Nokia launches Music+ in Italy, opening up unlimited downloads

Nokia Music

Nokia has launched its Music+ service in Italy, according to local reports. The optional upgrade enables those who enjoy using the app available for Lumia Windows Phones to benefit from expanded functionality and further enhance the experience. The company has kicked off the gradual roll out in a number of markets.

For just €3.99 on a monthly basis, consumers will be able to enjoy:

  • Unlimited downloads for offline playback
  • Unlimited skips
  • Higher sound quality
  • Multi device use
  • Lyric streaming

It's not a bad feature list and includes a number of improvements taken straight from feedback submitted by users of the Music service. Consumers can activate the subscription by heading into the Settings area of the Nokia Music app - a 7-day free trial is also available

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Nokia launches Music+ in Italy, opening up unlimited downloads


So? I have noticed Daniel and team research a story, get the facts, before posting any news willy nilly. Real journalism takes time. I rather they get it right in a reasonable time than get it fast and be wrong.

Who cares about first? Is it really important to read that Nokia Music+ was released in Italy a few hours earlier in your day?

I care about journalism and of course speed within reason, breaking news should be reported quickly, information like this might be a few hours delayed because it doesn't matter.

Also the WMpoweruser application is 1star compared to the WPcentral app.

its not about this post only, its the same with most news and its not about the app on the phone its about news...

So far the UK is wining on the great 'Nokia currency converter rip-off'
We the chart so far:-
1. UK - GBP - £3.99
2. Europe (Euro) - euro 3.99 => £3.44
3. USA (USD) - $3.99 => £2.61
Just want to say thanks to Nokia for a great app that was developed in the UK, you charge us the most for it !

its because of the tax system, direct conversion is not the way to calculate it.

otherwise the ipad would cost around £250 from $399 conversion but it costs £399

Actually even if you change your Nokia account country I think the gps detects you are in a eurozone and charges one in euro...