HTC W8 reported to be a 'flagship' Windows Phone 8.1 release for Verizon


It's been a while since HTC's last Windows Phone release but if serial tipster @evleaks is to be believed we're going to be getting a new one. Without giving too much detail, the HTC W8 is the name and it's apparently heading for Verizon packing Windows Phone 8.1. And that's it.

Given what HTC has been producing in the Android space of late, we could speculate until we're blue in the face about whether it may or may not resemble a Windows Phone version of the HTC One M8 – which might not be such a bad thing at all – but we'll be keeping our eyes wide open for more on this going forward.

Anyone been hoping, waiting on a new HTC Windows Phone?

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HTC W8 reported to be a 'flagship' Windows Phone 8.1 release for Verizon



No hate here and I use a Nokia icon for work and carry an h HTC 8x for personal use however,I do prefer the icon over it. Sorry, but HTC has the infinite looping problem on both their Android offering and the 8x. What are they going to do now that Apple bought beats for 3.2 billion s they will probably raise the rates? They should also make accessories for their WP offering s well as support the platform well

I've never had a Harman Kardon amp, but they have a good reputation.  I'm more of a Marantz guy, or back in the day, Luxman.   As far as headphones I go for Seinheiser.

So yea, as far as overpriced trendy stuff, I absolutely agree with your comment....


I've always thought that the dedicated amp was part of the Beats Audio, not just special EQ settings...


"The 8X has a dedicated amp built right into the phone, so it pumps more power to your headphones than ever..."

They'll probably revert back to the SRS enhancements that were on their WP7 models, either that or Microsoft will license Dolby headphone for use on all WP models.

I'd rather they just leave off the branded "enhancements" and just focus on giving us a super clean audio signal.

I was so excited to get the HTC 8X I pre ordered the shorts out of that thing. Got it in that "California blue" or whatever it was. It was a joy to see Verizon approve a phone to be a color other than black/white/red. Was really happy with the Windows Phone 8 OS, not so much with HTC's support of Windows Phone. They are not all there in support. Like Samsung, pushing out a device because the physical hardware is sexy and leaving it high and dry for after care is a lack of faith in the OS I think, which is why I will stick to Nokia devices for future windows Phone purchases. The material the HTC 8X was made out of felt great in the hand but man did it get dingy! It was gross and hard to clean. I traded it for an HTC Droid DNA and have been missing Windows Phone OS ever since :(

I liked my 8x, but I do agree with you about the coating.   That soft touch coating started to come off even though I only had the phone for a few months.   Kind of like how the soft touch coating is coming off of my Incipio Feather case for my 920.

I also agree about how HTC fails to appropriately support their phones.   I hope that they will extend their two year guaranteed support to this upcoming Windows Phone.

HTC 8X is still a great phone. About the finish rubbing off, I believe that was the problem when the phone was just introduced. I had to return mine to Verizon and the replacement I have after a year and a half does not have even one peeled off spot.

I get a lot of nice comments about the phone. HTC did one thing on that phone that I believe is very rare, and that was designing the battery to match the curved back of the device, and that is how the curve could be made.

Can't. Would love to. I want that phone more than anything else. I can't upgrade now without losing unlimited data and its not worth giving up. So here's to winning one from Nokia or something!!

I had the exact same experience down to using the DNA. However, I want to wait until 8.1 comes out to get a new phone. I do not think I will be interested in buying a HTC w8 due to the inferior camera.

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The only thing HTC is good at is the replacement warranty. I broke HTC Surround's screen and they replaced it instantly; free of cost (I just sent my device to Arizona). Other than that they simply don't care about Windows Phone ecosystem. Windows Phone handsets on their websites are almost nowhere to found. Its all Android:

http://www.htc.com/www/smartphones/ (yeah on 16th rank! after all kinds of Androids)

So screw you too HTC!

Funny how everyone thinks this is going to be an M8 derivative. I gave absolutely no evidence of that, and what's much more likely is that W stands for Windows Phone and 8 signifies, you know, Windows Phone 8.x :P


P.S. Must have been Malatesta who picked this comment system -- it's much worse than either Disqus or Livefyre.

