HD Photo Viewer updated, dynamic zoom added

HD Photo Viewer

HD Photo Viewer is an interesting Windows Phone 8 photography app that lets you view and share your images at full resolution. When viewing images through your Windows Phone Pictures Hub, image quality is reduced to improve performance when you pan and zoom. HD Photo Viewer presents the images in full resolution for a more quality viewing experience.

HD Photo Viewer was updated today to version 3.4, which includes a dynamic zoom feature and a few other enhancements to improve the app's overall performance.

The manual zoom limits have been removed, replaced by a dynamically determined maximum zoom level based on the picture size and device memory. When you are dealing with larger images, a “deep zoom” feature will kick in. Larger images for Windows Phones with 1GB or more RAM will be images greater than 4000 pixels on either side or greater than 2000 pixels on 512MB Ram devices.

The deep zoom mode can be activated by tapping he shutter symbol in the lower left side of the screen. It will take a few seconds to load the image at a higher resolution but definitely improves the viewing experience with the larger images.

HD Photo Viewer

Additional changes coming into play with the version 3.4 update include:

  • Page backgrounds have been removed and no longer force dark theme; also removed fade-in fade-out transition.
  • Zoom level calculation for 1080p devices have been corrected.
  • Search by name functionality has been enhanced.
  • App password has been added.
  • Option now available on how the screen orientation button behaves.
  • Built-in email password is now hidden once it is set.
  • Better Cinemagraph playback within the app with the “Play gif” button moved from the center of the screen to the bottom left corner or a better UI experience.

You also have the customary minor bug fixes and performance tweaks included in the version 3.4 update.

If you are looking for a better way to view your high-resolution Windows Phone pictures, HD Photo Viewer is worth checking out. There is a free trial version available with the full version currently running $1.99.

HD Photo Viewer is available for Windows Phone 8 (including the low-memory devices) and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

HD Photo Viewer updated, dynamic zoom added


I love this app too, it makes up very well for us to see our beautiful pics on their full high quality glory :3

The app may not have access to the 36mp image. Just like you don't unless you plug into a computer. Buying it doesn't unlock anything. Its free. The money is to donate out of kindness.

I asked the developer. He says you will be able to send them if pictures are moved to another folder on the phone, other than "Camera Roll", using a computer. It beats the purpose, but that's how one could do it.
Are you the developer I emailed?

It only shows up if the image is larger than 4000px on either side. You won't see it unless you edit a RAW file than put it back in your phone.

There are no trial limitations. Like I stated above, the money is only a generous donation. You do not HAVE to purchase this app.

        Haven't used HDphotoviewer for a while, but did now after the update. I can say that it has become identical with the default camera roll. The only difference is that with default viewer, i have to w8 1 sec while in full screen to update the details, and in the HDapp i have to zoom a bit to load the details.

        The loaded details in both cases are identical...tested print screens on my computer. Zoom levels are also the same. I have a lumia 820.

        Before, i could see difference when details loaded on normal viewer and when opening a photo in HDapp. In the HDphotoviewer the pictures had even more detail ( true full resolution probably )  and a lot more zoom was available.

Microsoft changed the limit from 2000px to 4000px since GDR2 fir 1G RAM devices, so for any photo smaller than 4000px (8 MP photo) on both sides, you probably won't see any difference, except for some subtle differences in noise reproduction.
But for larger photos or for 512M RAM devices (which accounts for a large portion of the windows phone user base) the difference is still there.

Ty for the reply....i sent you another huge mail before checking this comments section :)) Basicaly i was using this app for comparing pictures with phones on other OS, or same picture on different screens to check out the display. Even AFTER the GDR 3 update, the difference was very noticeable in the unzoomed full screen picture. The one in the HDviewer was different, much sharper even after all detailes loaded on normal view. Now they are identical. The rest is in that huge mail i mentioned before...:)