Uninstall OEM app

How to uninstall any OEM app on Windows Phone 8 or 8.1

You probably shouldn’t do this, but there’s a way to uninstall any OEM app on Windows Phone 8. If you follow these steps, you can uninstall apps like Glance, Storage Sense, Access Point, Display, and more. Still curious?

Head past the break to watch our how-to video.

  1. Go to settings, then date + time.
  2. Change the year to 2106 or later.
  3. Press back and click any of the OEM settings at the bottom such as Nokia account, Storage Check, Touch, Audio, and more.
  4. A message pops up about a problem with the app. Click uninstall.

That’s it! Don't forget to change back the time afterwards. We have tried this on our own Nokia Lumia Icon running Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers. If you want to re-install the app, you’ll need SysApp Pusher. If you’ve never heard of it, SysApp Pusher allows you to check the Windows Phone Store for Nokia, HTC and Samsung software.

This bug or hidden feature was brought to our attention by Windows Blog Italia. It's good to know that we have this option if we ever need to remove OEM apps. Are you trying this? Which app are you uninstalling? Let us know in the comments!


Reader comments

How to uninstall any OEM app on Windows Phone 8 or 8.1


Don't know about you guys but I think our settings page is too messy, clumsy, cluttered and uncategorized. It makes searching for stuff difficult since they keep changing positions when they are updated or new ones come. Too nyamaa-nyamaa!!

Ditto. Everything on W and WP8 is alphabetized except settings. What the holy fuck MS? Things like this make no sense.

Search is not there in Settings list. But you can search for any setting feature you are looking for directly using the Search button (Bing/Cortana).

I just installed Feedback and Nokia account. There's a couple of others I don't use, but might find a use for in the future...

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I don't mind ads on site (except popups) but i hate those enbeded on videos that lasts like 30sec and you can't skip after a few seconds.

Why should it be illegal? It's your phone you could do what ever you want. Another question is if it effects warranty.

No one said it was illegal, just that "you shouldn't do that", meaning that uninstalling system app is not recommended.

That's like saying, "Hey, I bought this meth the other day so it's mine now. I can do whatever I want with it." Or, "Hey, this is my new car I just bought so I can do whatever I want in it." It just doesn't work like that man so you can't just "do whatever you want with it." just because you "own" it.

Terrible analogies, but yeah for your car you can change the seat covers, spray paint the whole car, graffiti it, hit it with a sledgehammer, rip out the stereo, modify the engine, add a big exhaust and ridiculous spoiler etc. It's yours so you can do what you want as long as it's still safe and road-worthy. You can modify your mobile if you want, uninstall every single app, or throw it off a bridge if you want. There's no phone police to give a damn :P

Well it makes sense if you look at it how I meant it and that is selling the drugs or taking/doing them in public or speeding in your car, driving stupid, etc. You picked out the parts that are obvious that you can do in/to your car lol ;) I was just trying to make a point anyways. Not that it matters much since there are indeed no "phone police" :)

If you do this while games like ice age village for example are loaded it can screwup the timed events in game & apparently the Engadget app lol

Agree! MS has screwed up all Xbox things on WP ever since the dev prev update. I wish there was a way to get the old games hub back as there is for the music hub...

Finally, a way to remove storage check!

Edit- hmm that went fast, are we sure it's uninstalling? Or just removing the settings shortcut.

Thankfully all att apps get uninstalled without playing any tricks with your phone. Those are the first to go when I buy a new phone or hard reset.

I find Most of the Nokia apps & settings quite useful actually & I don't intend to uninstall any at all. It'd have been rang great to uninstall system apps like podcasts, Maps and Wallet

And if I use "Check for updates" in the store, will it install it again?

UPDATE* I just uninstalled "Nokia account" and it's gone. (I just don't use it).

I agree with you. Something will probably end up going wrong. What's the big benefit making the risk, worth it?

That's been around since WP7 and was always very useful when experimenting with homebrew apps that were installed to the settings list.

That's what I was thinking. This isn't new, this trick has been around for a long time on WP.

he is just joking you can't un - installed in built microsoft OS app only OEM apps can be installing .


thanks for comedy dude !

Lmao! I just removed my phone completely! I feel like a new man!! It's actually starting to disappear from my hands as I'm writi.......

Probably not, but, um... you realize you could just *stop using* Xbox Music, right?  I mean, yeah, it'd still be taking up several megabytes of storage space that you could otherwise reclaim, but do you only have a few MB free?

Really?! You mean I could just not use it?!?! Damn!! I would have never guessed.. You must be related to Einstein or Tesla cause damn you're bright.

Yes! Let us know if it works... I'd LOVE to get rid of Xbox music! Don't use it.. Don't need it... Don't want it... I'd love it if the only music app I had on my phone was the only one I use or need; Nokia Mix Radio.

I wish it could.  That's why I came to this page. XBOX Music fails at basic headphone use and it is the 2nd biggest space hog on my phone. Booooo!

Saw this on the forums earlier....i uninstalled glance and touch on my 1520...

I no longer have the screen sensitivity and proximity sensor problems (autobrightness issues)!!

Yup,I can verify that this does indeed get rid of the sensitivity issue on my 1520. Great find this is.

You just have to remember to change the clock back or your apps will give the same pop up to uninstall........lol...lol.


WHOA wait? Are you serious?????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Please triple quadruple check before I go and do this

Oh Yes... last time when I tried to change it to future years, it actually screwed all my alarms !!

