Nokia Lumia 800 top selling phone at Expansys AU


In what has to be a great sign for Nokia (and Windows Phone), the Lumia 800 is the top selling phone at the Australian site in the last week.  And the popular Windows Phone has some stiff competition to boot, beating out the Amazon Kindle Fire, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the iPad 2. The black, 16GB version is selling for a very reasonable $578, which is helping sales.

While reports of the Lumia 800 selling well have been coming in, they're mostly anecdotal. This information from Expansys seems to be the first, really solid evidence from a reseller that Nokia's marketing efforts are paying off and resonating with the public.

Still, the UK version of the site has the Lumia 800 at #7, which isn't too bad but obviously it can stand to gain some ground.

Source: Expansys AU; Thanks, rxsoob, for the tip!


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Nokia Lumia 800 top selling phone at Expansys AU


I'm assuming that since the lumia is released on a number of carriers in the UK, that people would opt to buy from there rather than spending the full price on expansys.

in australia, there aren't any carriers with the lumia yet right?

Can someone please explain why on all the Expansys sites that list the Lumia, they still refer to it as Windows Phone 7 Series?
Wasn't the word series dropped over a year ago?
Also, isn't the Lumia Windows Phone 7.5 anyway?
This is very frustrating because those of us who are proud to use Windows Phone get annoyed by the lack of knowledge by resellers.

It's true, they need to drop the series, but "Windows Phone 7" is fine in my view. However, some sites have phones under "Windows Phone 7" and then a separate list under "Windows Phone 7.5."

None what so ever... Windows Phone Gen2 handsets have not hit the market through the major Telco's.
But Nokia Australia have now got the Lumia's listed on the Nokia Australia web site. And currently the N9 has been heavily pushed for the last few months on TV and Internet advertising in Aus.  The N9 Take the Front page of the Nokia au web site
http://www.nokia.com/au-en/  with the Lumia 800 and 710 having a mostly hidden link at the bottom of the page
So it could just be around the corner for a new marketing plan.

I could've used Nokia Drive just now. I'm on vacation and used WP Maps for directions. It took me to a strange place 6 miles from the actual location. Fail. Well, at least it was a nice neighborhood. :)

I don't want to ruin the party but did anybody see that the Galaxy Nexus is available in two versions (16GB and 32GB)? If you combine sales and pre-orders of these two versions it would devinitaly be more succesful than the black 16GB Lumia 800.
It doesn't help the platform to create wrong imaginations about a possible success. We need real success!

Really, shock and horror..
Hey maybe thats because the Nexus is sold by Telstra and has national advertising campaigns going on.
Yet the Nokia Lumia 800 is selling off its own name, look, OS.
WHERE ARE YOU NOKIA AUS/Telstra/Optus etc etc??