Report claims Microsoft's desktop Start menu won't appear until Windows 9 in 2015

A new report from ZDNet, citing unnamed sources, claims that Microsoft won't release its previously revealed new desktop Start menu for Windows 8 until sometime in 2015. The report claims that the the desktop Start menu was supposed to be released as part of Windows 8.1 Update 2, which is still due to be made available sometime in August.

However, it now appears Microsoft has decided to hold off on that much requested feature and will add it as part of Windows 9, code name Threshold, which is currently rumored for launch in April 2015. The article did not give a specific reason for Microsoft's change in plans.

Microsoft showed off a mock up of the Start menu as part of their BUILD 2014 keynote in April, which combined the familiar menu UI with Modern app icons. The news was greeted with mostly positive comments from Windows 8 users, who have cited the lack of a desktop Start menu as the single biggest issue with the OS since it first launched in October 2012. There are a number of popular third party programs that have been released that add a version of the Start menu to the Windows 8 desktop.

If this report is in fact true, what do you think of Microsoft deciding to wait until Windows 9 to finally add the Start menu back to the desktop?

Source: ZDNet


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Report claims Microsoft's desktop Start menu won't appear until Windows 9 in 2015



Why can't they add it in second big update of 8.1? Mix between desktop start and metro elements just look beatiful and I want it in 8.1 :(

This mentality confuses me.  You can run Win8+ exactly the same as 7 with the new boot options ect, but it comes with some pretty big desktop benefits like the new task manager, faster boot times, quicker loading times and better memory management just for starters.




I honestly don't see the point of the Start menu at all.

What a lot of people don't get, is that Metro (homescreen, whatever you want to call it), is an expanded / upgraded / more functional Start menu. It's a Start page. People just want to learn how to use it.

I don't think MS should bring back the old style Start menu. It's a step backwards.


I also agree. The Metro start menu has a lot more functionality and is a lot more easier to use. I also don't understand why people hold on to something which is outdated and worse and are closed minded to something new even if that new thing is a lot better.

I also agree, but also don't. It's good to give people options, even if what you are giving them is better some people find it hard to learn new ways of doing things. Most people recognise that Windows 7 is better than XP, yet many cling to XP because they are used to it. So same for Metro in Windows 8, for some it's confusing and they just won't give it the time required to learn how to use it.

I kind of agree that we should have the choice. I really hope they don't use the old Start Menu to replace the Start Page, though. I know a lot of people want that, but personally, I'd pick the Page over the Menu any day!

Thankyou! So glad to see someone else sees this!

Since I first used Win8, it's annoyed me that people can't tell the difference between a change in design, and a change in functionality.

It's so refreshing to know I'm not alone in loving the Start Page! ^.^

The metro screen is a great big galumphing mess more suited to a playskool toy than an operating system. Leave it on my cell phone and tablet where it belongs, thanks :P

And if you absolutely must have a start menu there are plent of good (or even better) third party alternatives.

Waiting for Windows 9 means that when websites report on Windows 9 it gets hailed as 'The Return Of The Start Menu', which is the kind of publicity they need to remove the stigma caused from Windows 8. Smart move.

Or they realized they could hold it off and instead of giving it for free in the .2 update they put it in windows 9 and charge another 100 dollars, since so many people want this they will update and pay, obviously.

There are many substitute for the Start Menu right now. I'm pretty sure they wont shed out another 100 dollars just for the StartMenu.

With that, I'll definitely get Windows 9 because my laptop is dying. I hope it still holds me for another year though!

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They wont shed 100 dollars for the start menu, they will coff up those 100 dollars (probably even more) for W9 with this "new" amazing start menu. Otherwise, it would be kinda hard to sell W9 to someone who just bought 8.1 in 2014.


The .1 updates are free. I don't think they ever said the major updates will be free. Historically, they charged when they released a major update.

Windows Updates are only free to the version of Windows that you already own. If you own Windows 7, you get all of the updates to version 7 but you have to buy 8. If you own 8, you get all of the updates to 8 but you have to buy 9.

