Gun Bros for Xbox LIVE blasts its way onto the Windows Phone Marketplace [Video]

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Warning: This game comes with Bro-ops & could be awesome for your health

We’ve given you a sneak back in early June but now you too can get your hands on Glu Mobile’s Gun Bros game for Windows Phone. And it’s free.

The game is a classic top-down arcade shooter (reminds us a lot of SmashTV) where you and your ‘Bro’ go around and basically destroy everything you can. We like that idea. Plus you can upgrade you weapons along the way giving a unique level of customization.

We took it for just a quick spin (see the video below) on our Titan II and boy to the graphics look stellar…very arcade like and the controls aren’t too shabby (dual virtual sticks), so we’re thinking it should be good but look for our detailed review a little later.

Gun Bros is technically a ‘freemium’ game which means, well, that it’s free. The catch? There really isn’t one as you can play the whole game without paying a dime. But, if you want the cool experience with all the big guns, cheats and different options you will have to purchase those as you go along. Of course there are plenty of regular weapons and upgrades that are all free so there shouldn’t be too many complaints from you folks.

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Anyway, less talk, more rock. Go pick up Gun Bros for Xbox LIVE here in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Sound off in comments on your thoughts about the game. Thanks, zebrasqual, for the link

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Gun Bros for Xbox LIVE blasts its way onto the Windows Phone Marketplace [Video]


Small typo in the line after the embedded video. Should read "Gun Bros is technically a 'freemium game..."

I hate those free2play games. I would prefer if it just costs 3$ but without this micro transaction nonsense...

With you... I didnt check the size of this was; the slowest download and install of any game/app I have encountered...

Just downloaded on OG Samsung Focus Rev. 1.3 - can't get past the 'select your gun brother' screen.  This sucks.  Clicking on either one doesn't do anything.

It takes about 90 seconds for the game to load and then it's asking me to choose my bro but it's unresponsive

The controls are WAY too small, even on a larger phone like the Lumia 900.  I'd hate to see how small they are on the Focus Flash or Lumia 710.  The joysticks are absolutely tiny, and there's buttons that are probably 20 pixel squares.  They clearly (poorly) crammed a tablet game onto a small screen.

Works great for me on my HD7 - same 4.3" screen as the Lumia 900. Either you have the world's largest thumbs, or you're trying to play with your feet :P

can't really play its u download the buddy and it adds his equipment and name as your friends bro and the ai just controls him

Text is really small and hard to read in the menus, and movement can be tricky but so far its fun even though I seem to be dying way too easily.

The game loads fine on my HTC Arrive, but the gameplay feels sluggish at times and the sound effects randomly stop for a few seconds.

So no one should offer any criticism of anything WP related, rather people should just be sheep and not give negative opinions, just positive? Thanks but no thanks, that's the apple RDF way, and for me at least that won't work.

Yeah without crisicicm what would the gaming world be like. Every studio thinks all their games are perfect because no one says anything bad about them. Criticicm (constructive) is needed for people to learn and evolve. If they are willing to take that in that is.
People give 5 stars too easily often just because they think it's fun and forget to criticize the bad parts about the game because most often they are there.

same thing to can be said about people giving 1 stars... often they exaggerate on the BAD quality..

or peopel that complain and write pages and pages of complaitns and then post it here instead of telling the DEV. how useless are they./...

unless people seriously think DEV's spends hours on Wpcentral reading comments ( some might ..most dont)

like people that complain about being able to use real cash in game.. so what? all that’s good for is clearing the game faster. you can still finish it with out spending a single penny.

or who was saying the controls suck? controls are awesome..

or my personal FAV.. complaining about loading time.. ROLF...  your life that busy  you cant wait 10sec?
then maybe you shouldn’t be  playing games.


When it has taken 5 minutes to load the game on launch, that is a legitimate issue. 10-45 seconds would be understandable. But so far the initial load time is really the biggest issue, and I have a focus flash.

Getting stabbed is free but I'm sure you wouldn't want that, would you? Just because something is free doesn't mean it can't be shit and you can't complain about it.

Geez people get a life, there are more important things to complain about rather than this port. Just be thankful its an Xbox live title, its not like your whole lives revolve around your phones. JUST SAYING: GET A LIFE

One thing I'm mad about, WiFi just doesn't work on my phone, and since I'm on sprint I have unlimited data. Why can't I use my freaking 3g connection to download? If I can watch Netflix over 3g I should be able to download apps over it too.

Its really silly. I've connected to a friend's WiFi of his L900 and he did the same a few times. I guess I'm not an adult. Myatt meters fine, maybe in 8.0 with a meter built in we can do what we want.

Weird, I don't understand it.

How come so many people are having issues? I have an HTC Arrive on Sprint. I was able to download it, no problem, it loads really fast, and it doesnt stutter.

Of all the phones that can't play this game, it SHOULD'VE been the Arrive, but its taking it like a champ!
I guess it might have to do with the fact that I have a 32gb sd card and a custom rom on it, but if anything I thought that would make it worse... strange.

I had no problems or bugs at all with the game on my Lumia 800. Not that I noticed anyway. The game was just not fun though even if it played well.

Its a port I think cause they forgot to take out the multiplayer option in the help menu. Says log in to gamecenter... Lol

Nope, I got it in Australia. These things sometimes take a day or so to propagate to all the marketplace regions... sometimes they take a while to show up in search results, but can be found using direct links (as provided on this site).

Got to level 17 then picked a gun and phone rebooted, back to level 0 with my character looking gold and blocky. Reinstalling just fixed character. Still level 0. Screen on lumia 710 is getting that hot playing thus I can feel it burning thumbs. Also does this game really need to take so long to load.

Loading times are painful. Controls are annoying. Game menu is confusing. Uses your MS points to buy things.

You only buy with MS points if you want to. Otherwise, just play the game and you will generate coins along the way.

"Desert Fox0420" is my gamer tag. I would like to tinker with the multiplayer section of this game. I tried the forums but can't reply to anyone's comments. :(

Works fine on my RM-801. I disliked at first sight, but once I learned the controls and bought better guns I can't stop playing, it's pretty addictive.
The only thing I would complain about are some xbl connectivity isssues.

Not working on my Lumia 900.  Are you guys contacting Glu?  It's a big problem based on the reviews and comments here.