France seeing a massive increase in traffic for Nokia Lumia 800

France Device Traffic Stats

Arnaud Michelet, developer behind the France traffic app on Windows Phone, has provided some statistics regarding device usage and the above graph shows something interesting (particularly for anti-WP Nokia fans). Nokia has been pushing hard, not just only in the UK, but France too. This shows with the line for the Lumia 800 shooting up through the roof, and still climbing steeply after taking the lead from the Samsung Omnia 7.

Should this chart be taking into account as a valid indicator on how well the Lumia 800 is performing in France, it also shows that majority of new owners are migrating from other platforms, since the massive incline is not met by a steep drop across the board for first generation handsets. While these aren't official numbers from Nokia (though they back up previous sales reports), it's worth checking out and feeling good about the data in-time for the festive holiday.

Source: MonWindowsPhone


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France seeing a massive increase in traffic for Nokia Lumia 800


Microsoft could have seen this same amount of interest for Windows Phone this past year if they would have had the awareness campaign that Nokia had. It's not rocket science guys! Advertising pays off..This year hasn't been a total waist, but a lot of missed opportunity's come to mind when you think of the almost nonexistent advertising efforts of WP for the majority of 2011.

MS is clueless when it comes to advertising. Just look at Apple and what ads have done for them!! I don't know what MS is thinking...they are not doing nearly enough.

I 100% agree, but i think MS was holding back until Mango came in. I think correctly they knew that if they had ads without the features mango brought in then people will go out and try it and are more likely to see it lacking. Once a person makes their mind up esp after first impressions it's very difficult to change it. Moreover they are more likely to tell someone else which spreads the negativity. Now that Mango is out along with very sexy gen 2 hardware MS and Nokia can go full guns.
What dissapoints me the most is the lack of advertising from the likes of HTC and Samsung. They are the ones letting WP7 down at the moment. Honestly with this news it does show that WP7 once shown off can more than hold it's own. In fact in many ways it surpasses the competition and these are shown with the sales.

I think the Nokia-MS agreement, and the 1st year experience of MS with the carriers, basically means that MS will pay Nokia to market the hell out of their Lumia's....hoping to drag up WP7 overall with other OEMs'.
MS know that the OEM's volume and attention is with Android (sheer volume of sales, handsets, price ranges etc).
So think of Nokia as the defacto;
- MS made Windows Phone &
- MS consumer marketing division &
- Primary carrier leverage for retial push of WP7 (via Nokia).
That's my view anyways.