The mobile OS update model is not the same as the desktop OS model. Windows has a licensing model and you buy the license to use whatever version of Windows/buy that version of Windows. Your license is what covers that version of Windows but you are not licensed to use a different version of Windows (7,8,9) until you buy a license/copy.

Historically it has been so, but there was an article about going the "Apple route" in terms of updates, right here, on WPCentral.

Great points Marco and Zeem, both the publicity it will give Windows 9 and the incentive to buy the OS, since new revenue channels will be essential since the OS is being given away on devices 9" and less, and less expensive versions are being sold, Windows with Bing. The down side is it gives the non enthusiast crowd who have been less receptive to Windows8/8.1 and the enterprise customers who have employees who are not warming up to Windows 8/8.1, with the missing Start Button being one of the BIGGEST complaints, more time to be go without this"fix". Additionally it adds fuel to the competitors who are courting these customers to play on this particular frustration. Since Windows 8/8.1 seems so alien to many people who have not given it a shot and don't understand that it is still the same OS we all know and love with some changes, switching to another platform if persuaded with a good pitch(playing on already poorly founded assumptions) may not be to difficult for some since they FEEL Windows is now just as unfamiliar as a new platform. I'd hate for the Microsoft camp to lose users because they waited too long to bring back a highly desired feature in the Start Menu.

I'm sure I'm dating myself pretty bad, but does anyone remember New Coke from 1980's? Windows classic? Pretty soon they will break out the old NT logo and everyone will celebrate

Exactly, same sort of principle. Overhauling changes are always a problem when introducing something new in marketing. So with Microsoft going back to something classic, this pushes people back to the software they need to keep running. Microsoft was smart on this one :)

Hopefully Microsoft brings back the Classic theme, or at least the Windows Basic theme, just in case some people don't like the Windows 8/8.1 interface, like me.

yes. the return of the startscreen won't cut it.

the return of the startscreen seems more fitting as an 8.2 update together with the windowed mode of modern apps.

windows 9 should be seen as a huge step forward.


graphics-wise i believe ms should hire a sophisticated-minded designer for win9 UI. as windows 8 develops into 8.1 and 8.1 update 1, i feel it's getting less sophisticated aesthetically. for example, the title bar that appears on the modern app when hovered, is black and covers the items/ buttons on that part of the screen, looks ugly and not-so-thought-of. and the same taskbar that appears at the bottom of the modern app doesnt look congruent with the modern app. now that we can pin modern apps to task bar, the icons pinned are classic and modern mixture and does not look good aesthetically. in the start screen, there are now two types of context menu that you will see. one modern that appears when you click on the power button for example, and one pseudo classic/modern when you right click on the tiles. they appear different and it looked ugly.

overall, while the updates greatly increases productivity esp to desktop users. the design feels like patches over another patch. the design mantra of modern view (not the desktop) of windows 8 was well-defined, strict and sophisticated. but as the updates come in, the productivity is rising and we're loving it. but i believe the sophisticated mantra is being defiled little by little.

Same here and we still don't know if this will be forced on those of us who don't want it either.

Agreed, every time I have to use my work computer (Win7) it feels like I took 3 steps backwards. Nothing is easy about Win7. Got so use to typing to find stuff/apps/ web searches that it has taken me longer to find stuff.

Preferably interactive live tiles like the ones demoed earlier in the year! Also bring wp8.1 style customisation to the start screen. On a completely different note Microsoft should give us a set amount of free skype mins per month and make xbox music / give us free xbox enabled games a la games with gold if we have xbox live subscription. That would shift a lot of windows devices

This was the solution. How stupid is it that if you show store apps in taskbar, you will be forced into the desktop even if you specifically opt out of that in the navigation tab and never had the desktop open... Annoying...

