Lumia 1520 reportedly now getting Lumia Cyan in Finland and India

Lumia 1520

India and Finland friends with the Lumia 1520 are going to have a good day. The Lumia Cyan update is hitting up those regions today. That also brings with it the Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade.

We've received a handful of tips that the Lumia Cyan update is rolling out to Lumia 1520 handsets in both Finland and India. The Nokia Support page still has the status for both listed as 'Under testing', but we've received too many tips to ignore. If you have a Lumia 1520 in Finland or India you're going to want to check for an update.

Just go to settings -> phone update -> check for update and you should see one available and can start downloading Lumia Cyan and Windows Phone 8.1.

With Lumia Cyan on your Lumia 1520 you can look forward to improved low-light performance, better color reproduction, continuous auto focus and more.

We're positive that Finland has the update, but are still waiting to see some proof out of India. Let us know if you have it.

In either location with a Lumia 1520? Sound off if you have Lumia Cyan now. Don't forget to let us know where else you're seeing the update.

Thanks for the tips everyone!


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Lumia 1520 reportedly now getting Lumia Cyan in Finland and India



I pray that you are right on this one. Let it be updated as fast as gdr3 was.(relatively speaking). I've been checking my device weekly.

Most of us in the US I think are just screwed. They'll take their sweet time getting it tested, dumbed down and released

You have to consider that AT&T has most of the phone models. Therefore, naturally, it is going to take longer to test. The only thing that could speed things up is IF AT&T releases for each phone as they check them, or does AT&T release when all models are done? Does anyone remember how the GDR for Amber and Black was done by AT&T?

Amber was super slow but the Black update was quick. My 1020 was one of the first phones to get it.

Nope, it isn't.

I was using Cortana, so I changed my region and regional format to India and checked, still no update.

Toggled airplane mode and soft reset my phone, still no update.

I am reverting back my software to the latest commercial release using Nokia Software Recovery. Let me try again after that.

I thought firmware is dependent on the region the phone was intended to be sold, not necessarily the regional settings in Settings

Yes, ideally that is the case. But in this case Microsoft chose to prevent Dev preview users from upgrading due to the recently reported bit locker key issue when upgrading to Lumia cyan from Dev preview, makes perfect sense.

Changing the region and format won't solve anything my advice is stay on Dev preview cause carriers take their own time to release the software I'm in SA I had Dev preview and reverted to cormecial guess what the software is still under testing in upgrading back to dev preview I can't stand the commercial...so wait up until your carrier releases the software then revert to cormecial

The official Lumia cyan update is already available in my country, why shouldn't I downgrade when it works only from commercial release. It doesn't make sense to me to stick with Dev preview.

That doesn't matter... MS doesn't know that, and they are stickily holding of on DP devices.... As far as we know..

Thanks. This was a major update that we were all looking forward to. Given that it satisfies most of my requirements, I won't be longing to see another update so badly. Thanks Microsoft, you have delighted me today. Just before my birthday, the perfect icing on the cake.

It depends on your network speed to download 1.43GB. I have a super fast 15mbps connection, it finished downloading in 13 mins and installed in 15 mins.

Dunno how you managed the revert. Having a crappy experience with Nokia Software Recovery Tool. It keeps giving a "failed to connect to service, check firewall" error every now & then. I click try again and it progresses. I've actually turned off firewall just for this. Hopefully it lets me revert to pre-DP state on my 1520.

You need flash your phone go back to black update and get cyan update. Firmware version should be lumia black

If you noticed the update page it says under testing. I wonder if anyone tried Nokia Care Suite if the update is available. If yes, no need recover and again update OTA. You can directly update it instead wasting the time on OTA update.

Awesome, hopefully we can see this in the US soon! Anyone getting Cyan, hows the battery experience. I'm having a good time with the DP but not has good as the Black Update.

I wont hold my breath for Lumia 925 or 521 on tmobile support says later this year and another said they don't know yet

Would be really interesting to see how Lumia Cyan has impacted camera performance of the 930, 1520 and Icon.


next is 1020 guys, don't worry.. nokia care centre dude told me when I asked about cyan for my 1520 that after 925 & 625, 1520 & 1020 will get it.
and judging by today, he was right.

