Microsoft's Joe Belfiore investigating Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 update errors

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore investigating Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 update errors

If you're getting an error trying to update to Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, fret not as Microsoft is looking into the matter, which could be an issue of low memory. Windows Phone head honcho Joe Belfiore stated in a series of tweets that the company is investigating the matter and is hoping to resolve any issues shortly.

Belfiore turned to Twitter to assure Windows Phone devotees trying to download the developer preview that retrying the update will not result in success as Microsoft believes that low storage memory may be the culprit of any errors. The company says that only a very small percentage of users are experiencing errors right now and Belfiore is encouraging users to pursue the update.

"Folks seeing error 8018830f on update- we're looking into it, thx for letting us know," Belfiore said in a tweet. "Its a very small %, so the rest of you keep going!"

"PS - if you hit the update error, it's unlikely that retrying will work. We think it's related to low system storage. Give us some time.."

Additionally, developer preview build will also get a new firmware once the firmware becomes available for the device:

DP build (including 8.1 update) will ALSO get new device firmware when it becomes available for your device.

Moreover, at this time, some devices may not be eligible for the latest developer preview update as they are missing OEM drivers before that can happen.

Are these remarks encouraging for you to update to the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 developer preview? Let us know your success with the update.

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Microsoft's Joe Belfiore investigating Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 update errors



While trying to update my 521 today, the update downloaded fully, but as it tried to install an error came up saying the it failed to open something like that. But shortly I tried again and it went well. Idk if thats the same error everyone else is having.

Attempted updating my Lumia 920 with over 10GB of free space and I ran into the error. Backed up all my stuff onto my PC, ran Nokia Recovery Software, updated from 8.0-8.1 with developer preview and snagged the update no problem afterwards!

I have so far updated a 520, 920 and 1020. All three were on Dev Preview. Everything went smoothly on all three. Lumia 1020 had 5 GB free space and the 512MB Ram 520 had about 3.2 GB.

I updated my 620 with no problems, had 1.8 GB free. It did get really warm during the process, so I put it on top of my PC case to cool it :D

OK after a dozen tries with error 0.801etc on my old 920 I found the fix. Must hard reset and not restore your settings and apps, go to store download preview...again then tick box and phone will now update no prob then restore all your stuff. Hope this helps someone as nobody helped me after numerous requests. Onya wp users

well, that did not help with my lumia 925. I must say that Joe does not know all! -must try nokia recovery toll now.....

I did the same : Nokia Recovery Software

All updates installed now.

BUT : I don't get Cyan anymore while I had it before,

I am stuck with Black.

Using a 520 to update and hit an error twice. Plenty of storage internally, so guessing it's not necessarily the amount of storage that is the issue? Anyrate, will be cool when it works.

Hi everyone, any help here. I have an International Version of the 1520 with the Developers Preview but it is showing up to date and I'm not getting the update. Sm any ideas???

Thanks for the response. Yes, I have been using DP on my 1520 and 1020 from the beginning. So I have the DP Windows Phone 8.1, Lumia Black on an international version of the 1520 on ATT in the US. Whenever I seat h for the update, I get the response that my phone is up yo date.

Mine went on for 6 hours. I slept off and the battery drained completely at night. After I woke up, I charged it again and it resumed from migrating data. All fine now.

Oh! please tell me it was stuck in the moving gears screen without loading anything, because I have been seeing this screen for 5 hours now and I think I'm going crazy! should I turn it off and on again?

920 here and it failed. Deleted a load of videos and apps. Have 11gb free.. Failed again. I'm going to wait for fix. I'm fed up of trashing my phone everytime there is an update just to install it!!!

Yup, I agree.  I shouldn't have to wipe my phone every time there's an update.  It shouldn't be a battle everytime, I never had to do this with my android or iphone in the past.

I am using 520 in India.... While checking for update msg pops as"We are currently unable to check for update(801881e1)... I am on preview for developers 8.1.... Plz help

I had this issue too. Well actually, now that I think about it, I still have it. Just haven't tried again after I did four times... C'mon Joe, lets get that fix! But thanks for acknowledging the issue so quickly!

I am using 520 in India.... While checking for update msg pops as"We are currently unable to check for update(801881e1)... I am on preview for developers 8.1.... Plz help...