Yes right click on the task bar and go in properties. Go to the navigation tab and uncheck the first box under "start screen"

Yes, me too. Now I just feel like I'm wanting this Update 2. And I hope, deep in my heart, that this menu is optional for non-touch and mouse and keyboard devices because I'm looking to buy Windows 9 when it's out, buy I'm not really into this shhht old menu on my table pc, I WANT MY START SCREEN TO REMAIN THE WAY IT WAS ON 8.1 (without context menus either).

Agreed, if it isn't optional, I'm still sticking with Win8. Love my start screen, never even used my start menu in Win7. Always kept my favorites in the taskbar, and everything else on the desktop.

Probably just a "mockup" in the sense of "we are working on something that mix the two things and this is a bad Photoshop"

Actually it's real, they showed a demo at BUILD/ and its real cool, dynamic and customizable.

The actual design is kinda uninspiring. I Know they showed off at BUILD but it really looks like shit in a pure aesthetical way

Makes sense that they would want to make this a key feature of Windows 9 as opposed to Windows 8 so they can get the good press of the "good" OS release with a much "wanted" feature.

Care to share what you're doing with modding the desktop? Much prefer the metro look but haven't found any good ways to apply it to the desktop.

Using iconpackager mostly, over at deviantART there are quite some icon packs and visual styles that really fits Windows 8 metro

The enterprise users generally upgrade very late and usually consist of an older demographic who are too set in their ways to change or adapt to a new way / method of working / being productive.

Im the tech guy for my organisation and windows 8 has been adopted really well and have found even the older generation are finding it easier.....

So you can easily start programs. As it is now it is a pain in the ass and virtually undiscoverable.

Without focusing on you personally, but it's funny to see how more and more people got used to the new start screen, while Microsoft isn't noticing that... I agree on your comment though.

I doubt the veracity of "unnamed sources".
It would be a massive error for Microsoft to keep delaying the reinstatement of the Start Button menus. Windows 8 already has a hard time convincing people to pick it over Windows 7, to wait until Windows 9 means Windows 8 is done for and Microsoft is giving up on trying to fix it.

Probably they have nothing to show on Win 9, so just using "the new start menu" as the "boom" for release, you know "the big" change.

I hope not as Windows 9 is supposed to bring RT and WP closer to Windows...but I wouldn't be surprised it, in the end, the only difference between Windows 8 and 9 was the start menu. And honestly...that would be enough for me to upgrade from 8 to 9.

Metro overall is a better start menu. Stop catering to the decaf coffee drinkers. Change is inevitable and for the better.

I would've hoped that these updates would come earlier, but I'll wait patiently to see this. I just really want to see some huge updates next spring. What I'd like to see:

1. Start menu promised

2. Windowed Metro apps promised

3. Further refinement of Metro for tablets and phones

4. Remove all vestiges of Windows 7 and Vista from Windows 8 desktop. Icons, program styles, etc.

5. Optomize underlying Windows platform to compete better against OS X when it comes to battery life.

couldn't agree more. However instead of 5 (OSX isn't really a threat), I'd much rather see them focus on the universal app concept. Often there are WP apps which aren't on the win store and I'd like to run those. Imagine how sweet it would be to have floating WP apps on the desktop for things for which there is no desktop app. It would be like the old widgets only way more versatile and way more.

It may not be a threat in the desktop space, but there's no doubt that it does much much better with regard to battery life than Windows does. That's why I want them to do what it takes to take Windows to the next level in terms of efficiency.

well actually, try and run only metro apps, surf on ie, stuff like that, and you ll notice your laptop wont get that hot and lasts way longer than using desktop programms! so they've done quite impressive work on efficiency! :D
at least o my machine i notice this :D

That's because they are dealing with one set of hardware. Microsoft is dealing with thousands of different hardware configurations. They would need work with hardware OEM's t create a standard that will allow hardware components to power down when not in use. Thet are also dealing with legacy apps that weren't designed to be efficient. Apple can stop supporting apps that aren't updated to support a new standard. Microsoft can't do that without evryone complaining. 

you nailed it. I'm sure MSFT can match apple but I'm sure dell, HP and Acer with their crapware, and tons of legacy win32 apps designed for a nuclear power plant powered outlet just don't help the story. Seeing 9-10 hour ultrabooks makes me think the debate is over. Sure apple can get a bit more but ultimately once you're talking 9+ hours basically an extra hour stopps making much of a difference.

