HTC W8 to reportedly include BoomSound and duo cameras


We've heard about the Verizon-bound HTC W8 recently with a teaser from leakster Evleaks, but the renown tech Twitter profile has released some more details on what we can expect to see from a W8 Windows Phone from HTC. If the report holds out and we see HTC launch a new Windows Phone matching reports, we're in for quite the unique setup.

Evleaks notes that the product will be running Windows Phone 8.1, but will be based on the rumored HTC A9. Also, it's stated that the manufacturer will bring across BoomSound and Duo cameras across from Android. The former provides better sound quality (and louder results) from the smartphone and the duo cameras allow for "DSLR-like" shots.

When can we expect to see the HTC W8 be announced? Evleaks points to Q3, so we'll have to look out for further details as the year flies by.

Source: Evleaks


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HTC W8 to reportedly include BoomSound and duo cameras



Why would I choose a 4mp camera over a nokia lumia icon's 20 mp or the 1020's 41 mp?

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The problem that I have with this story is that HTC had not done carrier exclusives here for a while now... Except with Sprint... They released a carrier exclusive version of the 8x (which was released on all other carriers at same time) because when the 8x came out, Sprint wasn't supporting Windows Phone...I find it hard to believe that HTC in their position would go back to a carrier exclusive phone when they need to sell as many phones as possible just to stay afloat... Unless, in their current position, they just can't afford to support Windows Phone without the help of a carrier...I also think that the two camera setup is a misstep unless they have more future plans with the technology that we cannot yet perceive... As of now, it looks like wasted R&D money (just to say that they have the only phone with two back cameras) that could have been better allocated by hiring a couple coders that could have done the same thing with new software...I want to see HTC survive, but I don't see them doing the things that will make it possible... A new carrier exclusive is a good example and throwing money away doesn't help either!

I think the whole carrier exclusive thing is simply down to the fact that windows phone has a lot of catching up to do. The carriers have the upper hand unfortunately...sigh

Yeah but it's hard to catch up when people don't have access to your products. I'm on T-Mobile US. There's no high end large screen option. So I settled for a Note 3. W8Phone just lost a dedicated W8Phone user because of exclusivity.

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Yeah but when you're up for a contract and you don't want to pay 600 for a phone to take over to your carrier.

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uhm..can anyone explain whats the purpose of duo cameras? is it for focus stuff..is it to combine it into 3d pictures? is it to create ultra highres pics?

I was planning to switch from my HTC 8X to a high end Lumia phone, but give this W8 an SD Card support and maybe swappable battery option, and I will stay with HTC... Nokia is taking too long to realize what they should be doing (and won't quit making exclusive deals with carriers here in Canada)

Sony(-Ericsson) said NO to Android too...The former CEO laughed a lot when he was asked. And now? All Sony phones have Android as OS. So: never say never!

Tom Warren tweeted some time ago that Sony was supposedly working on a WP8.1 device. I believe the words "a couple" may have even been used.

I owned one. It was good. Only thing that bothered me read the memory. Only 16Gb and then there was the "others" issue.

I'm a very happy HTC HD7 owner... I would've bought the 8X in a heartbeat if it actually had more than 16GB storage. Even if it had microSD I would've bought it. As it stood, there was no reason to upgrade from my 16GB HD7, so I never have. I'm glad I didn't as HTC have practically abandoned Windows Phone, so I would only consider a Lumia in future.

I own a 8X. It has the best specs with his present price: 160-180€ (sealed). Same price as Lumia 720 and 630 (those have only 512 MB RAM).

WP8.1 preview has only 2 minor forgetable bugs.

It's a great phone for it's price. Only if the battery was better.

I own one and its complete junk first one charger port was broke serving one front camera doesn't work gave up gonna get the icon or ativ se

Sorry for your bad luck.

Indeed, too many problems. I've had problems with Lumia 720 and 820 but not with 520 (I gave it to my brother). I don't know, 8X it's pretty good fo me except that „I don't want to wake up after charging” bug (same problem for 920)... Perhaps it's a matter of luck.

My concern is that they'll abandon this phone like they did the previous phones. I remember all the HTC WP owners tired of all the Nokia news BC their phones wouldn't receive exclusive apps or firm updates for almost an entire year. HTC took their money and left... Just saying. WP community is a very loyal community and if they wrong us again I don't think they'll ever be as successful as Nokia -

Ironic....The 8X is probably the best "smart" phone I've owned. Anyone remember the Droid Charge? That phone was downright AWFUL. 

