Some great deals are happening on Lumia devices in the Philippines

If you live in the Philippines and are looking to score yourself a new Windows Phone device, you're in luck! Right now, Abenson, Avant, and Electroworld are hosting a pretty big sale on Nokia Lumia devices such as the Lumia 1020, Lumia 1320 and the Lumia 1520. The pricing is the same across the board, so it doesn't exactly matter where you order from as long as you order before July 18th, as that's when the deals will end.

So what exactly classifies as a big sale? Well, the Lumia 1020 is available for only PHP11,000 ($252), while the Lumia 1320 is priced at PHP9,000 ($206) and finally, the Lumia 1520 is the biggest deal with a 70% discount, which brings pricing to only PHP12,000 ($275). It is only while supplies last and online so you might have to act fast. Anyone going to be taking advantage of the offers?

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Some great deals are happening on Lumia devices in the Philippines



They need to bring these deals to India.

Nokia Lumia is losing badly this year because abusrd pricing and competition from the likes of Moto E/G and soon to be released Xiaomi.

If they do this in India it will be a huge success and they will be out of stock in the first day itself.

I think its part of MS plan.  Its okay for Nokia to  'lose" because it needs other OEM to triumph.  Because if Nokia always win in WP then other OEMs will not bother.

There is no way other OEMs are going to put up any efforts. None of the major OEMs announced any WP devices even after MS made the OS free. If they release 1 or 2 in future it will be same pathetic effort from them like earlier.

Local OEMs released 1 or 2 devices but in the same duration they released 10+ android devices (Ex: Micromax, Xolo etc...)

If MS thinks about OEMs then they can ignore WP getting sales. The situation was much better last year with L520 even with less apps because there is no good android phones in that price range. But now there are many good options like Moto E/G, ASUS Zenfone series and the soon to be released Mi3, redmi phones. 

In fact the android OEMs like Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC are struggling because of Moto E/G here.

Only way to save Lumia and WP is to make these discounts permanant and in all markets. APP situtaion improved a lot but the devices sales dwindling because of absurd pricing.

MS owns Nokia now. More profits for Nokia means more profits for MS. Besides, MS is giving its OS at a subsidised rate, so I believe profits from OS is meagre.

I was at Avant and Electroworld in Trinoma about an hour ago. No more 1020's and 1520's, only 1320's. Also went to Electroworld and Abenson at SM North Edsa, no luck there either. I called Abensons Greenbelt 4, still no stock. But they told me there might be in Walter Mart Sucat. I called Walter Mart Sucat and a guy named Jun told me that THEY STILL HAVE 1520 YELLOW. But Sucat is too far away from me. I'm in UP Diliman. Oh well, I guess I'll try my luck tomorrow at Avant at Trinoma since they told that there might be stocks coming tomorrow.

bro, give the shops in sta lucia grand mall a try.  I called them around 11am and the rep said there were no more units left.  I went to the store and they did have quite a bit of stock left.   Don't know why they'd lie about it but there it is.  Got myself a new lemon yellow 1520.  My dad will finally have a smartphone when I give him my 925.  He can ditch his android phone that he's having so much trouble with.

Yan ba yung sa Marikina na Sta Lucia Grand Mall? Maybe i'll try there tomorrow. Thanks for the tip. Sana meron pa sila.

They must be keeping it from you. Read carefully. It says exclusive only at Abensons, Electroworld and Avant website. The writer even specified "It is only while supplies last and online". Online man, online.

Its not online exclusive actually. Avant and Electroworld in Trinoma really sells it on a discount in their shops. In Avant, one the sales lady there told me that they have actually sold a few 1520's this morning at the discounted price.

Oh sorry. Though I'm afraid they can easily say that. Anyway, I just tried buying online and I'm waiting for their reply tomorrow if they have stock. Hopefully, I don't have to go to the stores just to find out there's none. I'm done with it when I bought my 720 the time it was phased out.

Can i buy from India? Wont it cost more to ship the device from Philippines to India??? How the process will work please tell me

I juggle two 1520's. I use one like an iPod and the other as a regular device. Both have different cases depending on what I am doing. Nice to know I have another if I break one.

OMG! I'm from the Philippines. If this really true, I have to tell my friends about this, especially living in Manila. I want that 1020. :o

It's true. Got me a 1020 to complement my 1520. Stocks are hard now though as a lot bought during the first day

I have a 925 but this sale is just irresistible.  So I didn't resist!  There are still some units in Abensons Sta Lucia Grand Mall.  Got me a 1520.  I was so happy to get a 1520 for a steal but also very sad because the salespeople/manager didn't even know how to display the unit's specs.  *sigh*

I guess that's why they couldn't sell nokia units.  Their jaws dropped when I showed them the wp8.1 dev preview on my 925.

