Nokia Lumia 920

Owned a Nokia Lumia 920 since the beginning? Tell us how it’s holding up

The Nokia Lumia 920 launched in early November in 2012. That’s over a year ago. The phone was heralded as the flagship phone to showcase Windows Phone 8, which launched alongside the Lumia 920. It’s an awesome phone and laid the foundation for devices like the Lumia 925, Lumia 928 and Lumia 1020. Let’s talk about the Lumia 920 and see how it’s holding up.

The device        

The Lumia 920 was a pretty groundbreaking device. Not just for Windows Phone or Nokia, but for the smartphone space as a whole. It was a smartphone that really helped elevate mobile photography. Sure, the iPhone 4 helped mobile photography gain a little more credibility, but that’s mostly because of what app developers were able to do with those photos.

The Lumia 920 really made a lot of us think seriously about mobile photography. It wasn’t afraid of low-light situations. In fact, it was quite the opposite. The Lumia 920 performed excellent (and still does) when there aren’t a lot of photons around thanks to the optical-image stabilization found inside the camera module. You’ll also find an 8.7 MP BSI sensor with f/2.0 Carl Zeiss optics.

Outside of photography the Lumia 920 had some other impressive specs for a smartphone. It was one of the first smartphones to embrace wireless charging with its support for the Qi standard. We were also big fans of the NFC support, Super Sensitive Touch, display and build quality. At the time it was definitely the pinnacle of Nokia engineering.

Since launch

A lot has happened since the Lumia 920 launched. Believe it or not, I wasn’t yet with Windows Phone Central when Windows Phone 8 or the Lumia 920 were released. In fact, it was at Build 2012 at Microsoft where I met Daniel. The rest, as they say, is history.

Quite a bit has transpired with Windows Phone since the Lumia 920 launched.

First was Update 1, also known as either GDR1 or Portico that was a minor update that came in December 2012. It gave us more efficient Bluetooth connections and an option for Wi-Fi to stay on even when the screen was off. Next was Update 2 (GDR2) that addressed the other storage bug, brought FM radio back, Driving Mode was introduced, bug fixes for Xbox Music, and more. Update 3 was the most recent change for Windows Phone and introduced 1080p support, an extra column of Live tiles, Snapdragon 800 support, rotation lock and more.

We’ve also seen numerous Windows Phone handsets released. Most were companions to the Lumia 920 and not direct replacements. We’ve seen eleven new Windows Phone handsets from Nokia and six from other OEMs since the launch of the Lumia 920.

Apps! 2013 was the biggest year ever for the Windows Phone Store. A large number of high quality apps from both indie developers and large publishing houses came to Windows Phone. We gained Instagram,, Digitally Imported, Wells Fargo, and many more. The app situation on your Lumia 920 is much better today than it was when you first picked it up.

Lumia 920 Camera

Long story short. A lot has happened since the Lumia 920 was released. So we want to know your Lumia 920 is holding up? Still snappy? Still loving it? Upgraded to something else? Let us know below in the comments how the Lumia 920 has treated you since launch. 


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Owned a Nokia Lumia 920 since the beginning? Tell us how it’s holding up



I think the Lumia 920 will go down as one of the pinnacle devices for Windows Phone 8. The one we all remember with fond memories. Even shooting those photos I was like 'damn, I miss using this phone'. 

I whipped out my 920 the other day to test an app and i was surprised at how poor the screen is (coming from a 1020) which is not what i remembered! The whites are all tinged with a kind of yellow color. I'm sure it wasn't like that before, or maybe I've been spoiled by the 1020s screen. :/

I'm surprised (and glad) to see Nokia/Microsoft leading the poll. Never expected that, especially coming from those pricks (editors and readers) at Phone Arena. They hate WP over there.

Yes, the staff is seriously biased.. Except for AlanF.. He's the "Daniel R." over there... But, not as sexy.. LOL!

Thanks for the link. My honest vote went to Nokia/Microsoft. I plan on another year with my 8X before I even consider an upgrade so I'm hoping that they convince me otherwise.

I really hope so. The 8X made me pull the trigger and the same attention to detail on their next device could be legend...wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is...dairy! Legendary!

