Microsoft takes a peek at the future...

Microsoft has produced a rather interesting video showing how future technologies may progress to help people make better use of their time.  The video shows Windows Phones scaled down to the bare minimum (the flip screen device is neat) and tablets being paper thin.

It's nice to see the phone continuing to play a central role in office and personal productivity.  Windows Phone's capabilities continue to grow and we are seeing thinner and thinner phones.  We've even seen devices with a little flexibility (courtesy of Nokia World).  But how scaled down is too much? Would a screen only device be appealing or not enough?

Besides devices the conceptual video also highlights software visions that will help everything from office productivity to helping your kids bake a pie.

So is this Science Fiction or near future? What would you like to see go from concept to reality?

Source: Microsoft Office Videos Thanks goes out to Shipwreck for the tip!


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Microsoft takes a peek at the future...


In the future we will say: "Remember the very first generation of Windows Phone, man, they were brick-like!" LOL

Man, did you read that comment wrong. astroXP is clearly referring to how MS believes mobile devices will be small and lighter than what we have today. Not that WP is garbage.

The cleanliness kinda creeps me out, feels like they're the 1% of the world population living in a bubble while the rest of the world suffers in a dying earth.

HAHA i thought the same thing as well lol thats hilarious that someone posted this but all the conceptual ideas are awesome id like to it all incorporated at some point

Yeah. They don't show my daughter screaming and yelling and breaking all this stuff. They also don't show these people calling the helpdesk because they forgot their own name. Pure fantasy.

Funny, I was thinking exactly the same thing. To me it felt like a cross between the Matrix and Soylent Green (It's people!).... Wait a minute, what's the new WP tagline?....

This blows away Apple Vision of technology. Microsoft Rules! Apple can go back to Farmers Market LOL

This looks amazing! I think I want all of it, however I can't help but wonder if having credit card-like thin phones won't make typing nearly impossible. I think there is such a thing as too thin, although I guess it might just be a matter of taste.

Well this isn't necessarily Gates vision of the future, but Gates definitely did have imagination and I'm glad he pushed Tablet PC forward. Also you can show this video to those saying the same thing about Microsoft as a whole (that they don't have designers or taste).

Why can't MS makes WP commercial this quality? Most WP commercials I seen kinda mediocre...just a dancing phone.

I think some of this is near future, with Microsoft edging us closer and closer to the three-screens way of interacting with our devices.

please tell me why the glasses say translating. She cant see that so who is it for? Obviously us but a caption would do that rather than trying to make it look like feedback for, well, er,, nobody?

Completely uninteresting until I get Mango on my Samsung Focus 1.4. Absolutely lame update by MSFT. **** I have the new iOS5 on my iPad already. They cannot deliver on the now, how can they deliver on the future. Lame.

I can't believe the maker of this video actually went all the way to find (the name of) a subway station in Hong Kong that is currently under construction to depict this whole thing happening.

This reminds me of courier for some reason sigh. I hope they do make this or use the ideas and make something out of it unlike the poor courier which was merely an idea that never happened.

I made it halfway through. I was just seeing more and more ways technology can be used to make people slaves to their jobs every waking minute of the day - in an imaginary, cleaned-up world where all the real problems have disappeared.