Nokia EOS Windows Phone to be named the Lumia 1020?

Nokia EOS Windows Phone

The Nokia EOS Windows Phone, you know the one with the 41MP camera, is now rumored to be knighted the Lumia 1020. The rumor is coming from @evleaks, who has a pretty good track record with regards to Nokia rumors.

The EOS has also received the code name "Elvis" by AT&T, who is expected to be the first to offer the new Lumia Windows Phone.  Which would make the Lumia 1020 a natural progression from the Lumia 820 and 920 which is also offered through AT&T.

Rum: 7

Hopefully all will come into better focus on July 11th when everyone expects Nokia to officially announce the new Windows Phone at their Zoom Reinvented Press event.

So... does the Lumia 1020 do the trick or is there another model name you'de like to see Nokia use?

Source: @evleaks


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Nokia EOS Windows Phone to be named the Lumia 1020?



I actually want them to come up with a new brand for such an amazing camera phone.

I mean I know the Lumia line has a popular backing but would love something to differentiate from their other devices since this is something way more highend

It worked as a codename for the thing since it was a prototype.  Beyond that though...
EOS has trademark issues with Canon.  I doubt they'd let them sell a smartphone with an enchanced camera and use their trademark.  It would cause too many issues in identifying who created the camera in the phone.

The trademark does not hold ground in this situation.  They are completely differnt products and name standings.

I think Canon would be willing to take it to court though. I doubt Nokia wants their new Flagship device to have such negative press around it when there is already a lot of talk questioning Nokia's viability.

Actually, there is a very high chance Canon's trademark would hold ground because of the camera. The EOS name has always been about the camera in the phone.

If Nokia was using EOS to brand something completely unrelated, like a wireless charger or a wireless speaker, then it would be more difficult for Canon to show trademark infringement.

Funny because I said that name way back last year when I was complaining about the spec's of the 920.. I said I would just wait for a 1020.. Yeah, I got the 920 a few weeks later.. Lol!

I wouldn't see a problem with that.. Either way.. But if this turns out to be a hit device it would probably help other 9xx devices, and the Lumia name, if people knew it as a Lumia 1020.. Yeah, just to be on the safe side lets stick with Lumia.. Funny, because I never like the Lumia name in the first place, but I guess it grew on me overtime..

not enough evolution to garner the higher end model number.  Should be a 960 or something.  Nothing should get a "10" in front of it until it has a 1080 display.

41 mp is just the sensor resolution. It will actually put out anywhere between 5 to 8 mp photos. It uses pixel oversampling so you get lossless zoom without the need for having to move lenses like you do in regular cameras for optical zoom.

exactly, 41Mp is just a cute marketing term that Nokia can return to after playing down megapixel count for the 920.  megapixel count is NEVER an accurate indicator of camera advancements.

Umm, it's not just a "cute" marketing term. Unlike 1080p it's a noticeable and useful improvement in technology.

No, it has a real 41MP sensor and on 808 you can take 38MP shots that look amazing in quality. The sensor itself is great, its not just the oversampling that does wonders, it's the hardware itself. Supposedly on 1020 you can take 35MP shots, not 38MP for reason or another.
Coming from a 808 owner.

Its the aspect ratio.. I am afraid they won't give us a choice between 16:9 and 4:3 like on the 808..

by the pace of dev by MS and its support, i guess 1080p can only come when nokia is ready with Lumia 1080. Sad support by MS for windows phone

Ummmm. No. I would see how someone could guess that if it was called the Lumia 1080 but no. I disagree because a 1080p screen doesn't make the phone evolution. Its the 41 MP PureView camera that's actually attractive unlike others (I'm referring to that hideous s4 zoom or the S4 DOOM).

um, yeah. When a phone does not even come up to the current industry flagship specs it has no need or justification to leap an increment in model numbers.

1080p is not some sort of standard for flagships, it's a completely useless and wasteful feature.

Since when did 1080 become a standard for flagship devices? I never understood this desire for a 1080 screen on a phone that is smaller than the palm of your hand. Is 1080 really necessary? It's just a small gimmick for bloggers to write about, it's a completely useless feature for consumers.

Never knew the answer to this question either?  It has become the standard for flagship devices to use more BATTERY LIFE ... that is!  The human eye (at least my human eyes) cannot differentiate more than a 300ppi screen on a 4.5" screen.  But then again, I'm not superman like some of the rest of the folks here.  I'd take battery life over 1080p any day.  --- My brother's 920 barely gets a full day's worth of battery.  And since there is "supposedly" a lithium shortage now.  I bet lithium batteries are only going to get smaller in the future, unless graphene comes to the market quickly.