I like the common nexus for following activity on my posts across multiple sites (and types of sites - tech, news, sports, etc.) that Disqus provides.  And editable posts. 

Wish all my forum sites used it and I'd be hooked up to all the stuff I cared enough about to take the time to write about.....  ...in this day and age even getting an email that someone's replied to you and then opening up a new tab in hopes the notification will actually take you to that point in the thread adds long delays, extra clicks, time navigating and complexity. 

As in "so 2000's"... :-D

False - nobody should brand their handset with an 8.1.

The W8 is all-too-obvious of an omage to HTC's M8.  Besides the fact that they both have a letter followed by an "8", an "M" is just an upside-down "W", right?  My guess is it's a super similar phone as the M8 with the possibility of a few improvements.  Why not take the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to an already-awesome handset before it hits a growing platform?

I'm personally excited to see more hero phones hit the market.  I love my 1020 but I'm ready to experience true must-have phones on the WP platform.  The 920 was great but bulky and wasn't truly considered top-of-the-line since other handsets like the S4 launched during the same time period as it.  The Icon is an excellent handset and the 930 will translate that experience nicely to the world as an unlocked device, but I want more than just the Lumia brand to exist under WP, because it's nice to have a few choices - each competing for the top spot.  If they can get the optics to improve I will be all over a WP8 adaptation of the M8, otherwise I'll wait for Microsoft's take on the Lumia brand or potentially a Surface phone line.

Exactly.  Just because there might be a bit of truth to a name it doesn't make it marketable.  Do people really think a nice ring exists to W8.1?  Sounds more like an AM radio station.

It can't exist. "8" represents all of 8's updates - .1, .5, .8, etc.. Adding its version everytime, makes the phone seem outdated when an update rolls out. Which may not be the case, sometimes.

One thing I admire about HTC is their commitment to the OS by giving names to their phones that are related to it. HD7, WP8S/X and now W8. I can appreciate that

Hmm, I've heard those before. Were there WP decides or WM? Still, I'm tired of the Lumia naming system. Is rather have a name for my phone instead of a number. I'll just call my 925 Superman cause it was used for a Man of Steel commercial!

Nokia uses a numbering system but its for a reason. See the first number tells you the series or if its more end or high end. 9-- for example is there high end phones while 1---are there niche phones. The second number is the generation for example -2- is second generation and the last number is the variant --5. There maybe you might appreciate it more.

Your idea of their numbering system is only partial right, it's actually a mess now. 521 isn't a niche phone. 810 was a second generation phone. Then there's the 928 (which is a variant of the 920 but not the 925), the 929 (which is different from the 928 and not a "sequel") and the 930 (which is not a 3rd generation phone). Also the 1020 and 1520 are not second generation phones but stand alones. No I do not appreciate the numbering system, in fact I hate it.

Pretty much. I can't say I hate it but I just don't like it. Devices like the 925, 1020, 1520 should have their own unique names.. Look at the Icon.. Great name for a great phone.. This is one aspect I'm hoping Microsoft will fix now. Whether it be Surface Phone l, Microsoft Phone, they need ONE high end flagship phone that is going to stand out from the Nokia ones they will be producing. It is a great idea actually.. Keep the Nokia name going, maybe with a few alterations on the naming system and have your trademark phone out there as well.. I'd definitely buy it.

I generally prefer numbered naming conventions because it's easy to make the numbers meaningful.  Like for example we know that windows 8 came after windows 7 and the BMW 540i is a 5 series with a 4.0 L engine.  At the very least with Nokia phones, generally speaking, higher numbers mean higher end, and that makes things easier for the consumer.  On the other hand, names can more easily make an emotional connection to the consumer and can help with marketing.  Pros and cons.

They are still second generation phones- the 1020 & 1520. 'Cause they came with the second major iteration of WP i.e. WP8. Regarding the Icon, however, the first digit should have been higher, but I reckon this number was imposed by Verizon who might have insisted that the successor to the 928 be 929, Nokia's logic be damned.