I was checking Windows phones before I bought my 1520 and the sales lady knew next to nothing about the phones. Nakakainis and was so very sad indeed! We need to buy another 1020 for my father, we were waiting to get him one around August when he retires but I guess we better get one now before maubusan.

You would think they would do tho in the US and I'm so sure that it would've helped their market share big time here.

It seems to good to be true but its really true. I got my new shiny black 1020 for only ($252 equivalent to PHP is ₱11000) and the big steal is that it has a camera grip. Yes a camera grip. This devices usually priced $350-500 here in the official Nokia store.

WUT?!?  If I knew that 11k would include the camera grip I might have gone for the 1020 instead of the 1520.  Still, I'm quite pleased with the 1520.  Couldn't fully restore my settings  using my backups from my 925 since Globe Telecom has this silly fair use policy.  Why call your data plan unlimited when it's actually limited to 1.5 GB? 

If Microsoft is able to sell these phone at that price, I will be buying them in the blink of an eye. I really wish these were available in the U.S. now.

I'm wishing that Microsoft do this limited time drastic price drop to promote WP and gain more market share they need.

I'll probably see more Lumia phones in the wild soon. I've been a WP user for 2 years and I've only encountered 1 person using WP. It's not that popular here in the Philippines. This will surely increase its popularity now.

As much as I want WP to grow here in the Philippines but don't you think having a phone that not everybody has feels so damn good? (I know it's a bit selfish) Hahahaha *Evil Laugh*

I know how you feel, haha. But this is good for WP, we should support it regardless. Besides, more users, more apps in the store! They should do the same thing for surface pros in the Philippines as well. Currently I have a 256gb sp1, would love an upgrade to 512gb sp 3 though.

In my case I've seen people having Lumia phones, mostly 520 and 610. Only two Lumia 800 users spotted last year. My friend just got Lumia 925 last year and my co-worker got Lumia 920.

"actually" many "wants" it BUT they always complaint for the Price.... many of my friends prefer it over a "generic" and "laggy" Crapdroid.. ehm.. Android rather... AOSP for specific...
but this promotion will boost it :)

I wish I had funds in my bank today I will surely buy it but......... OMG.. wrong timing.... I have no cash at the moment.. :(

I'll grab that 1020 and 1520 instantly...

I placed my order online yesterday for a 1520!!! Can't wait for it.

Too bad there are plenty of resellers buying now and going to sell it when the promo ends.

I know so many people here with 2/3 of the same phone, you know those guys will only resell it for 2x the price.

I hear you but its good so some can xperience the WP way. I'm very tempted to get the Lumia 1020 just for photography but I;m sure ubos agad yan!

I just hope it support buy online for international. 1020 is great, but for me I will buy 1520. Just 5 day to the end...

I bought my 1520 just 2 months ago, we bought a 1020 for my mom at the same time, and bought my brother a 1520 just last month! There's still my father though.

What!!!! Why not have this sale in the USA! I would have bought a 1520 so fast! And my wife probably would have wanted a 1520 to! Smh! It probably would've helped the market share in the US.. Duh! Lol wow

If only they shipped to Australia :( I have a 1520 but have always wanted a 1020 and would definitely buy it at that price.

It's unlocked so yeah it will work but you can't purchase it online though you have too walk-in the store

Yes! it Will work... I got mine from Canada, sent to me by my grandmother from Canda as a gift.

But I have another phone that's why i'm selling it for only Php20,000.

Comes as a complete pack on a box.

Thanks :)

Is this a new trend for the current devices??? I'm about to buy a Lumia 1320 in the USA to send it to Costa Rica.... But now I have second thoughts if I should wait a couple of weeks.

Yes it will definitely works on only carrier. Phones here are not subsidized so they are technically unlocked not unless your phone comes from a carrier.

Those who are new to WP, join the Windows Phone Philippines group in facebook. Our community will be larger because of these deals. :)

Im in the Philippines, and i can say its... WOW. I used to monitor prices of Lumia devices here and with that great news, its really more affordable comparing to its original price. So sad that I am going to missed the sale. Huhu.

1520 isnt yet available in my country(costa rica), good work in the world cup, but s*cks in bringing tech products :/

You could get the 1520 if you're okay with the screen size. Has the same innards as the 930 plus sd card support to boot, just a different and larger screen. :P

1520 still has the best specs among windowsphones, better than 930. Only downside for some is the screen size.

I ordered a 1020 online. Was then told that they would ship the item 5-7 days after confirmation of purchase. Now waiting for the item is killing me..hehehe

I did a straight charge online and called my bank for the "Balance Conversion" option. Basically they make straight charge into installments with a bit of interest. 

