Nokia announces MD-12 Bluetooth speaker in a variety of awesome colors

The Nokia MD-12 is a brand new wireless speaker system just announced at the #moreLumia event, part of the ongoing Build 2014 conference. Weighing roughly as much as an apple — har! — Nokia calls the MD-12 a "funky" new portable Bluetooth mini-speaker. It's got a built-in vibrating actuator for heavy base, and offers 15-hours of battery life so you can power your party, and your after party, and your after after party with ease.

The MD-12 also offers speaker-phone functionality, as you'd expect, and can be paired with but a single tap of your NFC equipped Windows Phone.

Speaking of which, the MD-12 comes in yellow, green, orange, and white, just like the brand new 2014 Windows Phones!

Price is an astoundingly good €39, but we haven't seen anything on availability yet. So, in the meantime, check out the new Nokia MD-12 and let me know — are you getting one, and if so, what color?

Source: Nokia (opens in new tab)

Rene Ritchie

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  • Any comparison to the Nokia JBL Play Up? Looks like a mini one!
  • Pretty sure size doesn't matter
  • HA.
  • That's what I always say!!! =P
  • The playup is amazingly good for its size. This doesn't look like there is enough volume for even ported bass, but we'll see when the reviews come in.
  • Man, I love my JBL PowerUp! if this one is half as nice....
  • I agree. Good sound quality on the power up, this one looks good
  • Most Nokia accessories this year are vaporware. Not holding my breath.
  • What is vaporware, and what is else is made from it?
  • Still waiting on the Bluetooth adapter.
  • Lol!
  • God please give me a lot of money
  • Please God, me too :)
  • You react like the market isn't already FLOODED by bluetooth party speakers. If you don't already have one, you probably don't really need one.   On the other hand, I do hope a lot of money comes your way.  :)
  • Looks nice, wish I knew what that currency converted into dollars was...
  • Look it up? You have the internet...
  • 7 pumpkins, about.
  • +920
    epic comment! XD
  • 39 pounds is about 70 USA
  • It's Euros, not Pounds, so it's about $53. Assuming you just convert it across and don't factor in that most prices in the EU will have VAT tacked on.
  • Approx $64.85 USD. You can use Bing for the conversation.
  • Or soon, you can just ask Cortana.  
  • Or just hold down the Windows key and say "39 pounds to US dollars" and it will pop up with your answer. In the current version of WP.
  • Elop said $55.
  • However you can't just convert European prices to US Dollars, usually it's much cheaper because the tax is already included in Europe, besides being higher.
  • Ask Cortana...
  • Why is the white picture blurry?
  • um, helloooo. it's art.
  • Stop it, silly!
  • Haha.
  • Because it's white..... ;-)
  • Why do you guys do that? :-/
  • It makes us giggle
  • Lol❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕
  • Because it's a low resolution photo.
  • No shit Sherlock, lol. I meant, why is it blurry, as saying why did they not get a high res photo of it? That's all...
  • They've used an One (two) ?
  • White! :-)
  • Racist.....
  • Hahahahahahahaha
  • Where is the phones?? Its just 630 and 930?
  • The 1520, and Icon are current devices. They are modern high end phones... Higher specs aren't extremely necessary right now.. Expect a few new devices starting this summer... I guess the Lumia Cyan update will kick off new devices this summer.
    I actually believe that the Icon/1520 have better hardware specs, and features, than the GS5, HTC M8, and new Z2..
  • Wow, a "serious" comment from you? That's got to be a first❕
  • Yeah I was kind of expecting more from this event...
  • Hopefully it's not another Nokia accessory that's impossible to find or takes months to hit shelves. I asked Nokia US where I could find the BH-121. They said they had no info on that headset. Sweet.
  • Seriously :(
  • Just bought a Sony srs btx500 for only $150 US so I will pass on this little crappy speaker ;) no red anyways wtf@orange
  • My choice is the yellow!! To match my Lumia 1020. And then maybe get the orange and green as presents for friends??
  • Hope the sound quality is decent.
  • Ugly........
  • Good luck finding one of those in the U.S. 
  • I would say, good luck finding them anywhere (easily).
  • Good point. I have no idea why Nokia accessories are so difficult to find/buy? I'm tired of scouring ebay and Amazon listings for things as basic as a car dock or an extra power adaptor. 
  • Day 1 purchase!
  • Make it available here in the philippines please
  • Nice, send me one asap
  • Haha
  • Ah yes, another one of Nokia's exclusive rare accessories. With this product line, they'll be producing five of each color. If lucky, you might be able to find one on ebay in a year or so.