Don't forget outside the US it was actually HTC 7 Trophy, along with HTC 7 Mozart and HTC 7 Pro.

One thing I admire about HTC is their commitment to the OS by giving it NO UPDATES EVER. After the initial release. Oh wait... I meant that's what I Hate! Lazy bastards... Sent from my HTC Titan II with not a single update in the two years I've had it since its first release. HTC = fire and forget. I'll forget HTC when I go get a new phone.

I'm waiting for a 5" AMOLED at&t phone. If at&t had the icon or 930 in the US, I'd have already offloaded this phone.... 1520 is too big. I'd have to get all new pants. 1020 is too big for the smallish 4.6" screen

I have a feeling though that it is just a placeholder name. No one besides tech writers/tech enthusiasts calls them the M7 or the M8. The general public calls them the One and the err new One. I wonder what name they will give it? Just a theory!

Well this is interesting :) .. If the camera was at least UltraPxl 8mp .. Or "Ultra" Good, cos WP would suit it very well. I would take it over anything any day

I could get original HTC One and L925 for 120€, dunno what to do, HTC is my brand and awesome features.. And there is that nice camera on 925 which is my needed thing.. Ah HTC

The 925 is the best phone I have ever used. Premium quality and beautiful. Amazing screen and camera.. For that price, it is a no thinking decision.

Yes you are right guys :) WP is already smooth enough and this beautiful design and the camera features are just must have as I'm all into photography, I sure will consider next version of 1020, but at this time this will do it just fine as I am able to do awesome photos even with these small devices :)

I just want a camera button. I would consider sticking with HTC if it was top-of-the-line hardware and had a camera button.

The HTC 8X was the last time I was duped into thinking that a 'flagship' HTC device meant that it would receive any additional support or exclusive apps from the company. Shan't be happening again, regardless of how gorgeous the handset is likely to look. I'll take a 930 please.

I still have the HTC Surround that never received the 7.8 update. Never going back to HTC again, complete garbage support.

I still have the HTC Titan that I forced 7.8 onto. I now use a Lumia 920. Had a HTC One between my current and last 920. Would use HTC again.

Still have my Surround. But I would say "Screw ATT" for it. They never released 7.8 for it.

I contacted Microsoft, they routed me to HTC, who rerouted me to ATT, who never reverted! 7.5 (Mango) was the last grace ever given to this pretty device..

(I never tried this but there is a 7.8's ROM available for STC Surround on XDA).

Agreed. I still have the 8x sadly. The support from HTC is terrible. I'm also going for the 930. I just hope it gets released before the end of my contract. Otherwise it'll be the 1520.

I'm with you on this one dude. The 8X is a fine old phone, but HTC do jack all for us! What's up with the 8S and 8XT, what is their purpose? I'm tempted to grab this W8 though, if its anything like the M8 is to the One then it could be a very good phone. I'll be deciding when more details emerge but for now, I'm placing my investments firmly on the L1520

Not sure where the confusion is...the 8XT is a purpose built Sprint exclusive...that adds Boomsound (which is awesome) and an SD Card slot.  Great phone that HTC has supported extremely well being the first in the world to receive GDR2 & GDR3 support.

The 8X received GDR3 not long after, and the 8S is a budget phone with an SD slot that runs 8.1...with SD Card support for Apps is more expandable than many other 'premium' phones.

Apparently, I'm the only one who appreciates that HTC doesn't add all the bloatware that Nokia & Sammy do, which enables them to pump out updates quicker than the others...making them as close to a 'Nexus' phone as we get.  

If you want to wait for months after an OS update...buy Nokia.


I love HTC for their designs and their continuous support for the Windows Phone Platform but as the first WP and Android OEM which had a commandingly huge fan base on these two platforms, there's certainly a reason for their sunken image and dwindling popularity. Support for their phones on both platforms have been very abysmal compared to their competitors. My Radar, HD7 and Titan 2 never received the 7.8 updates.