So i opted for 6 months, and i was pretty surprised that the interest they gave was way better than what i would have paid if i did an installment purchase at the store (it's 14k for 6 months when done from the store, versus about Php 500 less on balance conversion). 

If only I have enough money , I'll definitely buy the 1520 since i have the 1020 >.< online ordering is limited to other places too.

To all WinPhan, I went to the store yesterday, and it is LEGIT.!!! It's a big store inside a big mall, that's how legit it is, I was trying to get a 1520 for 12,000 pesos cash, TOO BAD as- NO MORE STOCKS LEFT. The only available left is 1320 for 9,000 pesos and the demo/dummy unit priced 925 beside it is still 22,000 pesos... Imagine how big of a discount. I asked the lady, and she said something about a partnership w/ Nokia about the sweetest lumia deals.

Already ordered mine once news of this got out. Waiting for my new Lumia 1520 to be shipped... Woot!

Which malls are they having the sale? Im at sm north edsa and electroworld is certainly having none.

yes.. they are unlocked.. :) Unlocked Phones are pretty much more here than carrier locked coz not all can afford a carrier contract due to crazy number of required documents...

AFAIK these are unlocked phones. Only those phones sold directly by carriers are locked to them. otherwise, all are unlocked

A pinch of salt to your happiness. What if the phones are factory refurbished?? :);-)

I'm just jealous seeing so many people happy after purchasing 1020. :P

I can confirm that the phones are not factory refurbished or anything.

My New 1020 has a microsoft mobile note saying that nokia is now part of microsoft. Meaning that the current stocks are new stocks after acquisition maybe.. And also the phones comes with 1 year warranty with nokia and a shop warranty.

I have been in Ayala, Trinoma, Rob Galleria and Cubao this day... No luck at all... Only 1320 are in stock :(

Make the Philippines a "HOME" for Nokia phones AGAIN!! :) and a NEW HOME FOR WINDOWS PHONE :)))

Trinoma, Shangri-La Mall, Sta. Lucia and Abensons Cubao are the participating outlets. Best to buy online though.

Got new 4 Lumia 1520 for my family! Great deal indeed! :) Have to go through different malls though.. Hard to locate stores with stocks..

Some Philippian brothers can be kind to me to send me 1020 or 1520 .... You will get lot of wishes from me in return :p XD

darn..still no luck. if you want to take advantage of this deal better for you to order online.
Maybe MS and it's Partners on this deal limit purchase of one device type/variant per person per day, at least.

Can we order it internationally ,,because it seems in the comments that you can get it from Phillippines only, is that true ?

i am most inclined to say this is fake. i asked electroworld and abensons at sm north edsa. they dont sell 1520 and they never heard for this sale. if you try to buy it from the website mentioned, there is no fucking CHECKOUT area...either you continue shopping or review shippping details. unless i am corrected by someone who was able to buy online or someone who got it from an electroworld, abenson or avant shops, i think is just a ruse. as you can see, those who say they got xx units, don't mention where they got it. i wasted my day for this shit.

They are not participating in this promo. TriNoma stores of Electroworld and Abenson said that they're out of stock with stock coming in tomorrow. It would be best to order online though since it would be a definite buy.

This is legit. I will bet my head on a platter with it. I was on Avant-Trinoma half an hour ago, I'm itching to get a 1020. Only the 1320 is available stock on the store.
Every clerk was saying that new stocks are coming tomorrow. If I have no luck until Thursday I'll get a 1320, at least.. it's hard to just let this deal come to pass.

I swear, the moment i went to Avant Trinoma, there was a guy walking out with 5 1520 boxes. Jesus.

I too was at Avant Trinoma. Nauna ako sayo mga 12noon ako pumunta dun. Only 1320 na lang stock nila. I called Walter Mart Sucat and a guy told me that they still have 1520 yellow, pero malayo saakin ang Sucat kaya i let it pass na lang.

When the mall opened.
Nevertheless, I ordered one online from Abensons. It didn't have a color option so it's going to be quite a gamble :)) (hoping it's green)

Funny how I managed to snag my 920 at 9k last year, my 820 at 7k and now this. I should sell my Lumias at a profit.

@cyborg5 More like you are spreading FUD! Or maybe you don't know how to order online or don't know how to read! We have ordered online several items and ALL, and I mean ALL, were checked out, the last order we made was just an hour ago! "no ... checkout area" indeed hahahahahahaha!

Review shipping details, then proceed to checkout. You just need to follow through, you know. I am able to order a 1520, and right now it seems only the 1320 is left on all sites.

@mohshehab It's even less than "Philippines only" because it's good only for the Metro Manila area (meaning the capital city Manila and its surrounding towns and cities).