Microsoft changes their company logo after 25 years, intended to ‘signal the future’

The new official logo of Microsoft, revealed this morning

Microsoft this morning has unveiled their new company logo featuring the Segoe font and new multi-colored Windows symbol. It’s the first change to the logo in over 25 years and is intended to "signal the heritage but also signal the future — a newness and freshness" according to Jeff Hansen, Microsoft's general manager of brand strategy.

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Previous Microsoft Logos

The design makes sense as the new Windows logo is flattened to match the more Metro/Modern UI design language that Microsoft has been using in Windows Phone, Windows 8 and their Xbox 360 devices. The new logo is expected to be officially unveiled this Thursday when Microsoft opens its Store in Boston—something that we revealed a few weeks ago. Presumably other Stores will follow suit with the news design being updated on storefronts and interior.

According to the Seattle Times, who broke the story, Microsoft will also be using the new logo is a wave of new TV commercials meant to announce and highlight their new products that are coming this fall, presumably including Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Internet Explorer 10 and more.

Source: Official Microsoft Blog (opens in new tab),  Seattle Times

Daniel Rubino

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  • What about Windows Phone, that would have been a nice addition.
  • It's in there read the article.
  • I think he's referring to the video.  No Win Phone.  :(
  • yes I was
  • Especially since they need to get the word out on their mobile OS.
  • Windows phone is under the windows family and also uses the same logo.
  • Its there as windows as they share the same logo now
  • I suspect that will be the Yellow window pane.
  • great logo. Now all the services are from the design part of view perfect! Only the calendar on outlook/windows live is not metro.
  • Crikey... 'perfect' is a bit of a strong description.
    Firstly, looking at the logo with my graphic designer's head on, the weighting of the font used for the 'Microsoft' is unbalanced slightly: the 'M' appears lighter than the lowercase 'o' for a start, which makes one's eyes hunt a bit.
    Secondly, forget being flat, it's basically too simplistic. I have had designs rejected for being like this because it looks like nobody has put any effort into it.
    Thirdly, taking the four squares logo, the colour choices cause the gap between the red and green squares to appear narrower than all the other gaps on screen. That throws the whole graphical device out of balance. Obviously this is partly down to the way in which VDUs generate their pixels, but also the way in which the human eye distinguishes between red and green. If you zoom the image and get up close you can see that the gap is the same as the others, but at any normal reading distance, and certainly at store front viewing distance, by having hard flat edges between opposing colours like this, it becomes a distraction and slightly uncomfortable.
    As a product, no doubt, of a lot of investment of time and money, this logo is a disappointment, and to this graphic designer's eyes, it fails in a number of critical regards. 
    On a personal level, it looks amateurish. It's certainly something I could have come up with in less than half an hour. I dread to think how much Microsoft have actually spent on this.
    Not so long ago I saw a post on here from a graphic design student taking the 'Surface' concept and applying, with a stunningly simple logo, to create a bulletproof proposed branding across the Microsoft range. Now THAT was a well considered, technically flawless approach to corporate branding. This just already looks tired and dated.
    'Perfection', like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, but I think some things are more perfect than others, and this certainly isn't perfect.
  • Definitely agree that the font is lacking...but no going back now.
  • I cannot unsee that narrow gap between the red and green.  Damn you!
    You are pretty spot on in your evaluation.  I think MS could have done much better.
  • Re the gap... Sorry about that!  :p
  • You credibility went out the windows(s) when you said you could come up with this in less than half an hour. I'm not doubting that you could, or that any of us could. But you are very very nieve if you think that a logo is just how long it takes to draw it, or to think of a single idea.
  • I like it. Maybe it might help give a better image to the company brands.
  • Reflects the company design philosophy running through all the products.
  • I don't think the stores will have to do much. They already closely follow the new logo, except for perhaps making each box in the "window" a single color.
  • Now they need a product line for yellow.
  • Didn't see a Phone in the commercial...
  • It looks wimpy. I don't like the wimpy trend. Cisco went wimpy, Wal-Mart went wimpy, and now Microsoft. I guess masculine and strong are no longer in fashion. It's a woman's world! F-ck it all.
  • Someone's projecting a bit..
  • In fact it's bold,trendy,modern,fresh.