Got an 8X now and no issues. Runs like a champ. And its one of the slickest and thinnest Windows Phones too b

You haven't used Android in a couple years I take it? It was buttery smooth on my Moto G. In fact, sometimes faster than my 1520.

Exactly and thats the problem. I had the chance to try android 4.1 on my Evo LTE and man it was a huge improvement in response time and transition lag. Then after regular use a couple days after the feel of a fresh install, HTC Sense started to get a bit slow. Remember the multitasking issue that version of Sense had lol

anyway, point is all these OEM software layers on top of android can and have, given android a bad rep.

i think google needs to hold meetings with its OEMs that agree to use google play store access android and see if they can work to optimize the OS + the software layers of the respected OEM.

Snapdragon 805 with 3ghz processor only if it has at least 50 mp main camera and the same sensor found on the 920 main camera up front. Military grade exterior of course and 2k screen 6 inches of pure Nokia beauty screen.

Snapdragon 805, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, 5.2" gHD display, 41MP w/o hump camera, built-in wireless charging, 3MP front camera, microSD, 3400 mAh battery.

You know what makes for great DSLR like shots? A DSLR. People can fake depth of field till the cows come home but you don't get the other benefits of a DSLR still.

Try the phone first then tell me HTC is "innovating". I had the original One & I swear to you the camera was awful. Like, so bad most shots are unusable grainy mess. I even think my old Samsung Focus was better if you can believe that. The rest of the phone was nice, but gah. That camera was a show stopper.

The new One, which this leak is likely a copy of with just WP on it, has the same camera tech & lens on it but includes another lens for faux DSLR effects. Oh, and they removed optical image stabilization on the new one so they could cram in their gimmick dual lens rubbish.

Methinks you are missing the point. You're right, but most people don't know or care what they're missing. Last time I used my DSLR ... Just before I got a 1020. This does most of what I want, and I'm not a photographer to care about the situations it doesn't.

Exactly, terms like "DLSR Like" may fool people who don't know what a DSLR offers real photography, but for those who do, it seems like shady marketing.

I could watch movies on, and check email on a $79 dollar android tablet, it doesn't make it "Surface Pro 3 Like".



just go for 930, remember, hTC never officially announced this phone yet, plus Nokia have better software support compare to hTC

Don't think any HTC camera has ever produced "dslr-like" shots, especially not their hacky dual lens camera. That's a selling point only to those who know nothing about camera quality.

Why does the American people put up with that carrier exclusive crap? I fail to see how this can be a good thing. In Europe a phone is available pretty much everywhere and the carrier only matters in terms of services. Certainly this is one reason why Windows Phone isn't succeeding in the US.

Not sure that we have any choice but to put up with it, but I agree 100% with you that exclusives are the reason WP isn't doing better in the US.

I'd say it's the main reason. Could be worse, it could be Canada where we hardly get any phones at all and the ones we do are often carrier exclusives.

Carrier exclusives aren't crap. Just bs. They take the price and highly subsidize the cost, which enables them to steal a customer. I can understand if its iPhone or the original Motorola Droid. Just another WP? NO. Its too early for this.

Carriers are a way of life in America, like american football, its the way phones have been bought since the beginning of time and ingrained in how they think. Suggesting to the average American to buy phones outright is truly alien to them. People on sites like this are a tiny minority and the average american sticks with one carrier so this will never change in the US.

Yep. Most Americans would tell you to go jump in a lake if you ask them to pay $400+ for a new phone. They will pay $99 tops. They don't understand that phones are expensive and the reason they get such deals is the long, binding contact.

Europeans don't have to pay full price for phones, they can be had on contract for low amounts and even for free in many cases. The difference is they don't have to put up with carrier exclusives.

I don't think its a way of life, but just self imposed ignorance and laziness. We drop hundreds of dollars on video game systems and TV's in one sitting every day. The average person has to make the conscious effort to weigh the cost of being binded to a contract versus getting your phone outright. I've already told my wife that I am done with AT&T. She can stay with these crooks if she chooses to.

Do it Tony. I had Cingular before becoming AT&T, for 10+ years. I left about four or five years ago and never looked back. Currently I have a Lumia 920 (branded unfortunately) that's unlocked and running on T-Mobile's network via MetroPCS. It costs me $40 total a month. I'm way happier and have a fatter wallet to show for it.

Obviously you haven't been keeping up with the times dude. T-Mobile quit subsidizing phones and they're the fastest growing cellular company in America right now. Americans are paying full price now. I think because T-Mobile is doing so well Verizon has a option to buy at full price now.

