Microsoft hires comedian David Mitchell for latest Lumia UK ads

Microsoft has hired the help of David Mitchell for the company's latest Windows Phone adverts to be aired in the UK. You may be familiar with the name and/or voice as Mitchell is better known for the Peep Show (on Channel 4) and has event been part of the Mac vs PC adverts from Apple.

Now, Mitchell is selling Lumia Windows Phones with wireless charging as the first topic, promoted in the above cartoon.

It's a catchy, yet humorous advertisement from Microsoft and one we're sure will get the message across. It's also fairly subtle, focusing on wireless charging. Microsoft will also be rolling out more adverts covering other features that set Lumia Windows Phones apart from the competition. Be on the lookout for more videos.

Via: UK Mobile Review; thanks, James, for the heads up!


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Microsoft hires comedian David Mitchell for latest Lumia UK ads


"Elbow...ElbowElbowElbow! Should I buy an Elbow CD? Probably! And Mad Men and The Killing and an iPad- oh why won't everyone just leave me alone?!"
- Mark's (David Mtichell) thought whilst playing 'The Hat Game'

My 8tracks username is Super Hans. Lol

Haha! Glad to see some more appealing ads from MS. We really need a good advertising makeover to get the word out about WP.

this ad only add one feature of lumia where is others? I think next ad come with all features of Nokia lumia.

Yes it'll be David Mitchell naming every single feature of a lumia phone really fast while a list of those features scrolls down the screen. It'll be a winner.

Its what they need. Rather than list features, focus on one (that the competition may not have) and demonstrate exactly how it really is useful. I hear many iPhone users talk about how wireless charging is pointless, but after one week with mine and I saw the value of such a small thing. I hope I never have to go back. (ATT has already screwed it up for the 1520 though)

Exactly, if iphone had wireless charging it would be Retina Charging and the best thing ever.....this ad is just right.

The whole point of the ad is that the little things matter, so they can't showcase all the features and then say that the little things matter.

They should air the ads in the US. When us Americans hear Brits selling something, we think it is legitimate.

No, you will sell tons, even products like phonebloks (voiceover w/ British accent) get talked about. In America, if you have a British or Australian accent, people will listen to you talk about anything. Take advantage of us :)

That's exactly what I thought too. It would be great if they found a way for him to directly reprise the role and be the full winner

Why does WPC continue to promote features and content that's not available to us Americans!!!!  This is rediculous...  I can't even change my region settings to get these adverts.  No love for the good 'ole USA.  /s

Are you serious?? Have you missed the heaps of stuff (contests, phones, etc) that are US only? And WPC isn't a US only website. They probably have a far bigger audience in India and perhaps a few other countries than they do here based on the healthy Windows Phone market share in those regions. Quit being so narrow minded, not everything has to be about us.

How about microsoft hiring some competent people to fix Skype. It is a very important app for me and because of that (and some other) I switched to android.I don't like it at all but it works.I don't expect form others like waze, watsapp, etc to invest to much in wp but ms should be ashamed of skype for wp.When they fix their own stuff I'll be back

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Totally thought this was the voice of the guy from "The IT Crowd!" Then looked up David Mitchell.. WHAT?! He's not even the same guy!

Aaagh, I had to shut it off after the first 5 seconds because of his annoying whiny voice. Come on Microsoft you can do better.