I know its kinda childish but, I pinned that PA page, with the poll, to my start screen, so anytime I see someone hating on WP I can reply with a link back to the poll.. Lol❕

Or 2015/2016 might be the year when WP finally gets that recognition, and new found popularity by the average consumer.. It starts with things like this... Nevertheless, MS must continue to inform the public that WP has the apps that the other platforms do, and they must also make sure that WP indeed does have the apps... That's the only thing that's keeping store associates from recommending WP to consumers...

I was seeing them everyday here at DFW airport, but it's been awhile since I've seen one.. I've seen a lot of 520's.. A few, 920's.. But, that store associates here in Arlington Texas like to get the 1520 for themselves... Funny though.. The other day I went to att to get my 1520 serviced, and I the associate was showing me his black one, and this lady was buying a yellow 1020... That was a lot of WP going on that day... Well, its sad that that's even exciting... Oh well, we'll get there one day.

Hey thanks just voted! Still in love with my 920, can't wait to see what Microsoft/Nokia has down the line!

I prefer the IPS screens (920, 1520) to the AMOLED in the 1020. My 920 is still going strong, I gave it to my wife when I got the 1520. It's still a great phone, a good size with a good camera, 32 GB, IPS, and Qi built in. Goes down as an all time classic in my book.

I agree. I had the 928 and when I got the nexus 5 I realized that the amoled is not as good as the ips of the nexus 5.

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Yup, much prefer the IPS screens. AMOLED is over rated and I think suffers due to the fact that they're missing 33% of thier sub-pixels. When they go back to full RGB then I'll consider them 

My first and last AMOLED device was over 4 years ago. Oversaturation of colors, temperature issues with white and that PenTile matrix manufacturers are overly fond of have totally put me off of them.

It's the main reason I chose the 8X over the Trophy and 928 (I'm on Verizon and had been holding out on upgrading at the time) I'm missing out on some things, but honestly, I'd like to see Nokia launch an aluminum device (anodized, in colors) with IPS display and some variation of their best camera tech. That's what I'm waiting for.

Huh, the screen is why I chose the 920 over the 1020 despite wanting the 1020's camera. I can't stomach PenTile at that resolution. I've not noticed the yellow tinge, and I came from an AMOLED L900. Does the 1020 have whiter whites or just a cooler screen color temperature?

Comming from the 920 to the 1020 I can honesty say that the 1020's screen is better. No issues whatsoever with it being pentile and with regards to screen color temperature it is adjustable at will together with saturation, so its a non issue.

My missus has my 920 now as i upgraded to a 1020, i still think the 1020 has the yellow tint compared to the 920

I dnot know if you use Nokia Color Profile, but there you can adjust the colors to be cooler or warmer. So its all about settings ;)

The amber update allowed for you to change the color tones it may have been set to warm and vivid making the whites seem yellowish. I have a 1520 now but I will use my 920 to play games sometimes, been with windows phone since the HTC HD7 won't switch back. Bought my 920 release day and its still going strong, I have high hopes for my 1520.

Definitely! Mine is still going strong, and I'm a tradie so it gets put to the test! It's by far my favorite phone to date, it'll be sad when it finally kicks the bucket :(

By the specifications I'm thinking to change my L920 by a L1520V or Lumia Icon. But, in terms of design none of them beats the beautiful Lumia 920.Thanks for the post, Sam! <3

I agree! The color choices, the round body that just fits your hand, and how the screen slightly "pops" out like on the Lumia 900.

I have to agree with you, Daniel.  While I got the 1020 as soon as it came out, I keep my 920 fully updated (including GDR3 Preview while we wait FOREVER for AT&T) and at the ready as my backup.  My cyan 920 is in tip top shape, still performs well and while the camera isn't in the same league as my 1020, with the latest version of Nokia's Camer app, it's still very impressive. I think you're right, that the 920 will be recognized as a key point for the gradual climb of Windows Phone.

We have to give Windows Phone 8, and gdr updates, some credit for that to.. Would the 920 had been so great if it ran 7.5❔

I'm so jealous of the early WP8 phones... I mean, they have effectively created limited editions with that color scheme and also the fact that they STILL haven't recreated the same. Black, white and yellow seem to be the norm now. I'm all for the nod to 4-color printing. Didn't you write a piece on that awhile back Daniel?