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Not that big of deal really, the main problem is this:

The two biggest companies with the most desirable phones are incompatible with each other.  T-Mo, Sprint, etc... they have nothing I want.  It's all AT&T and Verizon.  I would happily buy an off contract 1520 if they made one that was compatible with Verizon.

Here in asia, we can just buy any phone I want, then plug in any operator sim card I want. I also fail to see why Americans have to put up with that exclusivity.

One important thing no one mentions is that we have multiple technologies in play here. Gsm, Cdma, various lte frequencies. It sucks honestly.

It does from a technical prospective but not from a social or corporate political perspective.

There are prepaid carriers in US that let you use Verizon and AT&T phones at half the cost. Many people don't take advantage of that.

The camera won't be a selling point, but the design and boomsound will be nice. Looks like Verizon will have a nice lineup with the Icon, the Ativ SE and this new HTC phone.

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True.. Quick question, now Nokia's part of MSFT, wld Nokia apps come to other WP handsets? e.g. Here maps, Here drive + etc. Hard to switch to a phone that doesn't have some of those apps I use regularly.

You're an idiot. Why would you say "hopefully not"? Your selfish reasoning makes the entire Windows Phone ecosystem less attractive and useful for All the other people out there that love Windows Phone enough to buy one, but that just happens to be from any number of manufacturers other than Nokia, now Microsoft. Sharing means caring! We all care about Windows Phone or we wouldn't be here. So share the apps. Share as much as possible! Exclusivity, proprietary and selfish practices hurt us All whether directly or indirectly. Most people are either too naive, ignorant or stupid to see it.

I have been using Here Maps, Here Drive+ and Here Transit for a few months on my HTC 8X. All free. And I also have Microsoft Map. Life's good! :-)

It's not that no other carriers are interested, but Verizon keeps pulling all of this exclusivity bullshit, keeping other carriers from getting handsets such as the Icon and probably now this.

And yet when my friend went to buy a Icon, they told him not to buy it & showed him iPhone 5s & Samsung Galaxy S4 instead. In the end they made him buy iPhone 5s.

Typical Verizon.

That's a matter of the store reps having a biased opinion towards the available OSes. Like most of us here, they're a fan of a specific platform more so than the average customer that strolls into the Verizon store. So they're gonna push a certain type of phone on you. Don't blame Verizon for that.

Yeah right. He should be calling his friend out for being a p*ssy. His friend is a pushover with no backbone or he outright lied to him.

Precisely. This is the main problem with growth with WP in the U.S. The same thong happened when I bought my Icon. The sales reps advised against buying a WP, yet didn't know any spec behind this wonderful device. It's easily the best phone I have owned.

That's interesting. I went into a VZW affiliate store, and said I wanted a 928 and he said "Yes, I can order that for you." No hassle at all, and no mention of any other platform. Rare to find that.

WOW, they had to order it. Can't believe they didn't stock it. Most people would've jumped ship and bought something in Stock.

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You are right. I went to Verizon last week on Wednesday and asked them for the icon. They told me that they didn't have it. But they wanted to sell me the iPhone 5s/c. They even said that it was the best phone in the market right now and when I asked them about the quality of the pictures they said it was top notch. I pulled out my Nokia L1020 and told them if it takes better pictures than this phone I'll would buy it. They just stayed quiet.

Don't you just love schooling someone trying to sell you something you know more about than they do? I know I do.

Kinda like AT&T with the 1520, 925...... Unfortunately both carriers have exclusives on WP.

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The 8X certainly wasn't and still isn't junk, I've had 6 Lumia's (5 went back with un repairable problems) whilst the wife's HTC hasn't even had one thing go wrong, not even a frozen screen and she's had it since it came out. newcastlebiker is correct, a HTC handset running W8.1...a perfect combination...a welcome addition to the Windows family. If I didn't love Lumia's my next choice would definitely be a HTC.....

What the heck do you do to your phones to make them brake so much? Lumias are pretty durable. This sounds more like a case of your wife taking better care of her phone...

No, Nokia found fault with the first 5, all 720's then 1 920, baring the first 720, all were replacement handsets through network operators warranty plan, just unlucky, have had 1320 for 8 months, no issues even running 8.1 dev.

I am on my sixth Lumia 720, about to send this one back as well due to another issue. The 720 has been a huge mistake! No other Lumia I have has had any issue, but the 720 is a real disaster. I am rather annoyed by it, seeing as I recommended this device to others as well. Regrettable mistake from my end.

