Contest - WPCentral Nokia Lumia 710 Dark Knight Rises Cover Giveaway

Nokia Lumia 710 Dark Knight Rises covers

Name your favorite Batman, win a Dark Knight cover for your Lumia 710

We've mentioned the Dark Knight Rises covers for the Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone before. T-Mobile is currently giving the covers away with new purchases of the Lumia 710. Well, we've gotten our grubby little hands on three of them to give away.

The covers are stamped with the Dark Knight Rises movie logo and we thought it might be fitting to somehow tie the Dark Knight into this giveaway. So... keeping it simple... in the comments let us know who is your favorite Batman. Was it Adam West, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Michael Keaton, Christian Bale or is the comic book version the best?

Chime in through the day (say until 5pm PST) and tonight we'll randomly pick three winners, each to receive a Nokia Lumia 710 Dark Knight Rises cover. You do need to register so we can get in touch with you (registration is done here) and remember these cases are for the 710. Feel free to chime in but if you don't have the 710, let us know as you comment to avoid winning a case that doesn't fit your Windows Phone.

Good luck everyone!


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Contest - WPCentral Nokia Lumia 710 Dark Knight Rises Cover Giveaway


I'd go with Bales's version. Not much of a comic fan, but I've seen every batman movie there is. Bale's version is just dark, and sadistic (Heath as Joker)

A major asset to the success of the comics/animated stories was Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne/Batman. He delivered one hell of a Batman voice. :D

Adam West is my favorite, but Christian Bale is pretty good. Speaking of comic books though: I found an old old old Spiderman comic while working in the back of Goodwill, maybe Batman's next. But yeah, Adam West.

Can't decide. I'd say Christian Bale, but that ridiculous growling voice he uses in the second film completely takes me out of the movie.

Kevin Conroy IS Batman. The Animated Series, Batman Bayond, the Arkham Asylum/City video games, and the better direct-to-video DC animated movies. It's just a shame he never got to play Batman live action back when he was in his physical prime.

Frank Millers version of the Batman in The Dark Knight Returns is hands down the best. We get to see the mental struggle of Bruce Wayne as an old man all to aware that his war on crime has failed and his failure to keep The Bat retired.

I have to say Michael Keaton,,, thats the era I grew up in. Plus, I had those Batman branded Chuck Tailors... Circa early 90's.. Lol.

Christian Bale !!!
His voice when he becomes the dark crusader is scary and amazing as it should be with batman :D

I'd have to say Michael Keaton! I agree with classykeyser...Bale's Batman growl voice got a lil annoying after a while..

Comic wise I'd have to say Frank Miller Dark Knight. Was amazing, closest would be Christian Bale. Tho I hate when he talks as Batman. He sounds ridiculous.

Christian Bale for me - the comically gravelly voice would be an awesome add for a Benylin/Covonia throat medicine commercial!!
And i bought one of the last remaining Lumia 710's from the Carphone Warehouse when they were at £99!!  I'd love a blue or black one if im so lucky!!

Well it looks like so far im the only Batman Forever fan come on everybody you all know that movie was awesome Jim Carrey as the riddled, Tommy Lee Jones as 2face,Chris O'Donald as the only robin,Nichole Kidman all great actors plus the batman suit looked good not like Christian Bale's bat suit that still looks awful lol

Christian Bale breathed life into the franchise after the nipple fiasco of Batman and Robin. He has to win

Oh no not this again. Lumia 710 sucks low 8gb storage space.
My HTC wp7.5 has a 16gb more storage space. Also the cover are so ugly.

Michael Keaton was my favorite growing up. If I was more fimiliar with the Batman series from the 60's I might have said Adam West because from the few episodes that I've seen as a kid, it looked like a very funny show.

I understand all the young pups on here picking Christian Bale,but Keaton and Kilmer were Batman when I was a kid.

I'm torn between Adam West as the batman, and lego batman... no, definetally Lego batman! I had so much fun with those toys!

I'll have to chime in in the Val Kilmer. I think he has portrayed Batman in the comics the best, and even his looks fits well. Plus Nicole Kidman is frickin awesome in that movie, not to mention Jim Carrey.

Haha that's what I was sayn Val is the best to bad they didn't put him in batman and robin that would of been awesome plus the bat suit was the best on batman forever

Favorite Batman? Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman in the Animated series...

If that doesn't count. Keaton, by far.

Christian Bale but with Michael Leaton as a very close runner-up. And please..... never let Joel Schumacher anywhere near a Batman script ever again!!