No problem here, corporate customers won't even consider Windows 8 or 9 until 2015/2016. Most are on 7 or upgrading to 7 as part of their normal refresh cycle.

It's probably to drive sales/upgrades after losing customer trust with its disappearance in W8. Unfortunately it's really just eroding trust more by leaving it out when they could put it in an update this year.

Most corporate customers and healthcare sites are barely deploying Windows 7 now, and acting like Microsoft just "sprung" it on them that XP was ending. I've been dealing with that wonderful fall out for 4 months now.

Well hey, if they offer it as a $40 upgrade like they did with 8, I'm all for it. Otherwise, I agree that it doesn't help with the trust.


Of course, that's assuming Windows 9 actually has more than just a new start menu...

Nope we are onto windows 8 and have been for  over a year now. We are IT service provider and are in the process of rolling out W8 across our clients including schools, buisnesses and government.

I think it's stupid to shove things into little boxes... Maybe if they made it look like a Tardis it would be clever =/

I think they could focus their attention on making the desktop and for system more modern, pretty and functional, as opposed to rushing to go to ideas that they have already advanced beyond. There needs to be a unification between metro asked desktop, it still feels like two OS's in one.

I like how people here don't want a start menu forced upon them but they act like everybody who doesn't want the start screen alternative needs to deal with it.

@Tense - I totally agree! We've had the start screen forced on us, and all we're asking for is a choice. On a desktop I just don't see any benefit at all over a start menu.

I hope you can choose between start screens. I want this on my laptop but not my surface. Oh and people who prefer windows 7 are stupid

It's like saying i like my old Ford truck because I don't need the better suspension systems, more powerful engine, better fuel efficiency, better stereo, more leg and head room and better box system because its new.

It's not. Very simply, many many people don't like the Metro UI. I hate it and I'm on W8.1. The only reason I moved from 7 to 8.1 (I skipped 8) was because of the deep SkyDrive integration (yes, it was still called SkyDrive then) and since I was already switching Office 2003 with 2013, I might as well take advantage of the integration.

But I've done everything possible to completely erase the Metro UI from my PC. And the sooner I can get the Start Menus button back on Windows instead of having to rely on not-that-good 3rd party options, the better. Windows 7 was amazing and if it weren't for the deep cloud integration I would have never moved to 8.1 ;)

+1. I always jump to the Desktop and never go to the Start Screen now. To me the Start Screen is like a throwback to 10+ years ago when everyone had shortcuts to everything on their desktop. A giant mess of icons all fighting for attention. Sure we could organise the mess, but it was still difficult to find things effectively. When you have hundreds of apps & games it's much more efficient to store them in folders in an organised tree structure - exactly like the Start Menu. The Start Screen is great on mobiles and tablets, but offers me nothing on a desktop.

That's a bad analogy. People generally like everything about W8 (performance etc) except for the Start Screen. A better car analogy is W7 has all the controls (wipers, indicators, steering wheel, pedals) exactly where they've been for the last 100 years, but W8 has now hidden a lot of the controls underneath the dash or under the car seats so you quite often don't even know they're there and don't know how to access them while hurtling along at 100 km/h. They've also replaced the dash with 100 blinking lights that you need to be able to individually recognise in order to display the right information - sure you can search for the required light, but you need to remember what the light was called to begin with :P :P

They did say at build this feature would be available to all windows 8 users as an upgrade. They never said free upgrade and do they consider Windows 9 an upgrade? They obviously picked their words carefully to be as vague as possible.

I know it does, but this time it's the truth!  Lol!  :)

I don't know why Microsoft would want to go backwards.  I don't even use the start menu on my Windows 7 computer.  I never have!  I just pin my favorites to the task bar.  At work and home.

hopefully win9 RT will not be a thing. There is no OEM support, and even MSFT didn't bother with surface 3. I'd be fine if it goes away now that intel chips are just as good on tablets.