That's the confusion right there, details on the 8s and XT aside, I know my 8X is a great phone but the lack of support is what gets at me. Will the 'wait' be literal for someone like me stuck in England, who get, I feel, very little from Microsoft at the moment.

Please explain what you mean by bloatware, because by most standard definitions, WP doesn't have bloatware as all apps can be deleted and completely removed from the phone.

Bloatware used in the context of the 'value added' apps that cause an OS release to be delayed for months while a manufacturer figures out how to add all the apps back onto the phone.

Some bloatware is good, some bloatware is bad...but...it still causes delays in putting fresh OS release on your phone.

I prefer a 'vanilla' experience that get's OS updates quickly, over a highly customized device that delays OS updates for months...

Not that HTC couldn't do a 180 (ala 7.8 updates) and totally drop WP tomorrow...been there on my old Moto Photon...and it put me off of Android totally.

Bloatware on Nokia? Do you even know what you're saying? Bloatware can not be uninstalled. No such trouble on a Lumia though. Don't know about Sammy.

Yep, I sure do...do you?

Heaven forbid someone wants a 'vanilla' WP...and doesn't want to wait for all the Nokia add-on's that take months and months to develop.  Bloatware.

Can't speak anything negative about Nokia...some of you guys just can't handle it.

No. There is nothing that's there to be handled, because what you are saying is just nonsense. Apologies if I sound rude. The fact is what you're calling bloatware on Lumia are just extra apps (besides some firmware which doesn't throttle down the performance in any way or takes up space indiscriminately) and you you can uninstall these apps if you can't face/stand the look of them. You do not have that liberty on a Sammy Android phone though. I don't even think one can have that kind of bloatware on WP, because you can not modify or skin the OS, unlike in the case of Android.

You don't get it.  Re-read what I'm calling 'Bloatware' in my previous posts.  ie...Anything added by a manufacturer that delay or impacts the ability for WP to be rolled out to your phone.  

Nokia's phone updates are delayed for months...not days, or a few weeks, but MONTHS because of all the bloat they add and then deliver with the OS update.

Can it be uninstalled, sure, but you're penalized waiting for it...

If you can't get that concept, I can't explain it any more.  Carry on, I didn't expect everyone to get it...its a high-level concept.

I agree. But from what I remember, HTC released the gdr3 updates, but my carrier decided not to release it. I think Microsoft should make manufacturers sign a contract that they will continue to give updates for a minimum of 2 years from the release date. I also think that HTC and Nokia /Microsoft should sell their phones unlocked so we can have all the updates.

Lastly, I'm interested to see if this phone has the swipe /tap issue that the 1520 has...can't wait to see it!

I was burned on HTC by problematic hardware-namely the HD7. I fell in love with the software, though, which is why I'm here today. But I am also planning on the Lumia 930, unless the 1030 does before I can afford my next.

If you want a Lumia 930 you won't be getting it on Verizon. Also with the developers preview you can have all the OS updates on any phone

And HTC is usually the first to push phone updates. It is probably because they aren't tweaking their firmware, like Nokia, but still, they were fast. I think people are mostly just upset with all of the Nokia exclusives. I don't think that they'll be a problem now that Microsoft bought them, though.

What? You're already getting the 930 on Verizon in the form of Icon. It's the same phone- same hardware and same design, just extra colors.

I was at AT&T the other day playing with the M8 and fell in love with it's build, but not Android, so this could be great news.

Sounds great, but if its another Carrier Exclusive they are completely screwing themselves. They need to be able to get these into the hands of as many people as possible and not limit it to only people on a certain carrier.

Yup, really dislike exclusives and it feels like they have only a handful of people dedicated to WP. If HTC want a bigger piece of the WP market share they are sure going the right way lol. / sarcasm.

I don't know what part of Canada you're in but I hardly see any WP's anymore and when I do it's never an HTC. Agree that they should drop exclusives, WP isn't popular enough to make the average consumer want to change carrier.

