Location Services alert icon to be introduced in Windows Phone 7.5

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Microsoft has updated the how-to section of the official Windows Phone website to include a small tip regarding when location based services are currently active. A small indicator (see above image) will be included in a future update, which be displayed with the other disappearing status indicators that will alert the user as to when apps are using the phone's location.

Microsoft informed The Verge that the update will be included with handsets shipping with Windows Phone "Tango" with existing devices receiving the update once the company has finalised the update with carriers.

"After the new devices are out, we’ll start the process of working with mobile operators to bring an update to current customers. It’ll be a few months before we have specifics on that roll out,

Just how long existing consumers will have to wait for the update hasn't been specified, but it's a positive move to fight privacy concerns. We could well see the update including this location indicator being bundled with the new features in "Tango" for Mango users.

Source: Microsoft, via: The Verge@WPUG


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Location Services alert icon to be introduced in Windows Phone 7.5


I have completely given up on truly keeping my private life separate from my public life. Loss of privacy is basically a trade-off for connectivity.

That being said, this is a great thing to see Microsoft add to Windows Phone. It is a much better direction to be heading than what Google is being more and more known for.

Well seeing how our us carriers are playing around with our updates ill just say for everyones curiosity we'll get the update with apollo

They've had this since wp7 was released - It's called an advert :P If the app has an ad then it's using your location (although 99.99% of the ads are still untargeted twaddle).
Users have to agree for an app to use their location... I'm curious as to why we need to know it's using it after we've already agreed?

Well, T-Mobiles HD7 will never see this.  I still don't have 7740 or 8017.  Don't have much hope for getting Tango either.

Now add a "disable screen rotation" option 'cause im going crazy when the damn screen rotates when im going through the people-hub before I sleep.

a first step to privacy...
when will we be able to selectively switch off location services of the different apps???