I still want 9RT. Because I see a strong double standard here. Apple and Google can have ARM tablets but when Microsoft does it they get universally panned. I want a dual digitizer RT tablet. I have zero interest in full Windows on my tablet. I don't want the option to run legacy apps. I'll only consider full Windows if it has an option similar to Android to only install apps from the Windows Store.

#4 Please. I do want Win 9 to be more like WP and bring all native apps like podcast, files to Win.

Keep the new....the old was great... But things have changed.... Adapt people! Microsoft is to supportive.... They should have cut XP off years and years ago and it's the same with this... Keep it gone... Force the change... People will adapt

the current start screen is mostly broken for desktop and laptop users. it is too jaring and low sales of windows 8 reveal that a compromise is in order if MSFT wishes to remain competitive. Tablets will off course be able to keep what they like. But this is about sales and the current "idea" isn't selling.

The current version isn't sell because no one is buying new machines. But IMO its selling fine most of the other windows versions never sold except on new machines, this one has sold as a OS to add to an existing machine.

Do you really believe all is well? really? Well MSFT doesn't, which is why they are fixing things. It's a shame they are not continuing with the progressive policy of not holding back for big releases because I think the warmer reception of win 8.1, which just overtook 8 in share is a direct result of them listening to customers.

So while some people seem to be in denial about windows 8 by trying to explain its failure as result of external forces, while ignoring the near univeral criticism it has, MSFT certainly didn't buy this answer. Thus they delivered 8.1 and then 8.1u1. We know the start menu is coming, we know windowed store apps are coming. The debate is over, the question is not: was win 8 such failure it needed fixing, but when is the fix going to ship.

There is one point however which I must acknowledge. Windows 8 itself, the name has as bad a reputation as vista. The  8.1u2 changes under the guise of win9 would do a big reset in the minds of consumers just as win7 did. And given windows 8 near universal status of "the new vista", maybe they are right to go for the nuclear option: erradicate windows 8 for good by shipping what everybody wants in 9. 

MS y'all funny, y'all pushing errthing Tu 2015, BC DirectX 12 ready Tu come ready come out..... So all tha gud GAMES, n WINDOWS 9

I just bought a new laptop with windows 8 after living with my old one for 5 years (dual core amd and vista...soo slow) anyway I have to say I dislike the tile interface because it feels like its the content consumption portion of all this and the desktop is where the work gets done. I downloaded a start menu app and hid the start button that takes you back to the tiles and turned on boot to desktop so I can live with it. I do however enjoy the full screen immersion of Netflix and Hulu and such the tiles provide. Anyway I look forward to the return of the start menu in 9.

Choice is the key thing here. That classic menu on a tablet would be awkward and the full Start Screen, whilst I'm used to it, can be a bit much on a large display. Windowed apps are definitely needed although I imagine that creates scaling issues for developers. Its a long road ahead, I'm just glad they have a better team in place now to get things back on track!

People keep whining about the lack of start menu but the start screen is so much better. I think most of the people complaining have prob not given it a proper chance. I don't use a touchscreen laptop and I don't find it a chaw to use at all. So much more information right there for you its great. I personally love win8.

I agree with you. I have a Surface Pro 2, so there's no way I can complain since I have touch screen, but I do into desktop mode for my work, y'know with separate screens and the docking station, and the keyboard and mouse isn't hard or bad to use at all. It works plenty fine, and it's no doubt gotten better since Update 1.

sadly if windows 8 sales had been better, you'd be right. And remember it isn't the old start menu. It is one that embraces the promise of a laptop/tablet replacement. And the current one does not replace what was left behind.

I would disagree with the statement it doesn't meet the promise. Its hang up our the end users who can't embrace the new start menu. I'm more productive than ever with Windows 8, 8.1. All thanks to the brilliant smart search the new start menu brings to the table.

while you may be more productive, windows 8 is considered a monumental failure for productivity users like businesses and professionals. There is an exception to every rule, you're just it ;)

Take note of how the more they change win 8 to be friendly towards hybrid users, the more they succeed:


at some point you have to embrace the fact that while it would be nice if everybody could start over, most people aren't.

