ESPNcricinfo: For those who like a good game of cricket

ESPNcricinfo for Windows Phone

ESPNcricinfo is a Windows Phone sports app to keep you up to date on all the cricket action going on around the world. Cricket the game, not cricket as in Jiminy Cricket.

ESPNcricinfo covers international matches, ICC tournaments and major domestic leagues including English county championships, Indian Premier League and Champions League. The app is laid out nicely, as with any ESPN app, with pages covering match scores, news, magazine articles, and a tile menu that pulls up stats, videos, settings, rankings and more.


Other features for ESPNcricinfo include:

  • Live game coverage that includes commentary, scores, match graphics, player profiles, and sideline reports
  • "Lean Back" mode for full-screen viewing that allows you to lean back and enjoy the match
  • Live tile support to pin games to your Start Screen
  • Push notifications for instant alerts for wickets, batsman milestones, and score updates..

While the game of cricket isn't very prominent in my neck of the woods, I can see ESPNcricinfo being a handy app to have for those who follow the game. ESPNcricinfo is a free app for your Windows Phone and you can snatch it up here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks, bilzkh, for the tip!

QR: ESPNcricinfo


Reader comments

ESPNcricinfo: For those who like a good game of cricket


Yes it is official, it is listed on EspnCricinfo website along with ios and android apps. May be they contracted the work to July Systems Inc

I think you are in some sort of stress ,but they are the conformation systems as we post some thing these guys will carry on our posted data and search for malicious data that some users might be entering on web pages .So as to filter them famous official channel websites are employing conformation systems to incur and do the rest of work

Another app Yahoo! Cricket which has been available in other countries for a while was added to US marketplace this month

I think contracting or cooperating with 3rd party devs is a good idea. It may shorten the development time, and lead to very nice looking apps (e.g FB, LinkedIn, etc.) This is a good approach.

Well I for one use it quite often. You can take it as the equivalent of baseball in my neck of the woods! Trust me, this was right up there in the most wanted app lists. It works like a charm, except for the push notifications.

Cricinfo has always outsourced the app development. Even on ios. Anyway.. Nice app but live tile displays outdated score