It's just to say you have it. It's part of the never ending android d-measuring contest that the OEM's use to (hopefully) differentiate their garbage from someone else's garbage. 

I find your comments fulfilling today.. Excuse me if it seems like im following you but,, I am.. Lol❕❗

Rodneyej, how are you creating those unusual looking characters and that fat bat for an exclamation point? CONFESS.

Dude❗❗ some of the emoticons in WP8 work!!.. It won't display the more graphical ones, but the box all the way to the right on the keyboard has some that will work.. I just found out these ❎☑ work a minute ago. I ask Jay if they would update the app so that they all would work. I think he's looking into it.. Thay sure would make comments more interesting.

Oh, I see. You're one of those smarmy WP8 snobs. WP7.5 just wasn't good enough for you, eh? So you rub it in by showing off your fancy shmancy character set. I see how this works. You go ahead and drink your champagne of bottled beer. I'll just have another Fall-flat.

All of these work, and maybe there's more.

We don't know the actual specs of the phone yet. Everything is rumors and speculation until July 11th. It won't have a 1080p screen. That's all we know for now.

whatever, ultimately the consumer will decide that and right now the consumer is flocking to 1080p display flagships.  if 720 was "good enough" we wouldnt have the SG4 or HTC One.

Consumers don't flock on 1080 screens. Ask the consumers what 1080 screen is, and 90% of them won't know. And there is no such thing as "good enough" on a smartphone anymore. Every company wants to give a phone with highest specs possible, most of them forgetting what people actually want. Would you like 4K on a phone as well? Since when comparing 1080p with 4K, 1080p is too small.

Are you talking about the small minority tech consumers who actually know the difference between a 1080p screen vs a 720p screen?

Go up to any person who doesn't have the slightest clue about technology and ask them what the difference is?  Guarantee no one will answer you.  

This phone is for  people who want the best pictures on a phone (that you can fit in your pocket)...not specs. 

In the android world, maybe. And even then most people have no idea, nor care about it. It's a shitty standard that people use to hold every drevice to now.
Much like having dual, and now quad core. I always ask if my device with it's "smaller" processor, can perform as good if not better than whatever other "flagship" device then as far as I'm concerned mine is better.
Screen resolution matters to an extent, but "1080" does not. More people can tell you about "retina displays" than 1080. And still those folks can't tell you exactly what it is.

Oh. Am I supposed to be flocking? My 50" TV is a mere 720p but it still looks HD to me. Do I need more sophistication?

Fanboys and tech writers flock to 1080P, but if you put it on a display in a shop no one will know the difference.
I hope here that Nokia has the guts to bypass this fad for <5" 1080P displays and just go all out for battery life.  When the hardware gets a bit worn and people get tired of their battery not lasting a full day while WP gets a reputation for lasting then longterm we should see more people on WP.  And once people have gotten used to using WP I doubt there is any going back to the clunky Android.

Now, that's true!! But, I think in order for a new Nokia device to achieve a new numerical designation it needs to have more than just one upgraded feature. Now, hopefully Nokia thinks the same way, and if they are to call the "EOS" a 1020, then they have more in store for this device.. I hope the both of you guys are right❗❕❗❕❗❕

I think the 2x part of the nuber series is the generation though.  Like all phones this gen (WP8 release) are 20, 25, 28, etc. (With exception of the 810 I suppose, but perhaps that's why it died quickly)  The first digit is it's classification in terms of tier with 9xx being the top until now.  Phones that come out with Blue will probably have 930, 935, 938 designations, or 940, 945, 948 perhaps if they skip odd numbers or whatever.  (900, 920, 940)

On the contrary, I think 1080p display would be the "much less" evolution when compared to 41MP of PureView.

I have to say I agree with inteller.. One feature shouldn't warrant a higher designation.. So, maybe this is insight into the fact that maybe we are about to see a jump in hardware specifications.. I mean, none of us really know exactly what Nokia has to reveal, right?