Nokia know that this model has been problematic, such a shame really because when it came out they were really hoping it would hit the market.

Not necessarily. My first two Lumia's had to be returned due to defects, that's not including my 928 which got the earpiece audio problem just before I upgraded to the Icon. So much for Nokia build quality.

Why do you say that? My Lumia 920 is in mint condition without ever giving me a problem. I've had it for over seven months.

So, let me preface this by saying that this only a reflection of my own experience. However, unless this is a situation of some unheard of bad luck, I have to conclude that the 920 was not a well built product, at least relative to Nokia's usual build quality.

In my case, I just had to replace a 920 after 14 months because of a 'major failure in the motherboard'. Previous to that phone, I had only ever owned Nokias - I've had a bunch of their feature phones, then an N95 and N8. I had never had a hardware problem with any of them and only replaced them because I wanted something new.

In addition, my parents also bought 920s. In the case of my father, he is on his 3rd brand new unit in 11 months. The first time the screen fried, and the second time the unit wouldn't stop resetting itself. Now with his third one, the screen flickers incessantly, though the phone is otherwise operational. That said, this third one will likely be replaced before the warranty expires next month. Bear in mind that he is in no way a power user, he has about 3 non-included apps installed, and his battery will last almost three days because of how little he uses it.

What is most concerning is that none of these issues seem to be indicative of a single defective part - at least 3 of the 4 problem phones had problems that are likely related to different components in the phone failing. That, to me, signifies poor craftsmanship.

In total, 4/5 brand new Lumia 920s to come through my family have failed 14 months or less. This, compared to the fact that I had never had a problem with a Nokia before the 920, nor heard of anyone having a hardware problem with a Nokia before the 920, makes me say that it is the worst built phone that Nokia has ever produced - in my experience. 

Wow !!!! To think this is a post about a future HTC W8.1 device..... Surprised the devices that were exchanged were brand new and not replacements like we get in the UK, my 720's were with 02, they dropped the device from there list after only 6 months which I thought was really suspicious although they gave me some bullshit excuse I ended up with the 920.... Gutted they had that one in stock cause I would've ended up with an 820 which I know is still a great device 2 year's on.

Fair enough. All I can say is man I'm sorry you had to deal with warrantying that many phones. Now you have me worried mine phone's a ticking time bomb and I have no idea when it's going off. Literally.

Yeah, I don't doubt it. I'm not trying to say that the 920, or any other phone that Nokia has built, is necessarily bad or good in relation to other manufacturers or products. I'm saying that, in my own experience, which only includes Nokia's phones anyway, the 920 is the worst phone they've built.

Ah, I did not intend to come off passive aggressive, just noting what you've said, because I've heard of other 920s with some problems.
TLDR ; some 920s are ok in relation to other OEMs.

It sure would be nice to have an equalizer for the music app. Thats one of the reason i stick to nokia mix radio (and the live tile).


This is straight from the HTC Specs page of the 8X...

Studio-quality sound with Beats Audio™ built in
Enjoy bigger sound and superior fidelity with exclusive built-in amp

It's not just an equalizer.    At the end of the day though I never was a fan of Beats being more of a Seinheiser guy.   Given Apple now owns Beats, that's great news for me because I don't buy Apple products.   So now two of the products I don't get are associated.   It makes it handy...

Yes, BoomSound is the branding for their Dual-Speakers set up, but also replaced the "Beats" settings ... The "Beats Audio" software (The one you toggle on\off when you plug in headphones) was renamed to BoomSound

Check out the BoomSound section of the HTC One (M8) review over at Android Central.

"DSLR-like shots"..... On a HTC..... Wooohaaaaahehehe... Um... Rich, no offense but go play around with the HTC One (M8) and it's duo cameras, it is still the exact same shitty 4mp quality, the second camera is purely for depth, more of a gimmick then anything else if you ask me! More does not always mean better Rich......please...

He just stated that HTC's duo camera technology let their phones take DSLR like photos, he never said that it is better or anything.

Learn2read imho

So you would argue, DSLR-like photos is not "better" then what is currently available?? When the HTC M8 came out they made no such bold statement....
Learn2understand ...LmAo

Now that Nokia belongs to Microsoft it's quite likely that these apps will eventually be made available to non Nokia devices.

There's only room for three OSes, and barely with WP8's falling market share. Unless Microsoft suddenly allows the Windows Phone platform to die, I'm afraid BB will never resurge. BB, Ubuntu, Firefox, and any other new platforms will never gain sustainable market share, I'm afraid.

