Microsoft pulls illegal NES ROMs from Marketplace

A while back, we covered some illegal ROMs being approved (and updated) on the Marketplace. They included Zelda, Metroid, GOLF to name but a few. Brandon Watson explained that it Microsoft couldn't remove the apps due to legal issues, and required Nintendo to approach the team with a request for the removal of said apps.

We got in touch with Nintendo to bring the illegal ROMs being sold on the Windows Phone Marketplace to their attention. It appears that the two companies got in touch as Microsoft has since pulled the apps from the Marketplace. All we can hope now is that measures are put in place to prevent illegal ROMs being sold in future and that the author of these apps, Jesse Dudley, receives no revenue from downloads.

Via: Within Windows; Thanks, Nudua Nei, for the heads up


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Microsoft pulls illegal NES ROMs from Marketplace


Finally! it took long. the first time I thought this is not fair for the rest that is working hard in making their own games and this guy is stealing the rights of other company.

wow you actually snitched on him! harsh! what about the people that paid already do they still get to play them? lol

Wow! I am surprised at everyone's response. It is not right at all but I am sure plenty of people enjoyed playing these on their phone and as someone mentioned they would like it legal and with Xbox achievements... you do know Nintendo is a rival with Microsoft in those terms. I could care less if they were removed or not, but let the guy keep his money! He at least had the balls to place them on the marketplace!

Indeed, finally. For u idiots supporting this guy, the guy stole someone else's open source emulator, pirated the ROMs and started selling the games. I do hope people get a refund, MS should have never allowed them in the first place.

Wow I dont even know where to start. I was waiting for a map change in BF3 and opened up my WPCentral app and I see this.1st of all I bought them all and I have no regrets. Its **** like this that made me love to JB my iPhone and get paid apps and games for free. Some old school games that we will never see in the Marketplace and no acheivments so stop that right now. Stealing open source, do you know how dumb that sounds. It was a couple of bucks that Im sure not too many ppl downloaded or even knew was in the marketplace. Big F'N deal.I understand WPCentral is trying to cozy up to MS and Devs for excusive's and whatever. But this was a **** move. I've been resisting unlocking phone because I enjoy rewarding devs for the fine apps they release. But running around trying to get a couple of games removed that no one cared that they were on the Marketplace INCLUDING Microsoft was just sort of pathetic.FYI,Every app I have, if it has a paid version, I got it. Including this one.

Open source doesn't automaticly allow u to start selling other people's free code.If the guy had written the emulator himself and not included pirated ROMs, I would have no problems what so ever. But that wasn't the case, he stole someone else's hard work, gave no credits, violated GPL/Marketplace agreements and on top of that included pirated ROMs.I guess it's okey since it's not your work he's ripping off, I would report this scumbag a thousand times more if necessary.

about time. stealing nintendo's hard work and selling it. if you want to play these games buy a nintendo console.

Can't believe they allowed these in the first place. If they allowed these, they should of allowed Nudua's awsome vNESlight to show up in there and let him make a little $$ before they pulled it.

can i give windows phone unsigned apps free to users through my website.do microsoft will have any objection or can charge me any fine for that.i m using free tools for developing apps,provided by microsoft.