I don't know why everyone above is arguing about what spec is important. I hope it has BOTH, and more❕❗❕.. I'm sick of this old, minimalistic, WP7.x way of thinking that MS tricked us all into adopting at the beginning because MS knew what they had at the time was lackluster compared to the competition.. If these guys haven't noticed even MS isn't in that early WP frame of mind anymore. They left that at the door with WP7.x.. I've been with WP from the very beginning, im talking I had a Samsung BlackJack1 for Christ sake, but I think it's time for a new forward thinking generation of WP fans who aren't sore looser, and say "WP doesn't need this, or that. It works fine without it"".. Like I said before, these are the same guys that said WP doesn't need a dual core processor because its already fast enough wouldn't trade their 920's for nothing now!.. I bet they wouldn't think of ever buying a single core phone!.. Lol.. The world already has a minimalistic platform that's called iOS, and a resource hogging, low quality one called Android.. WP is supposed to balance out the equation with fun, and exciting, high tech devices that actually work, are efficient, and are of high quality, and don't let me forget State Of The Art❗.. THAT'S WHAT WE NEED TO BE ASKING MS/partners FOR❗❗ And, nothing less...

Can't you just hear the National Anthem playing in the background when reading that shit Rebel❔... Lol!!!

.specs is only written on paper, what matter is the user experience, though u have quad or octa or gazillion cores but lag still lives on the device, it still sucks. Same with having 1080p display but sacrificing battery life of the phone and yet the human eye cannot distinguish the difference over 300ppi..

Funny, because I was comparing the screen on my 920 to the 1080p screen on the GS4. I could see that the GS4 screen was sharper, just by a smidge, but even the Droid boy att store rep admitted the 920 screen looked much better. I was surprised how much brighter, and colorful the 920's screen was.. With that said, it just makes me wonder how much better a Lumia 1080p screen would look.. If Nokia can make their 768p screen outshine Samsungs 1080p screen then I hoping they can come with a 1080p screen to top their 768.. I just believe if anyone can make real improvements with technology that others just claim to have its Nokia.. I think that's why things like a quad core processor, and 1080p screens excite some WP users. Its because we know that they don't have any real advantage on other platforms, but, Microsoft, and Nokia, seem to know how to take advantage of the technology to make it actually work.. To say that a WP device with a quad core processor, and a 1080p screen won't be of benefit is like insulting our OS.. Remember, what you see DON'T work on Android DOES work on WP... Just a thought of mine.

1020 is fine by me. Just show us the phone and give us the prices and availability dates on July 11. No more "coming in next few months" crap please.

I completely agree. I'm ready for an upgrade now (taking my GF's). She'll get my 920, but I don't want to wait until September

Announcing it on July 11th... meanwhile T-Mobile hasn't even released the 925. They are shooting themselves in the foot by lagging.

I was at my local ATT store last night (San Diego) checking on replacing my Lumia 920 that I broke.  The saleperson asked if I was sticking with the 920 and when I said yes because it's the best phone I've owned he said wait and come back to the store on the 11th when Nokias newest Win8 phone will be out.

When in the world is the 925 finally coming to the US? If this gets to AT&T 1st, that may be it for me and TMobile and Windows Phone.

Wifi calling is only available for low budget Lumia phones for now.  I don't think Nokia Lumia 925 has it.

Nope. This will confuse people with other 9xx phones. I may think my Lumia 920 would have 20mp, or Lumia 928 would have 28mp ... etc ...

This is what I thought they would go with as well. It keeps the 900 name, saving 1000 for future itterations, and has 41 in the name for the camera.

Good. That means that only the Lumia 1XXX series will have the amazing 41 MP camera. I prefer a Lumia 930 with small 8 MP PureView camera like the 925 (which I plan on getting).

I doubt that. PureView is for that. They did harm the brand with 920 and 925, but 1020 should bring it back.

People you cant rush a good thing. It will be here im time. . And i have to say it looks good considering the king Kong camera on board

Since this is nothing more than a variant of the 920, I think its not appropriate to call it 1020. Actually if anything its misleading to consumers.

Uh...sorry to break it to you but this is NOT the next flagship...that's pretty much settled by now.

Actually I think your completely wrong. It cannot be classed as a 920 variant because of the camera. If they did class it as a variant it would be a huge marketing fail....just my 2 cents

Well, from what we know so far, all the specs are the same as the 920, only the camera is different. Therefore this qualifies as a variant just like the 925 and 928.

Maybe a 920X. "X" always seems to work when you can't figure out what to call a product that has something"eXtra".

I agree. While it certainly seems like impressive camera tech, flagships debut with major versions of the OS.

It'll be like "The New iPad" and "The iPad with Retina Display"...
"The Phone with Behemoth Camera."

Of note, the 920 is out of stock in almost all colors right now on ATT. Could be that they are running the inventory down to make room for the 1020.

Yeah, I hope they don't expect for the Elvis to replace the 900 series devices. That may be a poor choice.

