Microsoft's new logo has ties to the past

Earlier today we shared that Microsoft was changing its logo and based on our poll, most seem to like it. The logo is simple, effective and more closely matches the Modern UI. But is has strong ties to Microsoft's past.

New Microsoft Logo

The above commercial is from 1995 for Windows 95. While most will remember the 1995 era logo being more of a wavy flag, Microsoft did use the more simplistic tile box.

Sure, the colors of each tile has changed slightly, the design similar to what was revealed today. Microsoft may be moving to a Modern UI styled interface but the logo seems to have a retro feel.  The new logo may be a signal to the future but it's also a blast from the past.

Source: WindowsXPFan Via: Neowin


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Microsoft's new logo has ties to the past


So what happened to the logo that was on the Surface? Not that it was perfect either...the panes should have been more square. I preferred ones that others came up with.

The logo is fine.  It's just a shame these same people couldn't come up with a better replacement for "Metro" than the galactically-stupid-on-multiple-levels "Modern UI".

Ever heard of snapping apps? Besides I'm sure you realize how ridiculously fast switching apps is in Windows 8. Multitasking is definitely there, my friend.

I was thinking the same thing as soon as the ad said that. While I understand from a technical perspective that multitasking is still there and that Metro apps can run side-by-side in the 1/3 and 2/3 split, in all reality multitasking is severely limited.

In Outlook 2010, this logo scheme appears as an icon over the "categorize" option under the home tab... Except they changes the colors around for the new logo.

Discreet, simple, cool font, basic logo - Looks great, just like Apple. Christ, no one sees this similarity? Yeah, totally ground breaking. Make a bigger deal out of it.

I see your point in regard to logo placement and font type. To say "No similarity" though? To the majority, you have a basic logo and a single word in a hip font. I guess with the hype surrounding it I expected something less muted. IMO, just sayin'

Personally, I like the Flag/Windows logo the best...  If you check in the Fourms in the "Off Topic" area, I posted a thread on running Windows 95, FROM Windows 95. It runs great on Modern hardware and in VM ? It's like running it on a full machine, quick, smooth but, major bug, no modern web browser (or drivers for newer hardware)
Microsoft has always used the Flag/Window logo. The Point of the 4 blocks were part of a Window pane. Windows has always had some effects that made Windows Diferent and the logo changed a little here and there, for example.
Vista.. Glass and Dreakscape (videos for wall paper, something I really miss on Win7) and Glas was moved over to Windows 7 giving it a clean, modern look, if you had the correct hardware.
The new logo goes with the new look of Windows 8, flat. Why are we going backwards here ?
I feel the new look of the Windows in Win 8 goes back to the start again, it might look new but, take the old sytle, dump in ribbons and BANG ! IT's new again.
Now for the logo experts, I am sure that some Microsoft Junkie knows. The logo for years have always had 4 colors, the new one changes it but, seems by shades of colors only to keep the orginal look with attemping to moderize it.
Is there a reason for the 4 colors and what does each color stand for ???

I like the logo. It still Windows and at the same time is Metro. The new font is also metro but at the same time is clear, open and somewhat modest, as opposed to the bolder, aggressive look of the previous one. As Microsoft faces the challenge of changing their bad monopolistic dinosaur reputation, this new logo brings a fresh face that is more friendly and approachable.