 925 only $200


TMobile no longer has contracts.  So you can buy this off contract for the price above and either get their cheapest plan or unlock it and use it wherever. 


Yep....4G LTE for $50 and taxes included....then ask them to give you $50 for bringing over your # and $50 for bringing your own phone.

I am seriously thinking about it. Just wished that it had Glance. Not necessarily a deal breaker though. Next month my contract is over with AT&T and unless they get a phone like the Icon, I think that I will switch.

But a wimpy 16GB and NO SD SLOT. I jumped my 925 for a Note 3. I wish Tmo had a 1525 with 32GB plus SD Slot.

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My 925 (on the $30.00 a month Wal-Mart T-Mo plan) just got Glance yesterday. I didn't realize what a great feature Glance is. I have a kick-stand case and used it as a bedside clock. It was fully charged last night and still had 100% battery this morning!

You switched to VERIZON? never heard this before in my life. Usually people can't wait to get off verizon with their "specialty" phones, low resale value, and delay of getting the newest phones. with AT&T new mobile share plan my monthly bill dropped so much! 

is it off contract? in What you get section it includes SIM card.for what if I have one Tmo's sim

Yes, it's off-contract. HSN isn't an authorized reseller of T-Mobile service. So, any mobile devices they sell are more than likely off-contract and not tied to any carrier service.

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I'm confused, as to why you guys dislike me for my signature. It's not meant to be obnoxious or brag about anything. I'm just grateful to GOD for everything that I have. I won't apologize for being happy that I have the things that I do.

I've neither said nor done anything wrong or disrespectful. You guys just need to get over it.

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I never said anything about liking or disliking you. I don't even know you. I was just poking a little fun at your sig. That's all.

Fair enough. Sorry. =) Everyone else seems to have an issue with it.

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Yes, it is off contract. If you already have a Tmo sim and your existing plan includes data, just move the sim over to the 925.

I have 928 not sure if I want to move to smaller device. But my question was about why it includes SIM card

They include the Sim card for people that may not already have T-Mobile service. If you already have a T-Mobile account, then you're not required to use the Sim card. Consider it a freebie.

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I never figured out why Android or IOS owners post in different forums lol....is it to convince us too switch or what because most I've seen usually don't even use WP platform.......smdh...

No i am a Moto X user but i enjoy dabbling in windows phone and enjoy reading the news and talking with you die hards. 

Lol. I post here, because I'm allowed to. My signature isn't meant to convince anyone to switch to anything. I'm not a fanboy: I equally love Android, iOS, and Windows 8.

And, I've disrespected no one since I've been here. If I show you respect, I expect the same in return.

But, I guess, everyone can be tough on the Internet.

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If that's the worst signature ever, then you're probably jealous.

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So is the fanboyism of you and your buddies.

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Will wait for $100 deal :D ... with the rate its price going down in deals, I think will have to wait till end of Summer only!!

He he....its not even a complete year today when it was launched at $500...see the numbers and then say who is!!

You'll probably only find it for $100 if it's a refurbished model. Even then, that's wishful thinking.

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These are the bands from the prod description page: GSM 850/900/1800/1900. You could ask a TMo retail store if their 925 would run on ATT.

I wouldn't ask them: more often than not, they're going to lie to try and make a sell or an activation.

I'd just look up all of the bands that AT&T uses, then match those with the ones that the 925 has on-board.

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NOT TRUE!!! Tmo doesn't sell pentaband phones. Typically Rogers does.

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Sarcasm? This is a major step down from the 1520.

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I think they will but I'll get the T-Mobile variant of the Lumia 1520 if it comes. Went to my local T- Mobile Store and the Agent said I qualified for the Zero Down on any new phone.

More than likely, your brother would have to request an unlock code from T-Mobile, after meeting whatever minimum service requirements they have (I don't think there are any, the device just has to be paid for in-full).

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T-Mobile told me I needed to have the phone activated on the network within the last 7 days of the unlock request. If that includes pre-paid you could go get a week or daily pass, activate it and request and unlock. Just call them, they'll be able to help.

Is this phone still worth it?  Will it get 8.1?  I have a Q10 now, and I really like the keyboard and the HUB, but I've been wanting to switch back to windows for a long time (had WP7.5)  My hesitation is I'm going abroad in early may, and won't be back until july.  Although price is a huge driver here, would it be worth it to wait for new phones to come out in the middle of the year?

It was worth it for me coming from a WP8 starter phone.

I had some intention to eventually move up.

When the price on this 925 started dropping I went for it.

That's part of my reservation.  I have a Q10, which is about the same age as the the 925.  There's nothing wrong with it other than the fact it's not WP8.  If i wer still on my HTC radar, or my nexus 4 I'd have already jumped.

C'mon nokia..release the international version of icon ..I will ditch the fking shamesung ...desperately waiting..

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It says on their website "Storage: 4GB internal memory (expandable with optional microSD/SDHC cards, sold separately)" I am new to Windows Mobile phones, but I thought this particular model had 16GB with no microSD card. Am I right?

So what's the difference with this phone and the 920? Does this have micro sd card support? Seeing that it only has 16Gigs of memory.

920 has Qi wireless charging onboard, 925 requires an additional case for Qi. It shed some weight and thickness, however, by dropping the Qi coil to a case.

how difficult is to unlock this?

t-mobile website doesnt clarify the prerequisites other than "the account (post or prepaid) must be in good standing and been active for 1 year". 