I think what Darwin is referring to is the fact that the 8X was released on all of the big 3 carriers. Whereas only Rogers had the 920 and Bell never carried any of the Lumia line. Sadly, I am with Bell, so unless they are planning to change their anti-Nokia policy I will be buying at unsubsidized price.

I don't recall the 8X on Telus but I guess that it holds true for the other two. Overall the 3 carriers do a poor job supporting WP anyways and I don't expect that to change until BlackBerry completely dies.

Seems even the new management isnt going to change much, exclusives on carriers who wont promote their WP phone and with sales staff who will try and steer people away from WP. No wonder the marketshare is still pathetic.

Yep. Still stuck on gdr2 on T-Mobile USA. T-Mobile refused to release updates even though the carriers released them last year! I'm definitely switching carriers if this continues to happen.

Won't do anything for firmware updates. Preview with uncooperative carrier in regards to firmware releases is a recipe for disaster. All of us Preview people are getting a taste of this right now from flaky power buttons, battery drain, to disabled cameras.

Actually on my Ativ S the only issue I've encountered was the non-responsive camera bug, which only happened once and was fixed by a reboot. Battery life and performance are improved for me and the only really down side to the update is the handful of things I wish they hadn't changed. (XB Music app, for example)

HTCs hardware is better than Nokias, the 8X was by far the best early Windows Phone 8 handset. The lack of support was the only downside. Was going to get a 930 when they finally get around to releasing it but if there is a 'flagship' HTC coming I will wait for that instead.

I also would like to know. Nokia became famous for it's build and they most definitely have taken hits for bulky devices, but they have always been reknowned for their amazing hardware.

I'm going to have to agree with him, besides the camera on the 928 and ICON, HTC's quailty has been better for me. I have had a Nokia 822, 928 and ICON, the only phone that I did not have to replace 2 times is the ICON. Never mind reading the 928 forums where people have replaced their 928 8+ times....

My 8X I had for about 3-4 months was better quality than my 822 and 928....still after my 3rd 928 replacement, there is still goop under the Windows key...


Wow! I have never heard of that. My 928 has been flawless hardware wise... It has obtained a grudging respect from many iPhone,Samsung and HTC user friends and coworkers. Many of whom sneered at It initially. Now they're giving it a second look sporting 8.1 Preview.

HTC does have some nice hardware, although i wouldnt say better then Nokia's. I do agree with the 8X statement, that phone at the time was comsidered by many the nicest WP when 8.0 was out.

What's funny is people calling the 8x the best built WP yet while it visually was the most attractive of the original three,I distinctly remember the coating on the phone rubbing off being a complaint by many HTC users

Yeah I'm kinda confused by both of these claims. Based on my experience with the HD7, HTC build quality is shit. I had to convince Bell to let me early upgrade because it crapped out on me 14 months into a 3 year term. And as far as the 8X goes, out looked pretty enough, but had the smallest screen, (personal preference, not inherently worse) smallest storage capacity and smallest battery capacity of the original 3 WP8 flagships. And these were the only differentiating spec categories between the three devices. At least on paper, the 8X was the worst of the three, and the complete lack of support and exclusive apps (a clock doesn't count for me) make it a lock for last place in real world as well.

Lol What's funny is people calling the 8x the best built WP yet while it visually was the most attractive of the original three,I distinctly remember the coating on the phone rubbing off being a complaint by many HTC users

I have had Htc phones for the past 5 years at least and all of them have had to be replaced several times and my titan was the worst 5 handsets before I actually stuck with one that was any good all the others had faults out of the box. I would however still consider a htc again but Nokia is getting my money atm when the 930 comes out and I can say by to my faithful 8x

I'll just say it works both ways, plenty of issues for Nokia phones. You only need to check the forums to see people having similar issues. So, pot meets kettle perhaps? :)

If part of the deal is advertising and other marketing then your statement doesn't hold up. Just getting a phone on more shelves doesn't mean more sales.

Sure, I'm aware of that but if it is only Verizon exclusive then HTC need to release a similar model for the rest of the world. Personally I can sell 20 of these in a heart beat. Some of my friends love HTC hardware and want to try something fresh (they don't even know how to root and when suggested they say it is too much effort). After trying 8.1 on my 920, they want it on their HTC phones and with the acquisition of nokia's d&s.. They are not very eager to get the 930.

