Microsoft UK highlights the affordable Nokia Lumia 630 in new ad

Microsoft has published a UK advertisement for the Lumia 630, a newly released Windows Phone in the more affordable club. The advert focuses on the cheap price point, colourful looks and fairly advanced components, including a quad-core processor ("which means it's really fast"), as well as a solid collection of apps on the Windows Phone Store.

It's a simple, yet neat ad and gets the message across that you don't have to suffer from terrible design and awkward experiences to get a good deal on a smartphone in 2014.

Thanks, Colin, for the tip!


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Microsoft UK highlights the affordable Nokia Lumia 630 in new ad


I noticed that too. Something is fishy for such an important app not appearing in the latest advert....

I do. My whole family does. It's not for people whose friends live in one town/country. It's the best thing ever for people with families and friends around the world.

Yeah, me too. WhatsApp is somewhat important as some of my friends are using it. Well, for a while, I can use BlueStacks or somekind like that to use WhatsApp until it comes back to Store.

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I DO CARE. Eventhough I not even shout a single one about WhatsApp from the beginning now I want to shout one especially to you that I DO CARE. A lot of my university friends use WhatsApp. I have a lot of groups that has a lot of discussion there in WhatsApp. I use it for my study. Discussing about lecturer, about the coming exam, the coming class etc etc. That's a lot of use WhatsApp for me. And yes I DO CARE about WhatsApp for Windows Phone.

I think as of writing this, since WhatsApp is MIA in the store, if someone were to see this advert showing WhatsApp and then buy the 630 expecting to use WhatsApp, they would be deeply disappointed and the advert would be flagged as misleading.

In fact I was at my local technology store the other day and VERY ALMOST impulse bought the 630 (because I'm quite disenchanted with my 520 now) but I realised I won't be able to use WhatsApp, which right now is a vital application for me.

Considering the price of this, in the UK, for a little more you can get the better all round 625 - though more choice is always good!

The 625 has the worst screen in the Lumia line, the colours are washed out and the display temperature is warm. You change to cool but it won't change anything

The 625 is very, very not the better choice.

As the lady said, the 630 has a quad core processor (Snapdragon 400) while the 625 has an S4 (dual core), and the screen is ClearBlack whereas the 625 has the same quality display as the 520, meaning it's washed-out and dim. On top of that, since it's 4.7" the pixels are widely blown-up so it generally looks awful.

And not to mention, the 630 has the MotionCore chip inside which is a first for Windows Phone.

The only way the 625 could be considered better in any capacity is that it has an LED flash, has a low-res FFC and the shell is more ergonomic.

Cry some more about WhatsApp will ya! Indeed man the F up already. Now back to the subject. I like to see that green cover in glow in the dark.

My sister is already pissed at me for recommending a windows phone that does not have whatsapp. anyone purchasing a win phone right now especially outside the USA isn't going to be happy.


I agree; I communicate with most of my friends via FB chat and some other Skype. Also, yesterday I installed Telegram and found that several contacts were there, the more time passes more I realize that What's App is not really a must for me.

So What'sApp was native to windows phone when it came out? No, cry to the Zuckerberg as what'sApp was working fine until FB bought them....This is fact

Guys the question is: What will happen if everyone change to telegram and then telegram remove the app from wp store??!! The point I am making here that WP users have no leverage over software developers if you compare the smae to other users of OS and Android. It is so sad that after someone invested some money in his phone and apps for his operating system and suddenly be surprised with remove of some important apps that without them the phone has no meaning...!!! No one pleas says we are crying for whatsapp, however, we are concerned on other softwares and the trend of other developers. Still I am of the opinion that whatsapp was removed at the time of the release of ground breaking Lumia 630 dual sim which will definitely make a deference in WP maker share in the east should whatsapp remains in the store.

So when I use IE to see the video.. Why does it say search the store for an app to view this? Or is this just me?!

Actually I have MetroTube and it doesn't give me that option. This is the first time it happened to me. I have been using IE in WP8.1 to watch YouTube videos ever since it got out.

Hey guys, me again :-D. I have a little issue with WP 8.1, everytime when I skip part of video in youtube, or somewhere else it makes such a bad noise in the speaker. Does anyone have the same problem? Thank you.

I have the same problem. I hear a loud "Tok" when I skip videos. This isn't limited to only YouTube videos but almost all of the videos that are played through IE. I don't hear this noise if I play YouTube videos through the metro tube app though.

Let me spell it out for those of us who chose to load the develper preview on our devices......IT'S NOT THE FINAL VERSION OF 8.1......WE ARE BETA TESTERS!!!!

And as a Beta Tester our mission is to report bugs to Microsoft. Don't forget that sir. Thank you and have a nice day.

the L930 is available right now for preorder in many countries . As for the "cheap phone"  i don't think that's a bad thing

I have - the new android os is optimised for low memory and is very good. I prefer wp, but can see why they're popular!