I find the real benefit is removing carrier installed apps. So long useless Verizon (whichever carrier) services/apps.

Does this increase at all the storage available on the device or will the space still be alocated for it in the OS storage division?


I'm asking 'cause I was thinking about getting rid of stuff I don't use like Glance, but only if that would actually help free storage space which I always deerly need because these "flagships" only have 29GB of storage and no microSD cards...

Apps are generally pretty small, and I'm guessing system-ish apps are even smaller than your average app.  So yeah, you might get an extra 2 or 3 MB freed up - careful not to spend it all in one place!

This is a hack that is helpful in enabling wifi tether/internet sharing on at&t lumia devices. I used this to enable wifi tether on my 920 on T-Mobile. Instructions are not from me and are posted somewhere in the forums. All you're gonna need is a foreign sim card.

You need access point to set the apn settings for the foreign sim card and then uninstall it before you insert your default sim card. Make sure you do not reinstall access point. Then set up the APN for data/MMS manually in the "cellular" settings and voila, Internet Sharing won't be blocked anymore.

i wonder what will happen if i change the date on my phone and then delete DATE+TIME??

Will my phone be able to delete other OEM features and will it show the date and time? and whether such date and time would be current one or will it remain a freaking century ahead..

and what will happen to all the apps then will i recieve message with time and date as of now in present and will the messages i send would be of current time updated via web or will it be shown as a century ahead..!! :P


i wonder if anybody interested in trying to remove DATE+TIME!!! 

and what if i uninstalled store also then how will i install syspusher to add all those OEM features back!!


I don't get why everyone is so excited and happy, it's not like they're a weight on your shoulders, unless they free a huge space!

They do use space & some like the Verizon apn(available on non verizon ativ s eg. Sgh-t899m) can even conflict with your service

Feature was there before; used it to uninstall Access Point since the ATT 1020 unlocked wasn't able to Internet Share on T-Mobile LTE. Another user, "Trooters," found out that by using Access Point with a foreign

SIM, rebooting, using the date method to uninstall Access Point then; would open access to this one feature.  "Trooters" figured it out for an unlocked ATT Lumia 920 and I used it successfully on my 1020 - this was a few months ago.. see Part II, Step 3 of his process.


I'm not all that concerned with this. But if there were some way to hack in the native visual voicemail functionality on Verizon I would be pleased...

No real need to uninstall any of them, and I'm keeping the Nokia ones, but it still made me smile to send Verizon's backup setting off to Hell along with their other crap apps I uninstalled the second I got my Icon :D

Nokia apps, no you wouldn't want to uninstall.  If you get a Samsung, or HTC device or maybe apps from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and such, yes you might want to uninstall their apps because a lot of them are crap.

I know on my friends Samsung Note (I know its Android) phone she wanted to uninstall a bunch of Samsung apps, but couldn't.  Companies that make crappy apps deserve to have them installed but Nokia apps are usually good so no you wouldn't want to uninstall them.

Right so a Samsung or HTC user should be using apps from which OEM then?

Funny how it seems to be Nokia apps that are causing the most issues though, but reduced screen sensitivity must be worth it to have Glance!!!!!

If your trying to get internet sharing to work you would have to. Nokia doesnt work like Samsung(have editable apn settings for sharing)

I have OCD. So I'll uninstall and reinstall the OEM apps on my 920 and 720 so that they are in alphabetical order. (Atleast the access point, audio, extras+info. . . . . Storage. . . Touch).


That's just me.

Just tried it on my 1520 on 8.1 and it didn't let me uninstall the Xbox Video or Music app. It also messed up my emails saying they're not up to date!

You can't uninstall those. Only s"settings" by OEMs, like touch or display. Email syncs by "time", changing the date wont allow your acct to work.

Change the date back, then re-sync.

Was really looking forward to this to fix the broken Calendar app. Turns out that this doesn't work on the Calendar app. That's disappointing.

OS & some that are branded & locked have service provider support page embedded but still cant uninstall. But if its on a wp7.x device maybe it can be

Some of you need to look up the difference between OS level and OEM apps. Calendar, Xbox Music and Xbox Video CANNOT be removed as they are OS level. OEM settings "apps" can be uninstalled using this method though.

Nokia 925 with 8.1 in the UK.

My Network+ wouldnt open....

Used the above and reinstalled Network + now works 100%

Many thanks

To save the app link (to reinstall later) you could click on "Buy", then "Share", then you can share to OneNote or whatever you like.

I think the error is caused by expired certificate.

What's the purpose of showing this video? It is a loop hole of developer in windows 8 or 8.1, well Don't wanna make anything change in it;s original behaviour, might your phone wont work better with this app's or something come out unexpectedly.

This helped alot! I just upgraded to 8.1 and for some reason the "Touch" settings werent opening up, after doing this little trick and reinstalling the app from a .xap from the official MS store it works as it should!


Thanks again!

Tried to uninstall Games and Music from my Lumia 925 and it did not work. I am not into games and the only music I listen to is at home. These OEM apps are a nuisance. 

Excellent! Just used this to uninstall the Verizon APNs settings app I accidentally installed on my Samsun ATIV S NEO on Sprint.

It is not working for me. :-(  Lumia-720 8.1 Denim release. 

My "Network+" and "display" apps are crashing and I I wanted to reinstall them. Even after changing date, they are just crashing and all other settings apps are opening as usual !!!

Thank you! It's work. I want to delete those apps because I don't have space to instal messenger from facebook, what's up and don't let me to save in Office because phone (lumia 530) don't have memory.