Stupid business if you ask me. US-only carriers should not be able to claim phones for themselves at the expense of the rest of the world.

Verizon getting all the phones now? In 2014 Verizon is getting Icon, ATIV SE, W8. Only other phone known this year is Lumia 635 on T-Mobile.

AT&T won't even unlock my out of contract Lumia, why am I sticking with this company again?

Seems like it. But I remember back in the day when Verizon didn't seem to want ANY Windows Phones. They had one and like T-Mo, kept it in the junk drawer rather than on display. I think this is progress.

Me. 8x is a decent handset with very nice build quality and, for me, has the best industrial design in wp ranges.

Me too. Keep in mind that HTC devices were the first to receive GDR3... Let's see, who gets the real WP8.1 update first. And: Most of the exclusive Nokia apps are crap. Since everyone got here drive with WP8 and even drive+ with WP 8.1, there is only one thing missing - glance.

First the get the OS update but never to get any firmware update from HTC. No support and exclusive HTC app never really get any update for years...got HTC Mozart and Radar when WP7 launch and decided to go for Nokia instead after WP8 launch for better support.

No one understands this, and I've been saying it for months. HTC supports their phones just as well as Nokia does. The difference? HTC holds back their updates until the big software update. Download the Hardware Tests app from Amazing Pictures, and next time you get and official update from Microsoft, check the changelog. Most of it will be from HTC. SO STOP COMPLAINING!!

Thank you!! Everyone says "Nokia has the best support" yet unlocked ATIVs and HTCs have consistently received updates before Nokias. If people mean support as in exclusive apps, there's really not alot to talk about since there are good 3rd party apps that do the same stuff (i.e. Proshot > nokia camera)

Hmm.. I haven't charged my current Icon while powered off (nor do I pay any attention while it's charging.. What's the point with this device). But having owned an 8x, I assumed all WP phones did that.
...I also assumed the screen timeout options were the same. I really miss that feature!

No question 8X is the best-made WP. Nokia's phones are tanks, but they have lots of problems (my L920 has so much dust under the FFC and PS that neither work reliably) and the 8X has the best in-hand feel of any phone I've ever held, before or since. The 8X is also less susceptible to random, rapid battery drain than Nokia's devices.

The problem is support. Now that Nokia is MS, though, there is a legitimate question of whether they will continue to get extras, or if MS will simply release everything to all.

Does the Surface have special software other slate PC's don't? That's probably the best place to look for clues.

I suppose everyone has their own preference and uh hand size. 8x was a nice fit for me. The Icon is so heavy and big that I hit it against walls (accidentally) the first few weeks cause I wasn't used to it's weight. Still struggle to fit it in pockets and I have to carry a larger purse now!

Wha? The best phone in the world is an HTC (One), the best first gen WP was an HTC (the Arrive), and the best WP8 launch phone was an HTC (8X).

No, the 8x was not great. Even if you wanted to say they had the best launch phone, doesn't make it great. Just because you rush a product to market dosn't equal greatness. And anything running andoroid isn't the best phone in the world.

They've already started. Nokia maps was never exclusive and drive went multi OEM. Besides folders there's literally no other Nokia app that's really worth talking about.

Bring it on!!! I love the HTC 8x more than my Nokia! Just wish HTC would put more effort in the app side and the software ! As there are app that Nokia hold that I would love to get hands on!.....cant wait

We need HTC to be in with WP, as much as I personally like Nokia's devices some people prefer HTC, Samsung, etc. So if people aren't keen on Nokia they're not likely to get a WP device.
As much as a lot of you think you can, you can't actually tell somebody that their own opinion is wrong.

Agreed. I had no problems with my HTC Arrive in terms of build quality. And if the HTC M8 is any indication of what they may bring to the platform, you'll find my 920 in the Buy/Sell forums with a quickness. I love my 920 but tech ages in dog years. Time for something new.

