Nokia highlights unofficial Game of Thrones apps for Windows Phone

Game of Thrones

There are many fans who actively follow the Game of Thrones series and with the finale of season three already being broadcast, those who wish to stay within the fantasy realm can do so with their Windows Phone. Nokia has highlighted numerous unofficial apps on its blog that are already available on the Windows Phone Store. 

The apps selected by the company range from Game of Thrones DB to Game of Thrones Trivia, each sporting unique functionality. Here's the full list of what's available for you Game of Throne heads:

We'll not repeat what has been printed in this rather detailed article, so be sure to check out more details over on the Nokia Conversations Blog, but we have all the download links and QR codes for you all to check them all out. As well as the above list, there's also the Game of Thrones soundtrack, available on Nokia music. Perfect for streaming music from favourite scenes while on the go.

Source: Nokia

QR: Game of Thrones DB     QR Game of Thrones Trivia

QR:Game of Thrones Fan App     QR: Game of Thrones JustAFan


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Nokia highlights unofficial Game of Thrones apps for Windows Phone


In the name of Robert of the house Baratheon, the first of his name , lord of the seven kingdoms, and the protector of the realm, eddard of the house stark, lord of winterfell and warden of the north, sentences you to death.

Its a show on HBO. I didn't start watching until a month ago. Don't worry you aren't missing anything great. The show has its moments but that's it.

Iunno what you're saying but those moments are pretty darn badass as well as a very well plotted story that gets you attached to every character. It's great!

Obviously you haven't seen all the episodes since the beginning. If you just jump in, its not gonna make alot of sense.

Don't watch the shows... Read the books. If you like dark fantasy they are really good, well at least the first three are.

I didn't believe this until I started reading the first book. I am almost done with the first book, and am enjoying it far more than the show, which is saying a lot because I love the show.

If you don't like dark fantasy, read them anyway. I typically stay away from the genre but these are just spectacular.

It's better described as political intrigue and warfare novel that just happens to be set in a universe with dragons.

Books have ruined the show for me (which I liked) because they are all (including 4&5) excellent...just become a little plodding in 4. The show is like The Wire. Drug dealers are house Stark, Lannisters are the cops, Westeros is Baltimore, the docks in Baltimore are King's Landing, etc.

Be the life of any party. Actually, be able to participate in those GoT conversations that occur at every party by watching the show. Actually, it is quite fantastic.. Political intrigue, backstabbing, sex, multiple stories that span continents, prophecies, dragons.. Its pretty much the most ambitious show ever for TV and the show runners who are fans of the book have done an excellent job for the small screen.

This question may be better answered by asking you what shows are you currently watching? Also, what are some top shows you like then we can compare in your context.