There wasn't an official statement of course, but some users reported that the support told them that MS is supposed to fix it.

Some in the first line of support more than often don't know the difference between their left elbow from the right knee cap :P Also some just spew out pre-written lines from an instruction manual >.> (especially true for email / text based support)

I guess HTC has abandoned WP long ago, no matter what ever they say. It's just marketing bla bla. They never even bothered to port their nice WP7 apps to WP8. So I already changed to a Lumia 925. Bye bye HTC.

Have you got the cyan on your Lumia 625. I'm running Lumia 625 with 8.1 & cyan but this GDR1 downloads but wont open strange.

I too first ran into a problem while installing the cyan update . When I retried, It installed and is showing cyan . Now I can't download the next update although it is showing me an option to download . HELP !!

What about HTC users (htc 8s and 8x). Htc tech support says not updating to gdr 1 is microsoft's fault... While microsoft days htc drivers need update. Are they gonna leave us in the dark of no-gdr1:? :(

The gears are rolling since 3pm this afternoon and it's 1am now... i don't know what to do. restarting doesn't work. Hard reset with lock+low volume button either. I REALLY regret trrying to install this update. Lumia 620 on 8.1 DP.

Had the same problem on my 820. Tried soft reset and hard reset. The only thing that worked was to take out the sd card then reinsert once update finished. Hope it helps

Just leaving a comment here and waiting for my phone to complete the download. I hope this really helps. If yes, then thank you very much good sir! For I have a Lumia 820 too and I think this solution may help other users.

Sorry, phone is bricked. Not sure why but you can download the Nokia recovery software to go back to 8.0 then update again to 8.1 update 1

Same here with a Lumia 920 (SIM-free running o2 UK) with 8.1 Black on DP and update bombs with this same message.  I have 14GB space storage, a few apps running in background and still no success.  What irks is the complete confusion on what the process is and how it works - no wonder when there is an issue it's like headless chickens running around. MS needs to jump on this with a definitive statement of the entire process, the problem and imminent solution to avoid widepsread apathy towards what should be a great update.

I guess he means storage allocation for the o/s being reached / surpassed?. Not the free space available as I have 10gb free and still get the error.

Edit: My 920 is running of build 12400.899 (which was halted after I updated).

What about HTC users (htc 8s and 8x). Htc tech support says not updating to gdr 1 is microsoft's fault... While microsoft says htc drivers need update. Are they gonna leave us in the dark of no-gdr1:? :(

i really don't know what to make of it, i have friend that have htc 8x, her's worked but she doesn't load up loads of stuff just basic stuff whilst another friend own failed but he loads lots on his phone, mine worked ,i have lumia 1020

Clearly not storage related. I have more than 5gb free on my nokia Lumia 925. I think 925 has been the most common victim of this issue

Yes idd a lot of 925 users are reporting this issue.. And it's very unlikely that this is tied to memory! Some users have 13gb plus free, but still having issues... In any case Joe is looking into it so we have that :)

Would it help if 8.1 got released to all devices RIGHT NOW? Might help to get to it out of the way and focus on the update problems! +920

I'm getting error 0x80188308. On my Lumia 920 country variant in Australia. Have over 1GB free and moved language back to Australia from USA from using Cortana to no use. Any help surely don't need more size than that?

I got the same error on my 920 (Rogers Canada, WP8.1 PFD, no Cyan) many times today. Finally I did a hard reset -- not a revert back to stock WP8 -- and tried again. I was successful. No guarantees of course. YMMV.

Yep... Same as i... No way... Lotsbof apps need to be reinstall & all my whatsapp data will be lost... Hope MS will fix this tmoro...

I have the 920 CV Australia, I had little space on my phone and the update surprisingly went on no problem! I even have Cortana now, although my WPC and Bing Health & Fitness apps won't update!

Same error, 6GB free, Telstra variant on Lumia Black. Not comforting that Joe isn't talking about this error either, only the other error.

Tried deleting the live lock screen beta as well, but that didn't help. Two devices with the same problem.

Same error on 920 Uk. Now 10GB free memory and reverted to keyboard, region and language for UK. Also updated all apps and cleared IE and temp files memory. Tried soft reset and same error.

Will give it a couple of days and if not fixed maybe try the hard reset.