To be perfectly honest I loved my HTC trophy. If HTC makes a decent offering again I may consider switching. The no glance on the Icon thing was just evil in my opinion.

Why only Verizon??

The Windows Phone market is much larger outside of the U.S.

Still, if not on Verizon you can't have a top-level phone from Nokia(ICON)/Samsung (Ativ SE)/HTC.

This is stupid!!! People outside of the U.S. also buy phones



HTC is known for widespread global availability on their phones. Even if it's exclusive to Verizon in the States, I can almost guarantee that it will be available EVERYWHERE around the globe.

This is not true.

HTC Surround (the one with sexy kickstand) was ATT exclusive and they never made it available on other carriers within US or anywhere else in the world. And yes it never got 7.8 update as well.. And the Mango (7.5) update was delayed by 3-4 months.



Nokia Lumia is the de facto windows phones but at least this is not some crap by Samsung.
While Lumia is best for support, HTC does make great phones but I will never own one as long as they use that crap camera.
Lumia is best though. But at least if they recycle android designs, unlike Samsung phones, the hardware won't feel cheap.

Seriously, why do you even enter non-Nokia post? We all know you're a die-hard Nokia fanboy, you don't have to remind us in every HTC and Samsung article.

As an HTC-fan (owning a Windows Phone 8S), I wanted to give you some random angry reply about being wrong, but then I realized that you are right. ;)

So, another great but gigantic phone. I want the high specs phone that fits my pocket not my bag! Sh!t.

You are the minority these days. The popularity of the one, the galaxy, the g2 & xpera z2 and the fact that even apple was forced to make their screens bigger shows that people are more accepting of big screens.

Love Htc, use htc since back in d days of xda, since 2004 upto 2013, from window mobile to window phone. But with android htc abandoned its wp user, so anyone say support for Os, which os r u referring to?
Have 3rd generation Lumia 920 as my first Nokia wp and the amount of support is incomparable to htc wp7 & wp7.5.
Thank Nokia for coming along coz Ms with advertising & support is rubbish or non to existence.
And we r seeing major apps joining the ecosystem and look out for Samsung, although never a fan of Samsung & Wp but they definitely cooking something, u can youtube it.

Yea, there's 20 Samsung exclusive WP apps right now for the SE. Their App Folder is even better than Nokia's.

Only a Nokia fan would say that without asking why. Sammy's App Folder works the same as Nokia's except, you can also pin internet bookmarks inside the folders. So yes, it's more capable and demonstrably better than Nokia's.

With the new "Microsoft Camera" it wouldn't matter what phone you have, I'm assuming. And personally, I don't like it. I bought this Icon a month ago and the built-in camera was really good.. Until I updated to 8.1.
I owned an 8x (2 actually, 1 refurb) and it was a great phone. Ppl think it's so fragile cause it's slim and lightweight but it's near unbreakable. Really fast (faster than my Icon running 8.0), way better sound quality and speakers, good camera (refurb one was crap tho), and it had better screen timeout options (10-15-30min, never). Downside was limited storage.
Ideally I'd like a combo of the 8x and Icon. Maybe add glance and SD support.

On a side note, Verizon doesn't care about WP which is why their phones are all exclusive to Verizon. They're all about Android.

I agree. Everytime I walk into a Verizon store, they immediately send me over to the most expensive Android phone they currently offer...

Verizon cares about Verizon, that's how it should be. That being said, if they didn't care about WP they wouldn't have any WP's, let alone two flagships and a third incoming.

During my 2hr debate to "upgrade" to Edge (like an idiot, I did) at the VZW store, I asked why they don't offer more WP as I always do and the answer was the same: Verizon doesn't have any interest in gaining more WP users because they are teamed up with Android. I've only spoken to one VZW salesperson who had ever used a windows phone and could answer my questions and that was at a kiosk at a mall

I'm not a fan of the design of the M8 and even less of that piece of crap they call a camera. But I do respect their hardware quality and since they can literally reuse the M8 hardware, well, it doesn't hurt them to release it with WP too.