Yeah I know right,my phone is unlocked ,purchased online Singapore Country Variant 1020, I thought unlocked would have priorities over locked ones

Alguien podría decirme como se llama las apps que están en la parte superior de la imagen ? Del mes

Umm what about the us like north America thay say in the next week or so but if I was Microsoft or who ever gets updates out I would make sure the leading wireless providers would have it first

Because contrary to the US, ALL devices are sold unlocked in India, and carriers are not even remotely related with phone updates, software etc.

Do I need to go back to WP 8.0 to get the update? I have developers preview installed and I do not see an update. 1520, India.

It already is available, just updated my 1520 (I geeked out) - although I bought this one from Hong Kong if I am not mistaken. FINALLY.

It is. I just downloaded+installed it early in the morning to day. So I assume that Philippines is getting the updates now because I have it and I was able to update it with our pathetic internet connection.

Boo... I bought an L1520 off UK Amazon, established reputable supplier.. Looks like grey import from Hong Kong...so now I have to wait for them to get it... :(

I'm in the same position. Didn't realise until I reset back to 8 and found my phone full of Chinese text! Have you had the update yet?

This is why I hate having a large carrier (AT&T). They drag their corporate feet in releasing any new updates. I do have the dev. preview but I'm on the 1520.

So I'm not sure if I'll need to do any type of downgrade, as I don't use bitlocker. In either case AT&T needs to be more expedient in their updating process as well as leaving the firmware intact and to not remove so much of it just to nickel and dime everyone.

Let's get with it, AT&T. Release the freaking Cyan.

I really wonder how they Classify the 1520.3. Since it came with Spanish as the default, I wonder if its branded to a particular region in North America? I have an AT&T SIM in at the moment, but I could easily change that.

It's supposedly a Latin American model. I would assume it will recieve the update the same time the CV 1520s in Latin American countries do.

It's not Microsoft's fault really. Apple is able to demand that they control all their updates. Microsoft does not have the market share to make such demands.

It's the carriers who are taking their time.

I don't think so. My 1520 is unlocked, yet I don't get cyan 3 months after being announced. It's all down to sloppy Microsoft here

Hey dude did it solve any issues to do with screen sensitivity at all? Also, excellent name. Wolves FTW!

So how does it work for regions? I'm in Pakistan and I have my location/region set to USA to take advantage of an overall better marketplace. Since my Lumia 1520 isn't locked to a specific carrier... I'm just wondering how the update would get rolled out for me? Would I be tied to US rollout, or when it is actually released for Pakistan?

Now i'm wondering if changing my location might help in getting it sooner... Hmmm.

You'll get it when it rolls out for Pakistan. What matters is the region variant you see in extras+info, not the region you set your phone to


Might be a stupid question, but how does one identify the region variant from extras + info? Is it the last portion of the manufacturer name?

@NAMISH, yes, that's it. E.g. mine is RM-937_im_mea3_1019. The mea part means Middle East and Asia. I live in the Africa region, but I'll get it when it's available for United Arab Emirates where the phone was imported from

Thanks for the clarification! Mine's MAE3 too... Hopefully we'll get it sooner than later! :)


Can anyone confirm if it fixes the touchscreen issue? Thats my only hope on this otherwise awesome phone.

Edit: only GRIPE

Can confirm the opposite - mine was fine until i installed the update, now it's super sensitive and goes grey and pixelated in direct sunlight/bright office light (fixed the last one by turning off auto brightness).

It is all seems like that.. I'm not ready to reset and restore rather i'll stay in dev preview till they fix the issue.


You need to install Nokia Recovery Tool on your computer. When you plug in your phone and launch the app, it'll detect there's an update. Just install that update. Voila

I live in India. A lumia 1520 owner and also running a dev preview 8.1 . However I,still haven't received the Cyan update. Do u think its coz,of the dev preview ? Should I downgrade it to wp8 ?

Why can't MSFT just fix the issue with the DP, so people don't need to revert back to 8.0?! This is LAME and STUPID!