Nokia Lumia 710 and HTC Radar 4G included in T-Mobile Magenta Deals, starting May 18th

T-Mobile Lumia 710

More details for the upcoming T-Mobile Magenta Deal Days have come to light at TMONews. The deal will see customers who sign a 2-year contract renewal or are active on any voice plan with a qualifying 2GB or higher data cap or mobile broadband plan, be eligible for the handset offers. Classic plan customers must have passed 22 months in their contract to qualify.

T-Mobile Magenta Day

The Lumia 710 and Radar 4G are both included in this deal, which starts May 18th. The offer is a BOGO (Buy One Get One), with purchases on selected handsets being accompanied by a free second choice - after mail-in rebate. You could purchase the HTC Radar 4G (should you qualify for the offer, of course) and then pick up a Lumia 710 for free ($50 mail-in rebate).

The offers will be reportedly open to all customers, including those who are looking at new activations, qualifying upgrades, family and individual plans, and add-a-lines. We'll let you guys know when the deals kick off with more information.

Source: TMONews


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Nokia Lumia 710 and HTC Radar 4G included in T-Mobile Magenta Deals, starting May 18th


No enthusiasm for T-Mobile's offerings? Very loosely related to the article, here are the sales rankings for today on bestbuy.com for all WP's they offer:

AT&T (73 phones offered)
20. HTC Titan (20. a week ago, 49. a month ago)
23. Nokia Lumia 900 Black (23. a week ago, 18. a month ago)
32. Samsung Focus Flash (30. a week ago, 25. a month ago)
48. Nokia Lumia 900 White (not available a week ago)
49. Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan (44. a week ago, 41. a month ago)
56. Samsung Focus S (56. a week ago, 50. a month ago)
64. HTC HD7S (64. a week ago, 59. a month ago)
68. HTC Surround (67. a week ago, 63. a month ago)

T-Mobile (29 phones offered)
7. Nokia Lumia 710 Black (7. a week ago, 3. a month ago)
8. Nokia Lumia 710 White (8. a week ago, 4. a month ago)
10. HTC Radar (9. a week ago, 6. a month ago)

Verizon (58 phones offered)
35. HTC Trophy (37. a week ago, 53. a month ago)

Sprint (51 phones offered)
42. HTC Arrive (32. a week ago, 39. a month ago)

I have no idea.  I only use it because they offer almost all phones and make it easy to find out the sales rankings.  Amazonwireless does not offer the iPhone, so it doesn't give an accurate picture of how WP is doing against the competition.  Ultimately, quarterly marketshare numbers are what matters, but I just do these weekly things for fun.  I figure people that go to bestbuy are not phone enthusiasts, so when WP is doing well there it's safe to assume it's doing well everywhere.