Hands-on with the Nokia MD-12 wireless speaker

Nokia MD-12

While not as crazy as new phones, Nokia did announce a new wireless Bluetooth speaker. It’s cute, it’s small, it’s the Nokia MD-12. We weren’t expecting much from the speaker, but walked away pretty impressive by what it can do. Check our hands-on with the MD-12 below.

The MD-12 connects to your phone wirelessly (or via a 3.5mm jack). You can connect your phone manually by pressing the Bluetooth connect button or you can just tap and pair with the NFC-Bluetooth combo.

While small, the MD-12 does pack a punch. It has a built-in vibrating actuator located on the base. It’ll create heavy bass by being placed on heavy surfaces. Sound quality was pretty good from what we could tell, but we were in a crowded environment.

The MD-12 offers 15 hours of music playback. You can get it in yellow, green, orange or white. Look for it in the coming weeks for €39. 


Reader comments

Hands-on with the Nokia MD-12 wireless speaker


Can two of these be paired for stereo sound as the previous generation of wireless speakers were?

That would be the generation previous to the previous generation. The PlayUp could not be paired.

Will the new Lumias support aptX so Bluetooth speakers can be used for music with any degree of sound quality?

This thing will be on sale for $30 two months after it drops. You know it, I know it, Nokia knows it. $59 is laughable given what's already out there for a lot less.

Wish you would have had a chance to record it's audio a little bit. This is the thing I would like to try before I buy, especially for $60. Looks cool though.

anyone else know if this will come with a pouch so i can hang it on the side of my backpack?

Got it. Nice build quality but sound quality just good enough so I'm returning it. Also, the orange version is almost flourescent in color - not what I thought when I ordered based on picture on Nokia's site. You get what you pay for with speakers and this ain't it.