Microsoft continues to push people away from Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 11 about page
Internet Explorer 11 about page (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • MHTML files will soon automatically open in Microsoft Edge's Internet Explorer mode.
  • These types of files are a remaining use case for Internet Explorer.
  • Internet Explorer will be officially retired on June 15, 2022.

We already knew that Microsoft's Internet Explorer is on its way to retirement, but Microsoft is giving the browser another push out of the door. According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, some files will soon automatically launch in Microsoft Edge's Internet Explorer mode rather than opening in Microsoft Edge (via TechRadar).

Specifically, MHTML files will automatically open in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft explains that the most likely time for this new behavior to come up is when people try to open Outlook emails in a browser. The change will only affect how a link is opened if Internet Explorer is set as the default handler for that type of file.

Here's the description from Microsoft:

Starting in Microsoft Edge version 92, MHTML file types will automatically open in Internet Explorer mode on Microsoft Edge instead of the Internet Explorer (IE11) application. This is most commonly observed while trying to view Outlook emails in a browser. This change will occur only if IE11 is the default handler for this file type.

The listing states that the new behavior is rolling out now. It also states that the release date is July 2021, so it could be some time before you see the change on your PC. Microsoft says that the change will come with Edge version 92, which should arrive next month.

Internet Explorer will officially lose support and be formally retired on June 15, 2022, but Microsoft is trying to push people to modern browsers before that.

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