  • ...and feminine.
  • It's contemporary.
  • Hurrah!
  • I think companies are becoming a little too homogenized... too many over-whitespaced, bland sans-serif fonts.
    Where is the boldness, the passion? This feels contemporary, but not passionate. Their previous logo was better executed, IMO - it had PRESENCE.
  • Wow, someone has mommy issues. I saw an episode last night of SVU similar to you, didn't end well for the dude...
  • Wrong. Try again.
  • Can't be anymore sexist than that, what a moron.
  • Call me whatever you want, wimp. As a man I couldn't care less about your unisex vision of the world.
  • Money where your mouth is. What would YOU change?
  • Fuckín douchebag.
  • This is genius. I've always felt that MS needs an image logo that can become iconic, similar to apple or Nike or Adidas
  • They had one. Look at the center button on the bottom of your phone.
  • Or look at your start bar on any Win PC from the past 2 decades or do an Image search on Bing for Windows Logo and see the flag flying.
  • I really love this new logo. Very clean and simple. Plus, doesn't look like a flag anymore!
  • Given it's a flat 2D icon style now, does that mean Microsoft has lost its perspective? ;)
  • Metro, metro, metro!
  • They should have slanted the Window like the WP8 window.
  • I totally agree!!!
  • Yes! Would have actually given it character that way! This logo is way too bland the way it is.
  • Nice... It's more playful, less serious but still respectful. In other words, they are now serious about the consumer market but they are not forgetting about their partners. Really nice.
  • What happened to the all blue logo? Or the cmyk colors?
  • A new logo shows how committed they are to windows 8, I like that. I wonder if there goal after windows 8 is to completely remove the feeling & access to the old windows style. Once ppl get used to metro no more old windows.
  • Blue = Windows (3 Screens guys, Windows includes the Phone, Tablet, PC)
    Red = Office
    Green = Xbox
    Yellow = ?????
  • The Microsoft store logo has yellow in it, *shrug*
  • Yellow = Bing
    There we go, that is a good guess.  The dot of the "i" is yellow....don't know if you wanted that correlation but it's there!
  • or phone...
  • I'm at the opening of the new store in Boston .. Got some t-shirts, a nice case with a 4 port USB charger, wrist band to see Lenny Kravitz on Saturday and got to walk around the new store.. Very existing stuff.. I been here all morning.. Got to play with a Samsung tablet with Windows 8. I took tons of pictures and video of the "smoked by windows phone challenge".. That I posted up on my Facebook from my HTC HD7.. Time for an upgrade.. It's a beautiful store.. Its really a treat to see the cutting of the ribbon and finally see the new logo and the beautiful design of the store.. We were handed a bag of goodies.. Lots of excitement.. Live DJ.. Microsoft gave some money out to different organizations. Very charitable. Good times, fun stuff, very happy to finally get a Microsoft Store in the east coast..
  • Envy creeping in... :P
  • Went to the Microsoft Store here in Austin. It was a nice place and the people were friendly and accessible (the Apple Store 8 doors down was packed, but the service was terrible (went there too...just for a comparison, you understand :-) ). There was no ambush at the door like I was there to steal something and the staff seemed to actually like their jobs and be excited about what was coming (now mind you, I was there when it opened and you EXPECT everyone to be excited and everything when a store opens. The visit I am talking about is 6 MONTHS LATER). Of course, the guy I was talking to didn't know as much as I did (after all I read WPCental), but what impressed me is that he was actually listening to what I was telling him (and not giving me the "I work here and you are a customer so you don't know what you are talking about" face) and had a conversation with opinions about it. Willing to listen to the customer. Always a win there. And if that wasn't enough, another salesgirl came up and introduced my friend to the Windows Phone (she already has one, but it is a Surround that isn't working well (*GASP!*). She was able to bum a free iPhone 3GS from her sister so she could wait for Windows Phone 8. For the record, she HATES that phone and if she didn't NEED a phone, she would have thrown it against the wall a couple of months ago :-) ) and although we didn't buy anything, the salesgirl even HELPED HER FIX HER IPHONE PROBLEM she was having instead of waiting the the glacially paced line at the Apple Store. Talk about Customer Service! That tore it. As SOON as WP8 comes out, it's iBaseball with extra innings!
  • Is it just me, or does it seem more friendly? It could be part of the reinventing thing that's always happening.
  • I know I so love the music in this video, it makes my head go side to side.
  • I like it a lot! Very simple and clean.
  • Hopefully local media shares this historic event!
  • Just saw it in the news and the news anchors called it "hilarious".
  • Lol!
  • It's great and Modern (Metro). I like it. Even though I thought they were going to give it their windows 8 logo. I like that more.