Considering I work for medium to large Company's IT department and the entire department is on 8.1 and loving it. I think its hardly an exception.

You know how I know it is an exception? MSFT has many customers like you, and their rush to fix windows 8 tells me they are not hearing you as loud as they are hearing others saying the opposite :)

you don't fix that which isn't broken. MSFT hasn't said it but their actions speak to the reality: windows 8 is a problem, not a solution.

You misinterpret their dedication to make changes as an admission of failure. You should really read the Gizmodo article on all this. They hit it right on the head. Microsoft is attempting to navigate from a Software only company to a Devices and Services company. So what does that mean? As a software only company they could get away with only caring about the Enterprise, but with the shift in direction they have to be more cautious about what the consumer thinks. Unfortunately, the majority of consumers dont adapt well to change, which is why there is so much crying. The OS is forward thinking and achieves what MS had envisioned. Unfortunately, the majority of consumer are resistant to anything they dont understand is causing MS to make steps backward away for their ultimate vision. Its sad to see

Personally, I'm fine with both the traditional start menu and the start screen (my laptop is on 8 and desktop is on 7). I can easily transition between both, heck, sometimes I wish I had 8 on my desktop, because it seems more fluid and smooth. However, what I don't like about 8 is that there is the 'divide' between Metro and the Legacy desktop. For example, why is there 2 settings scree (one PC settings and the other is Control panel). This makes it especially frustrating at time (AT CERTAIN TIMES ONLY). Theres also the feeling that metro apps doesn't fits in with the legacy desktops at time, even with 8.1 it did solve some of that issue, but it is still there. I hope that whatever updates that they bring in future can unify both metro and legacy desktop, and bring more of their metro design language to play, instead of some features that you feel is just carried over from 7 and they didn't bother changing. 

I hate to say this, but START MENU is no more a headache to me AT ALL. I have thought to give the 8.1 hot corner a chance, and now I find the Start MENU Useless. Actually, I have found that the most common things I need to click is already under the HOT CORNER. I right click it and can directly go there. 

Get out of the START MENU hunger, give the 8.1 a soft look, and see for yourself. Most often used things are there already. Starting a Programme is faster than ever. Earlier I had to click, click, selectand click; now I press the windows key, stary typing and ENTER. 


I still haven't figured out the problem.  The whole Metro screen IS the Start Menu.  How tough is that to figure out and use?  This "issue" is just weird.

This is just getting ridiculous; just split up the OS among device types; Windows 9 Pro for PC desktops and Windows 9 Mobile with hybrid WP/RT for tablets and phones; and Windows 9 Ultimate for those who want both; not sure this will help the PC market but it may end the complaining

They'll be releasing an update on sure for that as consumers complain about that. That's like a primary Windows desktop experience.

win 8.x finally seems to be taking off thanks to the tweaks that did not wait. To wait until 2015 is a mistake IMO given a new start menu would be received with the same positive reviews for the back to school season and it is even more important for the 2 in 1 device class that is about to take off. We already saw Asus fire the first shot an no doubt others will follow the 12+ inch laptop/tablet replacement rush.

Best of all, given we know MSFT doesn't get UX right the first time, and doesn't get it until users tell it all that is wrong, we actually want this thing in win 8.x so that when they ship it in win 9, it will have been polished by the reviewers and community feedback.


Good if it's true. Microsoft are making u-turns with the Xbox One and Kinect, they don't want to complicate things further or damage their reputation.

This would be a terrible move. I like how Windows 8.1 is right now but there are people who want a start menu. They need to add it this summer.

Selfishly, doesn't matter to me... It will still be a welcome addition and it will spur on sales of the platform but for me it no longer matters... I am proficient without it.

