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Outcoldplayer is the best Google Play Music experience on Windows 8.1

Google's lack of official support by way of apps for Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone is by now (in)famous. But, in the case of Windows 8.1 at least, most of Google's cloud services are accessible in their full, unhindered web form by using your browser of choice. And this includes Google Play Music...

Microsoft hits back at Google for publishing Windows 8.1 vulnerability before being fixed

Microsoft has lashed out at Google for making a Windows 8.1 vulnerability public. Chris Betz, heading up the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC), published a new blog post over on TechNet talking about security and how tech companies should work together to better protect consumers against...

Microsoft teams up with Google to oppose hotels blocking personal Wi-Fi hotspots

Google and Microsoft are joining a wireless industry lobbying group in a bid to oppose a recent hotel industry petition, which seeks the FCC's permission to block personal Wi-Fi networks set up in hotel rooms by customers. The two giant companies may not see eye to eye each day, but they have...
Google Contribute to make ad-free blogs a reality

Google Contribute to make ad-free blogs a reality

It looks like advertising isn't the only way way to fund your favorite sites anymore. Google announced a new program called Contributor today that allows people to contribute money to participating websites via a monthly subscription to get rid of ads. In typical Google fashion, the service...
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Microsoft inadvertently caused YouTube to take down some Windows videos

A misunderstanding has caused a number of videos on YouTube, many of which show third party Windows tutorials, to be taken down on copyright violations. In fact, it was something in the videos' comments section that was under Microsoft's concern, rather than the clips themselves. The videos...
Amazon will reportedly buy Twitch for over $1 billion

Amazon will reportedly buy Twitch for over $1 billion [Update: It's official]

Update Twitch has now made the official announcement on their acquisition by Amazon via a post from their CEO Emmett Shear. He stated, "We chose Amazon because they believe in our community, they share our values and long-term vision, and they want to help us get there faster. We're keeping most...
Google Calendar

How to add Google Contacts and Calendar to your Windows Phone

Did you dump your iPhone or Android device to come to Windows Phone? You might be using Gmail to keep a handle on your calendar and contacts. Here's how you easily sync your Google Contacts and Calendar to Windows Phone. Windows Phone has some great support for accounts built right into the...

Google promises to fix Chrome bug on Windows, causing laptop batteries to drain

Google has announced that a serious flaw in the web browser, reportedly affecting Windows machines since 2010, will finally be addressed. The issue is Chrome fails to return to an idle state when not being used, requiring more juice from the power supply, a serious problem for laptop and tablet...
Bing Default Search Engine

Microsoft preventing new Lumia owners from changing the default search engine to Google [update]

Microsoft has disabled the option to change the default search engine on new Lumia Windows Phones. Previously, consumers were able to switch between Bing and Google depending on personal preference, which would alter which service the Windows Phone would utilize when searching the internet using...

Songza has just been acquired by Google

Google is taking on Apple's acquisition of Beats Music with its own acquisition of Songza, a streaming service that delivers "contextual expert-curated playlists" to listeners. Right now, Google is running Songza as a separate company, but Google Play revealed in a Google+ post that it expects to...