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Microsoft adds new Enterprise Mode features in Internet Explorer 11

While Microsoft launched its new Edge browser with Windows 10 earlier this year, there are still a lot of PC users, especially in business and enterprise settings, that are using Windows 7 and the older Internet Explorer browsers. Microsoft is adding more Enterprise Mode features in Internet...
Internet Explorer

Microsoft issues IE security update for Windows 10 and all other versions of the OS

All currently supported versions of Windows, including Windows 10, are getting a out-of-schedule security update today. The patch is designed specifically to fix an issue that was discovered in all versions of Internet Explorer. Normally, all Windows security patches are issued on the second...
Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge team celebrates the 20th anniversary of Internet Explorer 1.0

August 16, 1995 is the official launch date for Internet Explorer 1.0, the first web browser from Microsoft. Today, 20 years later, the Microsoft Edge team, via its official Twitter account, celebrated that milestone, while at the same time also signaling that IE's days are numbered. The post...
Find Internet Explorer in Windows 10

How to find Internet Explorer in Windows 10 if you really need it

You might not have been aware that Internet Explorer can still be used in Windows 10. In this beginners guide we'll show you how to find it and how you can easily get to it any time you want. It doesn't show up under "All Apps," but that's OK, you can just use the Cortana/Search box. Activate...
Internet Explorer on Windows Phone

Four code-execution bugs publicly revealed in IE11 for Windows Phone

Four code-execution bugs found in Internet Explorer 11 for Windows Phone have been publicly disclosed by an HP-owned security division called TippingPoint. The division previously revealed the vulnerabilities privately to Microsoft, but so far it has not yet fixed the bugs. Ars Technica...
Microsoft will crack down on misleading ad banners with new Internet Explorer filters

Microsoft will crack down on misleading ad banners with new Internet Explorer filters

Microsoft will be cracking down on web banner ads that are designed to be misleading and could deliver malicious software or content in the near future. The company has updated its unwanted software evaluation criteria, and will start enforcing those changes on June 1 via the SmartScreen Filter...
Internet Explorer

Microsoft won't enable 'Do Not Track' as the default for 'Project Spartan'

Microsoft will no longer have "Do No Track" as the default setting for its future web browsers, including "Project Spartan". The company says it is making this change in order to avoid conflicting with the latest "Do Not Track" standard as created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Here...
Password box IE

Internet Explorer has a security flaw when copying masked passwords on Windows Phone (Update)

Information security is always one of those topics that is hard to report on, especially with the sheer number of devices available today. The problem lies in what is dangerous, what is bad, or what is no-big-deal. Frankly, opinions vary on the risks and threats involved. One neat feature in...
Microsoft will drop the Internet Explorer brand for its Project Spartan browser

Microsoft will drop the Internet Explorer brand for its Project Spartan browser

In an expected move, Microsoft will look to drop the Internet Explorer brand altogether for Project Spartan. The new Windows 10 browser will sport a new name, according to Microsoft marketing chief Chris Capossela during the company's Convergence event. Internet Explorer itself isn't going away...
Windows 10 phones

Internet Explorer in the Windows 10 phone preview has a new rendering engine

Microsoft has confirmed that the new EdgeHTML.dll rendering engine for Internet Explorer is being used in the newly launched Windows 10 techical preview for phones. The new engine is already being used in the Windows 10 preview for desktops. Microsoft says: "The new rendering engine will...
Windows Spartan browser

Here's another look at the Spartan browser for Windows 10

Some decidedly more crisp images of the rumored successor to Internet Explorer have surfaced, showcasing a dark theme and a glimpse at the Windows 10 interface. Spartan's layout lines up with what we've seen before: bare-bones, with easy access to share and reading mode buttons to the right of...
Modern IE

New report claims Windows 10's new 'Spartan' browser will include inking support

There's been a bunch of reports and alleged screenshots recently about "Spartan", the code name for the rumored new web browser that Microsoft may be developing for Windows 10. Today, another new report claims to have even more information about Spartan's features, including word that it may have...