I like the 900 series to be high end portable/thinner devices. Another series, if they call it 1000 or just a new name, for the phones with bigger cameras like this one.

The first thing I think of when I hear "1020", is location. The Ten Code 20 ("Ten-Twenty") is "Location".
I think that if the EOS is truly a variation, spinoff, or at least an iteration of the 900 series, the number in the name should still be in the 900s.
On the other hand, if this is the first of the WP Nokias that is targeted more towards camera enthusiasts, and we can expect more iterations of this every 12-18 months, then it probably makes sense to start an additional number sequence.

As I predicted...
Lumia 1020 for a summer release...

In the Nokia World we will probably see:
Nokia Lumia 930: quad core with a full HD 4,7 screen;
Nokia Lumia 830: the "cheap Lumia 920" with HD display and pureview camera and a Lumia 720-like design;
Lumia 1030: the "EOS 2", with a full HD 5,0 display;

In the "early 2014" we will start to see the Blue Nokia Lumia Phones:
Lumia 630: a 4,7 phablet.

And in the Q2:
Lumia 530: a little upgrade from 520, maybe 4,3" screen;
Lumia 730: a 4,3" HD screen with 1gb ram.

I start to believe that all the next updates (GDR2, GDR3 and Blue and all forwards) we only be released to "actual phones" after a new Nokia Lumia release. GDR2 after 1020, GDR3 after the fall releases and Blue after some Lumia release... I don't like this...

I'd bet money that not a single one of these predictions comes true, including the Lumia 1020 being available before the end of summer.

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Or it may be 40 series 1040,940,840 for quad core. Plus phablet may be in 50 series just to differentiate devices over "5"screen. Samsung has note series for phablet and galaxy series for phone.

Am I the only one that thinks a 41 MP camera is complete overkill and a waste?

Who EVER needs that many megapixels from a phone? Its going to be a huge memory hog to take pictures not to mention pointless unless you're planning on printing billboards. I just wish the focus was on more important higher impact features.

The sensor is 41 megapixel but in preview mode its 5 or 8, you use this mode for best results. The pics use the same amount of memory as any other smartphone camera.

It's either 41 megapixels, or some crazy optical zoom body. No one in their right minds would ever manufacture that kind of frankencamera.

It sounds overkill, but if it means I can actually zoom in and take clear pics, then I am happy!!!  HTC ONE zooms pretty well, best I have seen to date on a camera phone, but this should kill it!

The htc one? ..... the htc one which has a 4 ultrapixel camera?  .... that has the best digital zoom on a camera phone you've seen to date? 

Did I buy a lemon htc one? 

Me thinks that Nokia Lumia 1020 name has one problem....it doesn't emphasize the supercamera it carries. It seems like just another Lumia now.  

If it is hitting the 1000 mark they seriously need to stop rehashing the N9-L800 design. 920 is peak.

I emailed Stephen Elop a couple of months ago suggesting some new phablet (whatever comes first with 1080p screen) be called "Lumia 1080", he replied thanks we'll think about it :P Hopefully this is paving the way.

I always thought they should call the next version the Lumia X series.
I mean, it works from a numbering standpoint (X=10) so a Lumia X20 is technically still a Lumia 1020.
But the X can also work as 'experimental' as in showcasing new technology such as the crazy camera.
This way the 900 series can be the best of the now in a thin and light form factor. And the X series can be for the forward leaning best of what's next where people buying them perhaps don't mind as much if it's as big and heavy as a brick so long as it's on the bleeding edge of phone tech. ;)
Or something like that, I'm intrigued to see the actual announcement in a couple of weeks...

Problem is, using an "x" can cause problems. It can create certain bad emoticons. For example the (HTC) 8x looks like a sick or "ouch" face. xD
it could work though, if used correctly.

Love it!!!  I will sell my HTC ONE for this, but the only catch is I hope the video recording is solid!  My ONE can record concerts with no problem!! I am talking small venues where it gets pretty loud, the ONE is excellent for this!!!  Best phone to date!!!!!  Comes out great and I can actually zoom in, I can only imagine how great this phone will be!!!  Also, I need a notification bar!!  Then I will totally jump ship!  Anyone with the 920 ever take video in real loud settings?  How is it? Distorted?  I had the 920 for a short time and loved it, but work let me get the ONE, but I wanna go back to WP.

Actually, the HTC One has great audio recording during loud concerts because it STOLE the advanced HD microphones from the Lumia 920. I'm not making this up. Nokia took them to court. I'm not knocking HTC. They make good stuff. But this was a big goof on their part.

