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Here is how to block ads in IE 11 for Windows 8.1

Here is how to block ads in IE 11 for Windows 8.1

No one likes ads, even if they are what powers our web economy. The debate over ad blockers is always a tough one, even more so since it even affects our site too. Without the revenue, we do not get money, which means we cannot pay our writers, which means we do not have employees. Still, there...
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Microsoft talks about Internet Explorer rebranding debates, hints at UserVoice feedback

The Internet Explorer team at Microsoft held a "Ask Me Anything" chat on Reddit earlier today, and revealed that the company did have a debate at one point on rebranding the web browser. In fact one of the first questions from the Reddit community to the IE team was if they had considered...
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Windows 10 preview doesn't have IE12 but it does have some Internet Explorer improvements

While today's release of the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise does not contain IE12, there are some improvements in its version of the Internet Explorer web browser that have been included in the preview build. In a blog post, Microsoft said one of the additions is support for the...

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Windows Spartan browser

Here's another look at the Spartan browser for Windows 10

Some decidedly more crisp images of the rumored successor to Internet Explorer have surfaced, showcasing a dark theme and a glimpse at the Windows 10 interface. Spartan's layout lines up with what we've seen before: bare-bones, with easy access to share and reading mode buttons to the right of...
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New report claims Windows 10's new 'Spartan' browser will include inking support

There's been a bunch of reports and alleged screenshots recently about "Spartan", the code name for the rumored new web browser that Microsoft may be developing for Windows 10. Today, another new report claims to have even more information about Spartan's features, including word that it may have...
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Microsoft finally ditches the Browser Choice menu for Windows in Europe

Microsoft has discontinued the use of the Browser Choice menu for Windows users in Europe, ending a requirement of the company's agreement with the European Commission to offer such a menu. In a message on its Windows support page this week, the company stated: "Microsoft provided the...
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Track Santa's whereabouts this holiday season with Microsoft and NORAD

Microsoft has once again partnered up with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) to launch the annual Santa Tracker website. The website enables those eagerly awaiting Santa's arrival to track the bringer of joy and presents as he travels across the world. This year the web team...
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IE web development expands to support OS X, Android and iOS via RemoteIE

Microsoft is giving web developers a way to run Internet Explorer on nearly every major operating system via a new service called RemoteIE, Simply put, it will let them use the browser on OS X, iOS or Android devices, in addition to Windows, via the Azure RemoteApp, without the need for a typical...
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Internet Explorer 11 finally jumps past IE8 as number one PC web browser

For the past few years, the research firm Net Applications has shown that worldwide, Internet Explorer 8 has been the most used PC web browser. Now the firm's newest stats show that Microsoft's latest browser, IE11, has jumped ahead of IE8 and is now in the number one spot for the first time....
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Internet Explorer on the desktop now shows Bing search bar on new tab page

Did you install all your updates today on Windows 8.1 for Patch Tuesday? Then you might notice the new tab page looking a little bit different in Internet Explorer. The new tab page now displays a Bing search box right above your frequently visited web pages. Download all the updates you see...

Microsoft goes deep inside IE in Windows 10 to explore Chakra JavaScript improvments

Microsoft gets highly technical in their latest Internet Explorer blog post that describes the improvements that have been put into the Chakra JavaScript engine in Internet Explorer for the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Most of this blog is not for the ordinary layman but it's still a...

Microsoft: Windows 10 support for HTTP/2 in Internet Explorer will be a big help for websites

Microsoft has already announced that the version of Internet Explorer that is available in the Windows 10 Technical Preview supports the HTTP/2, but in a new blog post today, the company says that is actually huge news for websites; especially the developers who make them and the busniness that...
Here's how to get the Modern version of IE running on Windows 10 Technical Preview

Here's how to get the Modern version of IE running on Windows 10 Technical Preview

While the desktop version of Internet Explorer is supposed to be the only one available on the Windows 10 Technical Preview, there is a way to access the Modern UI version of IE in this preview build as well, if you want a more touchscreen-based experience. A man who goes by the Twitter handle...