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Samsung calls Microsoft a direct hardware competitor, refuses to pay royalties

Microsoft filed legal action against Samsung earlier this year for failure to pay royalty on intellectual property licensed from Microsoft for its Android devices, and now Samsung is claiming that the deal between both companies, which was originally agreed upon in 2011, is void following...
Microsoft teases #MoreLumia event on its new YouTube channel

Microsoft teases #MoreLumia event on its new YouTube channel

Microsoft is going to launch the first Windows Phone devices to feature the manufacturer's branding at an event tomorrow. The software maker's even made a video about it, although it doesn't give us nearly as much information as some of the leaks we've been seeing over the weekend. The video...
tetra lockscreen windows phone

Microsoft Garage launches new Tetra Lockscreen for Windows Phone

Microsoft Garage, a division of the company that allows their employees to work on any project they desire, has released a number of new Windows Phone apps and games to the Windows Phone Store, including Tetra Lockscreen, which shows a number of different notifications. Here's a quick look at...

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Microsoft to file lawsuit against tech support scammers to protect consumers

Microsoft to file lawsuit against tech support scammers to protect consumers

Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit has announced that it will be filing a lawsuit in federal court in California against tech support scammers, a practice that the company says has cost consumers money for unnecessary repairs and security services. In its suit against Omnitech Support, Microsoft...

Microsoft allegedly taking over development of HERE Maps on Windows Phone from Nokia [Updated]

Update: The HERE team has posted an official update on this stating: "we have noticed some discussions in the blogosphere about HERE on Windows Phone. We want to clarify that we are committed to providing great products and consumer experiences for Windows based phones. We will continue to...

Apple, Amazon and more tech companies support Microsoft's email privacy stance in court

Microsoft is getting a ton of support for its stance on not disclosing emails stored on one of its servers in Ireland to the US government. A number of major tech companies, including some of Microsoft's direct rivals such as Apple and Amazon, have submitted "friend of the court" briefs today, in...
Lumia 830

Microsoft makes it easier for you to upgrade your Lumia, if you're in India

Microsoft has launched a lucrative buyback scheme in India that makes it easier for you to upgrade to a higher-end Lumia. Aimed at increasing sales of Lumia handsets in the country, the move enables customers to receive as much as 65 percent of their current device value. Here are the details...

Microsoft adds Bitcoin as a payment option for buying digital content

Microsoft has announced that it is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment option for buying digital content. The integration allows you to add funds to your Microsoft account with Bitcoin, which can then be used for purchasing digital content on Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox. You cannot directly...
Microsoft declares quarterly dividend of $0.31 per share

Microsoft declares $0.31 per share quarterly dividend

Microsoft announced that its board of directors has declared a quarterly dividend of $0.31 per share, payable on March 12, 2015 to shraeholders of record on February 19, 2015. The company also amended its guidelines to highlight its commitment to diversity. Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday...
Track Santa Website

Track Santa's whereabouts this holiday season with Microsoft and NORAD

Microsoft has once again partnered up with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) to launch the annual Santa Tracker website. The website enables those eagerly awaiting Santa's arrival to track the bringer of joy and presents as he travels across the world. This year the web team...
China levies $140 million fine on Microsoft for tax evasion

China levies $140 million fine against Microsoft for tax evasion

China has levied a fine of $140 million, or 840 million yuan, against Microsoft for tax evasion. The fee would cover back taxes and interest owed. Additionally, the agreement reportedly stipulates that Microsoft would pay more than 100 million yuan in additional taxes a year in the future....
See how Microsoft and cyclist Danny MacAskill recreated Cortana on the River Thames

See how Microsoft and cyclist Danny MacAskill recreated Cortana on the River Thames

Yesterday we shared some photos from the Microsoft Cortana event in London, showing off the skill of legendary cyclist Danny MacAskill. Microsoft has since shared footage of the event, which we've compiled into the above video. Microsoft's Adam Johnson was interviewed post-event to talk about...
Microsoft Cortana Event

Microsoft and cyclist Danny MacAskill recreate Cortana on the River Thames in London

Microsoft invited the media to the River Thames in London this evening to see something special, the #MakeItHappen stunt. The company put on quite the show for Cortana, partnering up with "legendary trials cyclist" Danny MacAskill who attempted to recreate the famous Cortana icon in a loop on his...