What would be cool is if you could pull them out of the tiny menu and have them on the desktop, much like the old widgets, but keep that user customizable and flexable.  I wouldn't want to see them just put the modern UI as the desktop.

I've yet to meet anyone who thinks MSFT got it right with windows 8 interface.. Except for the people on wpcentral. Seriously this move is coming way too late. There was no reason to ever take out the start menu. Of course anyone could eventually figure out how to work it, but it just confused the hell out of so many people. MSFT also forgot that most Asian retailers don't have the benefit of fantastic salesmen who can help customers acclimatize. This needs to happen yesterday.

Start menu to cater to its enterprise users who are set in ways while others who don't know how to use a computer/PC are supported. End-user support is the big one; how do you explain to a person who is accustomed to Windows 98SE how to use their mouse for charms, or worse, Metro? That would be an IT Helpdesk's nightmare. Tis a sad day because I LOVE Windows 8.1..
But then are those who hold back true innovation because of lack of support. I feel this is the main reason things don't change as quickly as you or I would like.

Vista was the test ground for Windows 7. So let Windows 8 take all the heat so Windows 9 launches to fanfare.

Fanfare? I don't think there has to me more focus on fanfare, the priority should be development. Coz people started loving start menu coz Microsoft made them know about it on the first place! If they hadn't introduced it, then people wouldn't have been obsessed.
So I think there is no need of start menu. If u really want, make it an option.

I also think it's a smart move, just like they saved their assess from Vista problems with Windows 7 which really isn't much different than patched up Vista.

I can't find a news source for this, so I am just going off memory, but I distinctly remember the tech press and consumers bashing the Start button when it was released, saying things like, "Only Microsoft would have a Start button to turn off a computer, der dee der...", and now those same folks cried bloody murder when Microsoft changed it from a menu to a screen. Not to be flip, but how does one get out of bed each morning when changing from a button to a more functional screen causes them to become completely unproductive as they seem to claim? Push on with the Screen Microsoft, I would rather computing move forward.

As much as I love Windows 8 on my surface, bad choice Microsoft. A whole year of selling less copies. Dumb choice. Dumb Microsoft.


I love the win8 tech: modern apps. Cloud sync. Low power and memory usage. Lower storage reqs. Maybe they know people will pay for this update and this is a way to milk the windows cow one last time before they have to give it away for free to keep android in check.

If W8 was bombing so badly they would release this change earlier.  The fact is, W8 is selling well and the general public are getting used to the changes.  MS can afford to hold off on the change.  Only the media and the squeaky wheels claim that W8 is the worst thing ever.

W8 remains a sales let down from every metric imaginable. This is a terminal patient. They just put a rag on the patient to stop the bleeding but I'm affraid amputation is required. So in fact the best way to ensure win9 is a hit is to make win8 suck a bit more by not putting this fix in place. In other words, you know it is a lost case when they give up, not because it suddenly fixed itself as you suggest. quite the opposite: I think we can start making room for win8 next to win vista as MSFT top disaster OS.

There are many users who need the old start screen; it's more for usability for previous Windows users. Sure if you're a WP user then the Windows metro variant is very intuitive. But as an OS, it can be cumbersome for people just needing to use internet, email, and basic functions. This would be smarter for them to do this sooner rather than later.

Marketing decision.  Windows 8 is already a lost cause, like Vista.  They need to show all the people who wrote Windows 8 off as crap that they learned from their mistakes and fixed things for Windows 9, just like Windows 7 after Vista.  It's a lot harder to tell people "well give Windows 8 another chance, we fixed all the problems in Windows 8.1 Update 2" than it is to say "forget Windows 8, Windows 9 is something new and you should give it a try".  By the way, "Windows 8.1 Update 2" is truly awful naming.  I know MS takes pride in their tradition of horrific product naming but they can't afford to screw around with this stuff anymore now that they're sliding more and more rapidly into irrelevance.

So you want the start button back......well go to the windows store and download one, there are a bunch of free ones and some you have to pay for. Pick one and stop crying. The metro page is the start button.