Many on the forums trying different options and sometimes working. Sometimes not, sure MS will correct.

Thanks for your comment.

Error with 520 - loads of storage free, altho SD card apps don't seem to be fixable when it asks me to fix them after a reboot...odd

Just a stupid ideat, but if it's doable (if wifi and data connection can work at the same time), try creating a wifi hotspot on the phone, connect you laptop to the created wifi network, enable wifi sharing in laptop and connect the phone to laptop's wifi :D If such workaround works/is doable, then the phone think's it's has the wifi connection, which is acutally it's own 3g/4g. 

Might be able to connect the laptop to your phones hotspot then share through bluetooth though - if the laptop allows it. I highly doubt that the phone would allow you to share via wifi and piggyback via bluetooth at the same time though.

That's exactly what my cousing and I did since the update to her 1320 kept getting interrupted by a spotty internet conncection. After several failed attempts, I decided to share my LTE data connection with her 1320 and the download went forward without a hitch.

There have been a couple of problems with the developer preview lately. Lets hope that Microsoft sort that out and maybe things can go smoothly the first time next time.

Too bad for you because Cyan is already available for the 1520 in Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and China.

Holding off on this update for a while, at least until they do something about IE 11 acting like an android browser. I don't need to see their stupid ads, popups, and malware in my WP browser!

Oh for the love of God, nothing like that will happen if IE spoofs Chrome or Safari's user-agent string. How anyone could take something as awesome mobile IE finally working good, and spin it into a negative, I'll never understand. You're not the first forum member here to make me face palm though, so no worries.

I managed to get the update when I had that error I had to wipe the phone (did a backup first) put dev preview on it and ran update it just hit 100% gonna wipe it again but this time restore data from backup

As soon as I uninstalled Spotify I had about 8GB of space and that was enough to get it going. The reinstalled the app and downloaded my music again.

Strange. I'm not even getting the error. My 1020 running 8.1 Dev Preview (Rogers) indicates the phone is up to date. My recently unlocked AT&T Lumia 520 also running 8.1 Dev Preview (Rogers) however updated without issue.

I didn't have issues downloading or installing it. Everything seems fine, though the marketplace tile isn't live as they described it to be. But that doesn't really bother me.
I hope you all will be able to update soon. Good luck everyone.

Unpin the store tile from start and open the store from the app list, close it, and repin it. Worked for me.

And this is what pisses me off! Wtf would you release a gdr for an update that hasn't been fully released yet! Well I guess Microsoft is taking lessons from E.A.!

Does this mean we no longer have to downgrade when Cyan comes out?


DP build (including 8.1 update) will ALSO get new device firmware when it becomes available for your device.

My 925 updated fine, but says resuming for roughly 5 seconds before the lock screen comes up when "waking up" the phone now

Hmm no mention of other error code?
It's probably a temporary problem. To try again vo to Settings > Phone update. (0x80188308)
Canada Lumia 920/Black Developers Preview 8.1

Yeah its frustrating, this error seems to be being ignored.

Bloody annoying when you have two different issues, but only one gets mentioned

After updating, my camera no longer works on my AT&T Lumia 1020.

I went back to the retail version from the Nokia Recovery Tool and it worked but after updating back to 8.1 (prior to today's update) the camera failed again. I've tried the "Reset Camera" button, removing and reinstalling the Nokia Camera app, changing the default app, and rebuilding the phone without doing a restore from backup. Nothing has worked so far.

This afternoon, I updated my 925 and then my 810 with no problems. Played around with a couple of games that I pinned to my 925's start screen to test out the folder creation, but I think I prefer the regular tiles.

This sucks. I've had WP's for years. I had the HTC HD7 and never got the update to 7.8. I have a feeling this will b the same thing. I hate that there always seem to annoyances. My wife always tells me to switch to Android, but I don't want to but it does get frustrating.

There will be, keep in mind that actually almost no one here have 8.1 update that Is not DP. Which is only a DP. The firmware is still needed. And it's been only for 2 months from the relase of DP. How that works on Android? 2,4,6 months, almost a year to get the firmware? Unless you own a Nexus like me or a brand new High End phone. However HTC says that they will officially support 8.1

In addition to that it's all up to your carrier