Last time I wanted to unlock a 521 on t mobile that I paid for in full, they wanted it running for at least a week before unlocking it.

No LTE on AT&T using this phone but the phone will work fine at non-LTE data speeds after it is unlocked. T-Mobile usually wants $100 worth of refills before they provide you an unlock code. There maybe cheaper unlock codes available on eBay, look around.

The 925 that I bought from T-Mobile when it first came out was able to get AT&T's LTE service when I unlocked it and switched back to AT&T.  4G/H+ speeds for sure, too.  Loved the phone but traded it in for the 1020.

No you don't. If you are already on T-Mobile, you can just pop in your SIM and use it. I've had the same plan since April/May of last year and just got this. Didn't have to get a new plan or add a new line or anything.

I currently have the 8X which seems to be completely ignored by T-mobile and HTC.  Would it be worth switching to the NOKIA?

I just bought it, I was mistaken. It don't require u to buy a tmobile prepaided plan. They offer flex pay too with no interest, so u can get it for $50 today, and 3 more monthly payments of $50

Just got the phone with the flex pay. It came to $63 plus $50 for the other 3 month. Does anyone know if the 2 year protection plan is worth it? It says no questions ask.

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Damn them!

I paid 250+tax from Newegg flash 8 days ago.

Then the Newegg price went to 225 usd.


Ah well I recommend taking the leap for anyone that can jump on one.

Then again the price will probably be 179.00 next week.


Lol @ hsn for calling it "Lumina" in the description details.
Edit: You can get an additional 15% off if you sign up for HSN emails.

Omfg qvc newegg hsn shophq have all called it Lumia when I called them last week to find it about stock and flex pay... I just thought it was another stupid tech.. You know like the ones that tell you it running android

Read description on the HSN.com. It says expandable!! How dumb.

Storage: 16GB internal memory (expandable with optional microSD/SDHC cards, sold separately)

Awesome deal. Go ahead and compare these specs with any phone on the market and you are not getting it for $200 off contract.
Snapdragon dual core 1.5ghz processor.
4.5 inch screen
1g RAM
8.7 mp preview camera with dual led flash
16g storage
Wish they would sell at this price in India and other countries around the world. They would sell real well.

awesome awesome phone at a very reasonable price. do i need another? does someone i know need one? when will a L930 arrive and will it be on T-Mobile? hmmmm

the L925 face is black and the sides are silver metal. the T-Mo L925 only comes with a white plastic back and IMHO looks pretty good, that's what i have. the ATT version has a black plastic back. there are cases and charging covers that can mix up the look. there are some ebay sellers offering replacement back covers in white or black. i wouldnt mind being able to swap a black back onto my T-Mo version just to get a different look at times but havent ordered one yet.

Do you mean swap the back or put something over it? If swap, how hard is that with the socket in the cover for a wireless charger adapter/case? I THOUGHT I saw some repair video that made it seem difficult almost like wires hardwired to the back and to the battery unit.

Scored one just because. I had a $100 gift card so got it for $105!! I'm gonna put a wireless charging coil in it and give the finger to ATT

Yeah I grabbed a 520 on HSN for free a ways back. I'm ATT but got it and the $30/mo plan that TMo bundles w a new prepaid phone. Unlocked my fully paid 1020 and been testing TMo in my area. Overall not as good clearly. But for $30/mo for 100min/5gb LTE data, & unlimited texts its worth having a $60/mo plan for wife & I instead of $115 for 2gb data, 450min, and NO texts included

Ugh. This is so cheap, I almost want to get this as a backup to my existing Lumia... The 925 is a great phone.

I am still not clear on the T-mobile part of the phone. I thought all the phones came unlocked. As I underatand from reading the comments, you have to be on T-mobile or pay some fee (exactly how much, if someone could specify would be nice, Thank you) to get it unlocked. And even if you do get it unlocked it wont be compatible with the ATT 4G LTE? only the HSSPA+ and the lower tier bands?

This TMO version does not come unlocked. Better wait for the ATT versio if you want LTE. After 40 days as a paid TMO customer, you can get them to unlock it then use 4G for ATT. Correct me if I'm wrong anyone.

I just got this phone from neweggflash.com for $200. Vendor was Simply Wireless and the phone was built in July 2013. I inserted my TMO Sim card from my Lumia 710, plugged it in and it works. It took a few hours to update to Black. I'm posting from it now. Quite an upgrade from my two year old 710, which is still working well. I'd recommend this phone at this price. It's still TMO's top of the line WP. Though it's less than half the price of other phones, it is definitely not half the value of current iOS and Android phones at TMO.

Hi, I am planning to buy L925 n use it in India, does it come unlocked or need to b unlocked bfr I can use it India? What is the process of unlocking?

Thanks in advance.

I love the 925 when it was introduced and could not believe that T-Mobile limited the storage to only 16GBs.  I just went with the 521 and a 64GB Micro SD card.

My next phone will be either the 930 or possibly the iPhone 6  4.7" with 128GB!


How is this T Mobile version works? Is there any diference between this one and factory unlocked version in performance, quality... ? I like this phone a lot, but don't know if i should go with TM version. Anyone with TMo NL925? :-)