Lol, remove optical stabilizing, add second camera for blurry mode, voila! DSLR-like! UltraPixels! Mwahahahshsh

I like the way the HTC One looks, but I hope they use the HTC 8X's design language for their next windows phone.

Hope HTC makes a global version as well and just one off for the year only for Verizon. If Wp market share is to grow we need alot more global phone rollouts as well as markets specific phones from OEMs.

Maybe they are working under wraps on how to remove features from wp8.1 :P. Joking aside maybe they will announce something late Q3 - early Q4.

So ridiculous that an AT&T 920 successor is taking over a year and a half to even be mentioned.

Haven't heard anything from Telstra over here in OZ yet either..... My contract was up a month ago and I'm getting pretty itchy waiting for them!

This sounds exciting. My first WP 7 was the RADAR it was a great phone. I was close to get the 8x series but the quality and costumer service from HTC was really bad. So I came back to a known and familiar product; NOKIA. And I haven't regret since.

Had the same experience! I'll choose Nokia quality and customer service over HTC's lack of, by a long, long way these days ;)

My first windows phone was the HD7 and I loved my 8X until I replaced it with the 1520. The wife and daughter are still rocking theirs. I certainly wouldn't be opposed to going back to HTC if they came out with a great 8.1 hero device.

I liked my HD7 and am keeping it as a keepsake.   I owned a 8X for about two or three months.  It was a pretty good phone.   I did have some of the soft touch material rub off in that short time.  

I really love my red 920 though.    If HTC released a WP version of the HTC One (M8) I would think long about getting it.

The dual-cameras of the M8 suck. They allow for everything EXCEPT DSLR type of shots lol

The best HTC would do is admit their cameras suck and just license PureView from Nokia.

I really don't think so, while Nokia has a bunch of exclusive apps, HTC's build quality and just superior, if they had tried a little harder with the camera and the battery life, I wouldn't have a Lumia 920

HTC build quality superior? It's your opinion but you'll find out you're quite alone there, even among HTC users...

Please tell me how is it superior, Nokia is nice, but that's it, just nice. HTC seriously has made some of the most beautiful phones that make me want to switch

Read up on the M7 quality issues sir before commenting. I agree that they are beautiful but quality they were not.
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You look them up.
Glue from the speaker metal plates coming loose, metal plates turning a yellowish tent, I currently use an m8 and the screen on the right bottom corner doesn't sit flush with the speaker grill
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I like the look of some of the HTC One phones, however build quality is not the same as design aesthetic.   From what I see of teardowns, I prefer Nokia's engineering.

I still have my htc hd7. And it is still working until now. I don't use it anymore just because it can't be upgraded to wp8. I'm a big fan of htc.

I'm using a lumia 920 now, but have some problems such as gps. It is beautiful though.

I hope they make an international version.
I'd definitely retire my 8X for it, Windowsphone + Boomsound + SLCD3 + HTC build = Shut up & take my money lol.
I hope they bring their own camera app this time ... I like the Microsoft app & everything, but it doesn't take full advantage of the 8X's hardware.

EDIT: Q3 sounds about right. HTC always announce their Windowsphones in Q3 ... (Carrier specific phones aside)

@twomill69 I agree about the 8x vs lumias. I have a 8x and a 925, the 925 freezes way too much, it happens about twice a week, I even did a hard reset. The 8x has zero issues. I have also taken great care of both.

The HTC trophy was a great phone that I never had a problem with and even back then the sound was good. Love Nokia phones because of the apps and currently using Lumia 822 which is a solid phone but the sounds not as good as the trophy was..

It's supposedly to be based on the not yet released HTC A9 according to Evleaks.. Is that a good thing? The biggest disappointment is that it looks to be a Verizon exclusive.. Smh. I wish someone would put an end to all these Windows Phone exclusives,and release the same version of a Windows Phone to every carrier.

IMO one problem for WP is Nokia's domination of the market. A lot of people (UK at least) think Nokia's are rubbish as they had one before switching to a smart phone a few years ago. And, as no one else has many devices running WP these people will go IOS or Android. I still find that manufacturer, NOT OS is the biggest pull to most buyers.
So bring it on HTC, Samsung, Sony, etc.

I kind of agree, if you don't like the Nokia design then you pretty much have to go buy Android. WP needs variants of the Z2, One and G3, Nokia/MS alone will never make it a successful platform.

I'm not sure I can agree with that. We're pulling market share equivalent to other places in Europe and WP is doing pretty well here. Europe is certainly more open to Nokia and WP than America.