  • Sign me up. Been looking for a new bt speaker.
  • Yes. Yellow. Asap.
  • The Play 360's are still the ones to get. You can pair two of them for stereo.
  • ⬆⬆⬆ This person is brilliant, as is everyone who agrees with me.
  • I totally agree.
  • Of course you do, you're brilliant!
  • Holy fuck, you are a goddamn genius. What's your Iq? 180?
  • Can you similarly do this for PlayUp?
  • I don't think so. I can vouch for the Play 360's. You hold them together and hold down the power buttons for a couple of seconds. They communicate with each other and then announce which is the left channel and which is the right channel. Then you NFC tap your phone to either speaker and then start rocking. The sound is surprisingly good for their sizes. I got a pair of these in December so they're probably still available, but discontinued I think. Oh, and the battery life is unbelievable!
  • I'm in the market for one of these anyway. SOLD! It was that, or be branded a douche for getting a Beats speaker.
  • I'll take white, please!
  • Ill only get one if they make purple..
  • Looks good
  • I want maybe yellow to match my phone but preferably white or black to stay neutral to my next phone.
  • I'll purchase, assuming it's not garbage. Love the colors too.
  • Looks nice
  • Only black will be available in America because Americans like boring colors! The other colors will be distributed in other parts of the world just like the 2520. Where's white and cyan in the 2520? Probably Elop's kids are using them after the Abu Dahbi conference!
  • Dam my.whore of a bank! I get 99¢ so why can't I withdraw $2,000?
  • Its been sold in the US. Its called "the Icon."
  • Wrong reply?
  • Too quick on the draw.;-)
  • Sure, why not.
  • So out off topic Lumia 930 not coming to US wtf???? I was reading in some other side.. Can anyone confirmed if that is true not coming to usa
  • Comment here lubbalots.
  • 930 not coming to US because the 930 is just the international version of the 929/Icon which is a Verizon exclusive in the US. BTW, the icon is a great phone.
  • Its been sold in the US. Its called "the Icon."
  • Look spec for spec at Icon vs 930... They're exactly the same. Euro version got all the cool colors b/c Verizon is too conservative for anything other than white/black. =/ #Iwantthegreenone.
  • I feel ya. I took the Nokia survey on my 1520 and they asked about color choices. I opted for orange. Low and behold it showed up the on 930. Hopefully future phones will have both orange and green, NO gloss finish, and on all carriers.
  • Two play 360's for me :)
  • Rene Ritchie is doing a Nokia article?  You guys are sure are mixing it up!  Katy Perry on the picture.  Good Choice Nokia, good choice!!!
  • I wouldn't be surprised to see the MN staff cross platform lines when there's a big event like this. Maybe the WPC staff will write an article or two for the next apple event.
  • I'll definitely not going to buy it. Cause Lumia 520 don't have audio equalizer. So can't enjoy the music according to my taste..,. If Windows Phone 8.1 will have this then I will buy this.
  • When I saw this early today on the Nokia website, I thought it was some kind of photo-mishap... Like they scrunched down the Play-Up or something. Glad I was wrong. Way to go Nokia... Continue making cool, high-quality, well-designed accessories!
  • 4watts?
  • Nokia great in making new accessories but its really painful waiting for it to reach the store.
    TQ Nokia.
  • New accessories? I've been waiting for a decent case for my 1520 since I bought it.
  • I know it's stupid even on Nokia's page the only cover for the 1520 is still coming soon.
  • Jealous iPhone, Samsung Galaxies, HTC, always get those nice cases. Nokia needs to step up on the case part too!
  • There's alot of nice cases for other Lumia phones, the Lumia 1520 and 2520 are being completely ignored. They haven't even fixed the awful low light video recording on the 1520.
  • Cyan, oh cyan :/
  • Orange and green match the color of my flat perfectly. And my Lumia 930 in orange as well...later this year^^
  • Looks cool. Though I still want the cyan blue JBL stereo with wireless charging. Nokia MD-100W.
  • What happened to black?
  • 39 euro is nothin, you have my moneyy
  • i almost bought beats pill for 200.  for 70 bucks, im sold.  the battery life sold me to it.  is that 15 hrs qith bluetooth or auxilary?
  • Does it have the new codec ??
    And does WP have it ???
  • Those colors sound atrocious. I want cyan
  • Seems faster
  • I have a Nokia 360 speaker and it has a serious design flaw and Nokia didn't want to listen to me when I called them...but I just fixed it by a sticky tape on the bluetooth key...hope you guys get what I mean? 
  • I want it Posted via the WPC App for Android!