Nokia Lumia 800 heading to Australia

Nokia Lumia 800 to Australia

On the heals of the Samsung Omnia W heading to our friends Down Under, news is circulating the Nokia Lumia 800 is heading to the Australian market. The Nokia Windows Phone will be offered through Telstra, Optus and Vodaphone and should be available sometime in March.  Pricing information is not available at this time.

In addition to the Lumia 800, Australia should expect the Lumia 710 to become available sometime after March and there are hints that the Lumia 900 will be headed to Australia as well.

via: wpdownunder source: AFR; Thanks, Scott and Jack, for the tip!


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Nokia Lumia 800 heading to Australia


Pricing doesn't matter as much in Australia. We simply buy phones on contracts, we don't pay upfront for phones here, so the phone is included in the price of the contract you buy. Nokia Lumia 800 will probably on a higher contract!

  1. If it's on Optus and Vodafone, it will eventually drop to a $29 cap. Good news, I was worried that Telstra would gain an exclusive and overcharge for it.

On a side note, WPDownUnder needs to get a web designer.

Thanks! lol :)
WPDownUnder is a 1-man show.  That one man, can't code - so is using Wordpress and plugins that he can get by with!
If someone could develop a clean Metro Theme or skin that can be used with Weaver Pro, then I would happily change! :D

Speak for yourself! A vast number of people in Australia use pre-paid and/or buy their phones outright. The last time I was on contract was 10+ years ago. I bought my Telstra HTC HD7 off eBay one week after release for far less than RRP. A few friends did the same or got imports. Another friend bought direct from Telstra without contract. So yeah, the Nokia's need to be priced well or many won't bother with it.