Nokia red is my favorite. Hope they keep the colors including cyan for future generations of WPs. Grey would be nice also.

The 920 was my first Windows phone and what a great phone it is. Mine has since been relieved of duty and sits ready as a spare in case I damage my 1020. I remember everyone bitching about the weight but that was probably the thing I liked most about it.  

I agree. It didn't just fly out of my hand like my GS3. It also helped my nerdy hands not shake for photos.

I am still loving my Yellow L920 that I got on launch day. I had waited 5 months for it to release. Although I have had one warranty replacement due to earpiece being not working. I have had it on insurance since day one as I wanted a replacement option if ever anything happened to my favorite device.

It was amazing.. But every single one i got (i owned 5) had some type of hardware issue and had to be returned back. Until they saw i kept having the same issuses. So they sent me a 1020 free. Where i have not had any problems

Don't think so.

  1. Crappy seals
  2. Dust getting into FFC
  3. Ghost touch screen issue
  4. Bad customer service

All rolled into one. Even after repairs, the above mentioned issues are still there. I have just given up. My next device may not be a nokia.

To tell you the truth, my work cellphone BBZ10 is holding up better in terms of sheer build quality.

Bad luck. I hear that the dust problem can be resolved with compressed air. With the otterbox defender, I (so far) (march 2013) have not had any of the aforementioned problems.

Weird, I don't have any of those issues. I have also dropped my phone in the gym (onto metal equipment!) more times than I can remeber. Off the roof of the car. The kitchen worktop. Phone still work perfectly, albeit with a few chunks missing. And it still looks good! Made out of granite the L920.

I'm still using my 920, I wanted the 1020 and the 1520, but really, I just cant justify changing it... It would be nice if it was a little lighter and the wireless charging actually worked without needing to be at a strange angle (Nokia car charger is useless on mine without a bit of bluetac to keep it at a strange angle. And battery life has always been dire (not helped by the constant on/off charging when using wireless, but other than those things I really cant fault it. Still no scratches! (Even after letting friends try to break the screen in the pub!)

Same boat here, pretty hard to justify to wifey that I need to upgrade to the 1020/1520. Ended up buying wifey the 1020!:)

I have the L920 red and use the Nokia charger every day,.for long periods. I just pop it in and charge. No issues/blue tack etc.

Fyi I've had 920 since day 1 and recently I noticed my battery life going to hell too (4 hours or less). Then I let battery run all the way down until it shut off and recharged. That seemed to "reset" battery and since I've been averaging 8-12 hours.

Mine runs down to turning off every day, then i fully charge it overnight with a cable, sometimes its flat again by 3pm and needs topping up in the car with the wireless charger, it never makes it from 7am to 12pm in one charge. Even on very light usage.

So true but I hated the fact that it got released very late in India so I was pissed with nokia about it. What do I say about this phone it is just amazing. The build quality is solid and no scratch so far and also the screen is brilliant as I love lcd display as it is less saturated and also the screen is warm in dark compared to led which is too bright. I have more to say but I will keep it short brillliant phone... Proud owner of lumia 920(Red).

Bought mine with the express intention of keeping it for at least two years, in Dec 2012. Of all the Nokia Windows 8 handsets, it ticked most of the boxes from a spec perspective - 720p resolution, 32Gb RAM built in, NFC, Qi charging, awesome camera - however, I'd have welcomed a removable battery and SD card. Have been tempted by a 925 or 1020, but this is more than enough to last until WP8.1 native handsets come out with potentially much greater specs. The only downside for me has been wayward battery drainage - given the weight it would have been nice to know a days use could be reasonably expected of it, instead of having to recharge at 3 or 4pm when using WhatsApp ;)

Have you got the offical twitter app installes. That caused me to loose battery like no ones business. Uninstalled it and get a day comfortably on 920

So far so good, my wife is using it as her daily driver now, I've been using a 1020 since it's launch.


This 920 is a dev device from Build.// Dust under the front facing lense, and spinning gears of death at every hard-reset, but it's still kicking. It even goes two to three days between charges. When I used it every day it wouldn't make it through the workday without a session on the wireless charger. Now my 1020 does this and I know it's me not the phone draining it like this.

My 920 is still going strong. I passed it on to one of my kids because I just got the 1520. But the only reason I changed to the 1520 was because I got an offer I couldn't refuse, my 920 was/is still awesome!