That said, I agree the pricing is odd. Real odd.

I have tried an Android cheapie...but they ARE cheaply made. One tiny question. Compare the highest end Samsung galaxy to the Lumia 520 in build quality. See what I mean?

Martinnov92, I'm no tech guru so just going by experience but the search for app message usualy happens when you try to view a vid that IE can't play, usually Flash type vids. I figure if it won't play on my phone, it must not be important. I still get it, tho IE is much better at playing vids in 8.1. As for the noise, I get that too since upgrading to 8.1... a static click after the video skips to the point I chose and before it starts to play. I'm assuming a firmware update will correct this once 8.1 goes public. Hope this helps.

Thank you, I just wasnt sure if I am the only one with this problem :-D. It doesnt make that sound when I use headphones so thats ok :)

Me too, even I get that click sound after pressing forward button. Is it a bug or something, I need a fix for that in final windows phone 8.1, its really annoying.

I guess we gotta ask the people with Lumia 630 if they have the bug. ( 8.1 is out from their perspective)

Honestly, I wish they'd drop that song. It is truly cringe-inducing, like nails on a chalkboard. And show people doing things with the phones, don't have someone tell us about it. The Surface dance team didn't make sales boom and they're gone, so get rid of this type of ad too.

£129 sim free or £99 payg those are the prices they're going with ?

What the Charlie Sheen is going on?

A moto e is £80 payg a moto g is £99 payg.

Why would you buy a crippled lack of apps / no whats app windows for for this price rather than something that has all the apps you need and better specs.

I'm really disappointed, I wanted one of these and eveything I read said it would be £90 or less.WTF?

How are you going to see any growth unless your hansets are competative with the selection of Android cheapies.

Well done Microsoft, well done indeed!






I tried one of these out yesterday. It's clearly a repurposed Nokia X and it drives me crazy that instead of using that bottom bezel which contains the "back" button on the Nokia X to have the Windows buttons, they've just turned off whatever lights were there and used on-screen buttons instead!

That's exactly what I thought - that these are repurposed Nokia x devices... Glad I'm not the only one! And aye I'm disappointed too.

Lumia 625, that's the one to look at, imho it's the better low end phone, and not too much more than the 630, at least in the UK anyway.

Something is wrong with the WP central app. It's showing the same article over and over again. And that win surface pro 3 article is irritating me.

I like the ad. Simple and to the point. Gets the message across.

What I don't like:

1) White background. Damn it. Why do they insist on the white background ? It looks so ugly.

2) The green colour. Yeah there are other colours, I know. But the ad does not get that across and just shows green and black. People would think you can only get green and black, and let's admit it... that green colour is not for everyone.

I'm stil suprised they skipped the front facing camera,  considering Skype and the target audience who want to take a #Selfie.

Boring, someone monologuing about a phone is a stupid way to advertise, why not just show the phone actually in use? Typically inept Microsoft marketing.

Front facing camera would have helped boost sales of this phone. Even a 1mp would have done it for starters. Hopefully going forward MS makes this standard feature in all phones. Dual core processor would be just fine while adding a flash , front facing camera,1g ram. Low end is where wp have to be strong so the more the features the better.

There are better phones for a cheaper price, Microsoft screwed it this time with the 630, it just lacks too many things

I know it's too soon to say anything, but there are options, and lets be honest WP hasn't sold a lot during the last few years

Agreed. Need to offers more for less because we WP is playing catch up. Consumers will pay extra $10/$20 for front facing camera and flash

I see they use that same obnoxious song in the UK.

Surefire way to have a pop song featured in commercials: make it about mindless platitudes and superficial empowerment.

Gawd, as a woman I hate the vacuous type women they use on these ads. "Er...duh...I've no idea what a quad core processor is... I'll just shrug and look pretty and buy some more shoes". Christ on a bike, it makes me embarrassed to have a windows phone.

A la meir.. Whatsapp esta obsoleta. Por favor dejen d llorar. Usen Line o Wechat. Para la queja d q sus amigos lo q tienen es Whatsapp cuando bajen Line o Wechat envía una invitación a los q no la tengan y listo. Ademas estas App son mucho mejores y mas a la par con la época. Llorones.

Surface Pro 2 convinced me to abandon iPad, Windows Phone Central has convinced me to sell my iPhone for a Nokia! :-)

I don't get people who don't get the Surface Pro 3 ... My art studio is now completely cloud-based and I can draw, paint and produce finished art (then email it to clients) from anywhere, any time. Free at last, free at last, hallelujah free at last! :-)

So ... it's almost time for midwinter Christmas here in New Zealand. How about an early present, say, a Surface Pro 3? :-) Good luck everyone, whoever gets it will have a blast! And thanks WPC for your great articles and reviews, along with the opportunity to win this dream machine.