Google Search launches for Windows Phone 7

Well, we admit it is a little unexpected but Google has indeed launched a Search tool for Windows Phone 7. They say it's available now in the store, though we don't see it.  Just give it a few hours. Busy day, ya know.

It's nothing fancy, just your basic search engine for websites, images, local, and news. It also has that new fangled Google Instant, where it gives you live results as you type instead of typing the whole word/phrase and hitting search. Cool.

Now where's Maps, Latitude, Buzz, Voice, etc?

Source: Google Mobile Blog; Thanks, Phil Nickinson, for the tip!


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Google Search launches for Windows Phone 7


so with my hd7 from tmobile this morning, @ the home screen, when i press the 'search' button, i would get bing. inside IE, I would get google. If this is the case w/ all US wp7 phone, don't see why Google need a search app. However, I hope there is a fix so I can use Bing for everything.

That's odd I thought IE would default to bing as well? Check the settings but I figure there should be a option to set for the browser as well.

As for this Google app, i stopped using google when bing came anyways so I don't care. And for that matter isn't buzz dead? I thought they're killing it as well.

yeah, I'm hoping MS will fix that. I like to use everything Bing on the WP7. At least in the US we get google. in the UK, those guys got yahoo.com.

I read on the microsoft social answers forum that telus customers in the uk can only use yahoo for their search engine in ie. So I guess Microsoft is allowing carriers to change that. If that's the case, so much for consistent user experience. Smh

Anyways, I'm not that surprised at google doing this app. Being somewhat platform agnostic is in their financial interest. They want to be everywhere, ESP on mobile (as long as you don't cross them), ESP where ad$ is concerned.

I thought the whole point of getting a Microsoft phone was to use MS services, I do not want my web searches to go through google, with no way to change that. So much for a consistent user experience. Another head-scratcher from MS.

My bet is this: some carriers have pre-existing deals with search engines to use them exclusively on their phones. Microsoft had to allow this otherwise the carriers could not carry the phone.

Hopefully this does not apply to the Dell as I have no intention of giving google any of my data in any form.

I doubt it's from the OEM but through AT&T or Sprint etc. If you buy it unlocked then you don't get any of that pre-configed carrier junk.