So yes, the 920 already does a fabulous job with video. Optical Image Stabilization and the HD microphone(s) do an amazing job. There are tons of videos on the web of loud concerts taken from a Lumia 920. Sounds like you are one of the lucky ones who got an HTC One before the court order came down to force HTC to use something else.

I am pretty sure the 1020 will also have Nokia's HD microphone tech. It can record up to 140db distortion free.

Unless you flip the phone over it looks exactly like a 920, don't see how they could justify EOS being in another tier class, the alloy 5" though...i will take a stab at 9xx and guessing the Lumia 940

Not true! the naming sheme of lumia devices looks like this XYZ X = Series   Y= Generation Z = Differentiation Number.
So this would be a Lumia 1010 not 1020 as there is no 1st Gen 10 Series device on the market.

I know but Nokia actually adapted its Naming sheme. after the lumia 710 hit the market there was no LX00 device which got ever released only LX10 and LX20 devices.

From the beginning I've said that I hate the Lumia name. I'm a huge fan of the PureView name. To me advertising starts with the name and what better way to advertise then with PureView.. The name sounds good and it tells everyone that you have the phone with the badass camera....
Right now Lumia is like having a pitpull and naming it Flower..
Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia? No!!! Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and The Nokia PureView? YES!!

Yeah I posted that on another site. Not only apt for the amazing optics, but also because Nokia are 7 years ahead of the competition!
I also think just stripping it down to "Nokia Pureview" would be good. Make it more a brand like iPhone or Galaxy. That's more recognisable to people than a number. Then spin off's can be "Lumia Pureview Mini" or somesuch as required. Everyone else has ditched numbers, I think Nokia should follow suit.

Honestly, that name is bit too long, technical and non-friendly.  If you look at all successful product names, they're short.  They should just make it something like Lumia P50 (or whatever letter they like that's appropriate).

Nokia by my memory never went into 1000 with top end actually 1100 is its entry level cheapo, old flagships went into 9xxx, N9x and N9, unless someone other than Nokia is pulling the strings I don't see a 920 looking phone being named 1020. Also they can't replace Lumia with pureview as it is a name for camera tech and I can't see the Zeiss lens ois going into the entry level lumias. Anyway about time this just came out as Nokia is always making its fans wait far too long... The 925 is not even in the states yet and its tech is already middle spec... Just release the fkn phones nokia

It should be called the Lumia 1000.  The Lumia 1020 will be introduced 6 months later with new features to undercut those who bought the 1000.  ;-)

From what i have heard the next high end Lumia is the 940 (and 940 series, so 94x) dunno if that means the EOS or if there is something else coming to update the 9xx series. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Nokia should bring back lettered naming.  Nokia already has a C, E, and N series.  How about R?  Nokia Lumia R90.  Or V?  Nokia Lumia V9?  Or just Nokia Lumia V?  Or they can bring back the legendary N, as Nokia Lumia N99.  Or Nokia Lumia N?

I happen to think the camera, being in a totally different class to the already-excellent 920 is differentiation enough to warrant Nokia's positioning the 1020 at the top of the x20 series.  It's far from a gimmick, the 41 MP sensor.

Hmm. I understand why they would name it the 1020 but I don't think they should... They're going up by a whole hundred, suggesting that this is a while new generation of Lumia. But it's not really.. It just has a better camera. Yes, a significantly better camera but that's the only improvement. In fact, built in wireless charging is no longer there.

I think pureview should be nice, should be pureview, pureview advance , pureview advance +,, pureview future

I don't know that I believe this.
So far, the 9xx series has represented Nokia's high-end. If rumors are true, the EOS is simply a 920 with an improved camera - it would be somewhat misleading to introduce it as a new flagship or replacement to the 920 because of that.
The 925 and 928 aren't replacements to the 920 - they're essentially carrier variants of it. I expect the EOS to be a sort of variant of the same hardware, as well - certainly not intended to be Nokia's general flagship - the gigantic camera sensor lends the device to a niche that isn't appealing to the typical flagship user. I expect the next flagship Lumia to be 940 or 950, and probably announced around the time Apple announces the iPhone 5S. As of now, both Apple and Microsoft are a generation behind the phones being produced by Google's OEMs.

That's a pretty accurate statement for watching video/TV from 8+ feet away, but does not fit for a usage model for reading text - ESPECIALLY when the screen is 10" away from your face.

Lumia 1020 Zoom, Lumia 1020Z, or Lumia Pureview Zoom
Since the EOS specs are similar to 9xx series phones, it might be more appropriate to use Lumia 950 Zoom instead.