Nokia adding more features and functionality to City Lens for Windows Phone 8

Nokia City Lens

Nokia is working on a separate version of its City Lens app with plans to release it for new Windows Phone 8 devices – the Lumia 820 and 920. We previously touched on Nokia’s augmented reality (AR) app earlier this month when the company took it out of beta for current Lumia generation Windows Phones.

In an official blog post, we’re told Nokia is working hard at adding ‘more features in the Windows Phone 8 version.’ With the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile OS coupled with advances in Nokia’s in-house technologies, the company is able to continue to make the augmented reality experience on Lumia smartphones more realistic.

The first new feature to be introduced in the Windows Phone 8 version is a new 3D icons layout. The team is also tasked with solving a common problem of AR apps. Should you find yourself not being able to see points of interest due to obstruction by other buildings, etc. you might not wish to see them included in results. Nokia will make it so users will be able to filter search results to exclude those that aren’t in line of sight.

Nokia City Lens Apollo

As well as these improvements, Nokia City Lens for the next generation of Lumia smartphones will make full use of features, integration and functionality in Windows Phone 8. The ability to pin a category tile to the home screen will be present, as an example. Customisation through the use of favourite searches will be available to create a more personalised experience.

Lastly Nokia City Lens will be usable in both landscape and portrait mode, providing the user more choice in how to search, view and locate points of interest. We’re excited by what we’re reading on the developments of City Lens, especially with the closer integration between both the app and Nokia Maps, which is set to sport augmented reality functionality in the future.

For now you can enjoy the augmented reality experience by downloading Nokia City Lens from the Nokia Collection of OEM apps.

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Nokia adding more features and functionality to City Lens for Windows Phone 8


Well Well Well...I can only say that I'm looking forward to all these new features..especially when Im gonna get a Shiny Brand New Lumia 920! Yay

This would be great to just point it outside your hotel room window sown to the street and see what's around you. Especially in LA, SF, LV or NY.

Now I wonder if the lens will be empty here where I live in Sweden, so far the problem with these kind of apps is that there is no information or POI's gathered here, so there is not much to show.

Just check out Nokia maps om the web. That service use the same database. I think Sweden is quite well covered actually.

Even smaller and mid-sized towns in northern Sweden has very good coverage in both city lens as well as Nokia maps. Bing on the other hand...

Don't have to worry about Sweden. I'm in Angola and even here its pretty well covered so I doubt Sweden will be a problem

ms and apple has an agreement unless they come out with a yellow iphone thats square with a pureview camera and a hd+ screen with wireless charging