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Disagree. I have Nokia Lumia 620 and it lacks Super Sensitive touch, unlike 625, 520 and 720 which has it.

Yeah, how dare Nokia release a new phone! And just months after you bought your last one! Monsters, complete monsters!

I'm sorry but given the huge difference in screen size, these two are worlds apart.So I'm not sure why are you angry about it.Different devices for different purposes.

B. its a mid range device. I think the 900's/1020 especially the 1020 should have had the 4.7 inch.
I mean its a great motovating factor to get people to grab a WP but in all seriouness keep the mid range 3.5-4 inches because that says mid range all over it. 

I paid $129 for my Lumia 521. Aside from the size, I don't see why I would want to spend an additional $170 or so for this even if T-Mobile offered it to me (200 pounds converted to USD = $306 as of this morning). Has the same 8 GB storage, 512 RAM...etc. No practical advantages unless you need a bigger phone.

So we'll probably get the super sized 525, 725, 825 in September with similar specs. Lumia 525 for $199 with 4.3" inch ClearBlack display, 5MP (with LED flash this time), 725 with 4.5" SuperSensitive display, 6.7MP camera, 825 with 4.7" etc.

I have learnt the basics of the 625, but I cant post photos in Face Book. I really ned this feature because of buy swap and selling.  I have to apparently have to sign in with another address & this is not working.  How do I get around this.