Windows Phone Metro UI re-naming contest winner!

Metro Design

With all the rumblings about Microsoft moving away from the name Metro to describe their Windows/Windows Phone user interface, we opened the floor up for suggestions on what the new name should be. After narrowing it down to six entries, put it to a vote of the masses and 1,840 votes later we have a winner.

Metro UI renaming poll results

Walking away with 31.09% of the vote, Pure edged out Motion as the winning suggestion. Windows Phone Central reader J4rrod offered up the Pure moniker and as a result takes home a $50 gift certificate to the Windows Phone Accessory Store. We'll be dispatching an email to J4rrod shortly with details on his prize.

We had some great suggestions and it will be interesting to see what direction Microsoft chooses. Who knows, "Pure" might win out over "Windows 8".

Thanks everyone for participating not only in the hundreds of suggestions but also in selecting the winner.


Reader comments

Windows Phone Metro UI re-naming contest winner!


The Verge and WPC both reported on it simply being 'windows 8' style and nothing else... unless I missed something somewhere...

The problem is, almost any word could be contested as copyright infringement. There is a Pur water out there... They should have stuck to their guns with Metro...

Um...no. I don't find any of those names appealing in the least. Microsoft needs to man up and stick with Metro. Period.

I completely dislike everything that's on that list. I hope they call it Modern UI and they just shorten it. MD UI.

I agree, didn't like any of those names either. I like the sound of Modern, though I'd probably shorten it to Mod.

That list was ridiculous and the gift card would've been a better prize had it been a general gift card that way people would be able to buy more than 2 things.

All terrible choices. The actual rename to "Modern UI" is much better. "Modern" is simple and straight to the point and it works to describe the UI on Xbox, phone, tablet, and PC. It also gets the point across about moving software development forward on Windows. Microsoft made a good choice on this one by going with "Modern."

Modern is way too general. The Modern User Interface; that could be used to describe almost anything.

I chose Pure because it's a synonym of quite and clear. It's very obvious that Metro is quiet and clear; a play on words, you could say that Metro is quite (and) clear.

I don't think Metro is quite, actually a feel the opposite as it is bright, colorful and has a lot of motion to it. But I do relate Pure to the chromeless experience.

If the suddenness of the memo is to be taken into account, I'd say the decision to go ixnay on the etromay was likely very recent. They probably haven't settled on what to call it, and thusly have settled on "Windows 8 style" as an interim step in deciding on a new moniker. Who knows? Maybe this poll could even have an influence.

I would have loved to see my idea of the "MiTi UI" (Microsoft Tiles) IDEA. I  think that would have been a wonderful name and sounds a ot better than these names on here. No Offense.. 

Ugh, I realy hope it's not pure, that sounds like it's about a brand of wooden furniture, it makes me think about Scandinavian forests. It's a great name in itself but I think it doesn't fit the 'purely digital' philosophy.

No offense meant to the winner, but did everyone forget about the Pure View Camera Nokia is developing??? Doesn't make sense to have a Pure....UI when there is a Pure View camera. Everyone is making this out to be more than it is. Metro is simply an adjective, like red, awesome, fast, slow, pure, fluid, shiny. Is it too much to just leave the UI as Windows 8??