Hulu Plus for Windows Phone 8

Hulu Plus for Windows Phone 8 announced, coming later today

Looks like it’ll be a great day for Windows Phone 8 users as the official Hulu Plus app is forthcoming later today.

News of the app’s arrival was predicted by some recent murmurs of an imminent release and indeed, with the app having launched on Windows 8 six months ago, it only seemed liked a matter of time before they brought it over to mobile.

The app itself allows users access to their queue, with high quality streaming, the ability to jump to chapters, sharing to social networks and search. Of course users will need the pay-for Hulu Plus account and not just a free one, meaning many users won’t be able to take advantage of the new app.

Performance of the app is top notch with fast, fluid performance akin to the quality level of the recently released Pandora app for Windows Phone. Premium subscribes will be quite happy with the final product, expected later today.

With Hulu Plus on board, Windows Phone 8 has once again continued its onward streak of getting high profile apps on its side.


[Update: The app is now live in the Store]



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Hulu Plus for Windows Phone 8 announced, coming later today


interesting; how'd u get that link if its not even published yet?

i always thought those store URLs were random gibberish, but am guessing now there is some logic behind them then..?

I have my ways. ;)
That being said, even if an app is not publicly visible on the Store, there is still an app-id and URL generated whenever the developer publishes the app. Once they hit publish, it can take about a day for the app to actually appear in Store searches and on the Store website, but the URL itself is still generated during this time and will eventually work once it finishes publishing.

oh, cool. so does this only apply for apps reviewed/approved and published in the sense its imminently available, or could you use the same methodology for apps about to be approved (maybe get a status update on instagram, etc..)?

Depends. The Hulu website yeah, but for example, Hulu's YouTube channel with clips etc, isn't restricted. So the App could work there. But of course it won't. That's why I don't mind betting. I know I'll win =P

Well I live in Germany so this article doesn't interest me ..its not like wp8 has vpn to bypass this regional restriction bullshit urrghh!

So you would make an international vpn connection over your mobile connection to watch streaming video? I'd imagine that would be a lagfest.

Thanks for letting everyone know you're not interested! You must have a lot of spare time on your hands if you feel compelled to comment on every internet article that doesn't interest you.

I was literally just thinking about a Hulu WP8 app yesterday. I was using thr Hulu app on my Windows 8 ultra book and was wondering why we don't have an app for wp8. This is great.

Finally!!! this just made my day this was the last app I actually cared about having due to the fact that I pay for this every month

Agreed. It's a little upsetting that an app is still not available. The mobile site will do fine for a while I suppose.

aduplex just showed india and russia leading in WP and still US exclusives seem to be important......why not some indian/russian exclusives ??

OMG, OMG, OMG *screams like a 13-year old cheerleader*.
Finally. Now that it's out, I will gladly unlock my account and start catching up with shows.

Though this is good news, I hope that this isn't the tweet Joe Belfiore sent out about his birthday, telling us that within a few days that he'd give us something. I hope that's reserved for Instagram. :)