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F-Secure Anti-theft for Mobile now free

For those who are looking for some "mobile security" or at least the illusion, F-Secure just went ahead and made their Anti-theft for Mobile free for Symbian, Android and even us Windows Mobile users.

The software is a little of 2MBs in size to download and you need .NET CF 2.0, which should be in ROM already. The install was pretty basic and overall, very easy to setup and configure.

The app itself does the following:

  • Remote lock
  • Remote locate
  • Remote wipe
  • SIM control (if SIM swapped, device locks, sends you their #)

Sure, some of this you can do already with Microsoft's MyPhone, but this ain't a half bad solution either. We've been running it on our trusty Treo Pro (yeah, it even does that resolution, go .NET) and it seems to handle like a champ. Maybe we'll even try it sometime to see if it, you know, works.

Go to on your phone to download directly. Read more here.

Check out a few screenshots of what it looks like after the break!





Reader comments

F-Secure Anti-theft for Mobile now free


My device is nokia e51.I tried this application but it doesn't work so I need some help please .

Sounds like an interesting app.
I've a bad experience with MS MyPhone: it overrote some of my files on the device with old versions. The anti-theft features sound interesting. The remote backup that you can't configure to check file dates is useless.

I might check this out.
Does it need some kind of subscription and how much is that?

No, the the anti-theft part is 100% free.

They have an add subscription that does even more and costs a fee, but that is completely optional and they don't push it on you.

We're going to do a review of this and compare it to similar apps, stay tuned

How does this compare to mobileguard? Especially the locate function? I remember that flexilis locate works without GPS and therefore only gives a rough estimate of where your phone is. Guardmobile on the other hand uses GPS and can pinpoint your mobile up to several meters!

Guardmobile is no freeware btw

It might be playable if you turn the effects all way down and run at low resolution.

It installed fine on my HD2 and I set it up with no problem. However, there is no instructions that I have found so how do I activate it to locate my phone incase it is lost or stolen?

Is there anything like this for Blue Tooth Headsets? I recently lost my trusted Plantronics 925, and was wondering if there is anything out there that can prevent that in the future. Thx!