Same here! I picked up the 1520 but my 920 could have lasted me another year at least. I love that phone.

Yeah had Nokia not introduced this 6in display, my 920 would still be the best phone ever. Not to mention cyan is still my favorite phone color.

I wish I had this option. Mine started acting out right around the time my one year warranty ran up this past December. Tried to deal with warranty and AT&T and got absolutely nowhere. Now I've had to make the deep downgrade to a Lumia 520. Just not even close to what I was used to.

The 920 still remains as my 2nd phone after I had gotten the 1520. Still won't let it rest cos the low light photos really is much better than the 1520 and the size for doing sports is still optimal. Anything else the 1520 still outshone the 920. However, after getting the 1520, did really find the display on the 920 is with a yellow tinge on the white.

The 920 is the best phone ever, until the utterly amazing 1520. I bemoan the loss of QI, but the 1080p is a can't live without feature. My 920 runs Pandora now and is ready for service should duty call.

Bought mine in December 2012 too. Still looking good and functions perfectly. No reason or intentions to change phone yet.

That's what i was doing too! Until, you know, wpcentral announced you could get it on ebay for 200... which I obviously did. Lookig forward to phase out my 620!

Got it since April and im loving it. Only problem is that the screen for some reason registers multiple fingers and messes up the screen, everything starts jumping up and down. And for some reason the vibrator is bi-polar, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But those are just glitches, the phone in general is amazing, just waiting for a v2 because its weight it annoying sometimes.

Amoled display, 6 lens camera, performs amazingly in low light, thinner, lighter and its partially built from aluminum. 1520 is the only Lumia with quad core right now, and Lumia Icon(929) will be too, but WP is already super fast and fluid on dual core. Specs don't matter for WP as much as they do for android.

nope its more like a v1.2

the loss of Qi and half the memory in most models while being very similar under the hood.

OK, it had an extra lense and AMOLED. And metal too! but i dont think it counts as a full blown v2

That's not v2, that's just the extra mobile version, smaller but with worse specs. 16 GB, PenTile, and loss of Qi are not the stuff v2s are made of.

I love my Lumia still to this day, hardware and software running perfectly and have dropped quite a few times but it still holds up. I only have one problem, sometimes the phone says that its on charge when its not even plugged in and it doesn't have water damage but other than that 100% still love it

I still have a HTC Surround that I let my little girl play with and it does that as well. Used to annoy me when I was still using it and the dam icon would be lit up as charging.

Its great had it since day 1 and its fast as ever. It gets all the updates and keeps improving. Photos and videos are excellent. All in all the best device I've ever had.

+920 here...exact same experience.  That said, as AT&T had the 1020 for $49 with a contract renewal this past weekend I ordered one...couldn't resist.

Got it one day before release in Sweden and I still love it, but going from an N8 to the 920 made me hate the camera, so it is now replaced with a 1020. But stays in the living room for second screen to my Xboxes :)

N8 was the second best camera phone after 808 on pre-Lumia times. And yes, the camera on N8 is still very good in today's times.

Yes... I opened up old N8 photos that I took 2 years ago... Comparing it, L920 lost the fight a little bit... But it's still a good one

I haven't found any camera phone that matches the 808. The 1020 comes close, but tends to get the colors wrong and has oversharpening. Without a xenon flash, the 920 won't compete with indoors photography. Of course the problem with the 808 is that it doesn't have any of the new apps, but there are good apps available for Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, SoundCloud, Spotify.  The big advantages that the 808 still has over the 1020 is an SD slot that can handle up to 64GB of extra storage, and sound profiles that you can automate with the Situations app.  The 808 is also incredibly well built and has a really vibrant AMOLED screen. It's easily legible outdoors. Battery life easily gets through two days of moderate use. The 808 also has a dedicated graphics processor, so it snaps its photos and processes them almost instantly. The flash is stronger than on the 1020, too. I love taking photos of people with my 808. They invariably ask "what kind of phone is THAT!?," especially when they see the quality of the results. I'm still very happy with my 808 in terms of every day use. I do miss some of the recent apps or those that never made it to Symbian, like Netflix, ESPN, BridgeBaron, Sibley's bird guide, and Reddit. But those apps aren't enough to make me trade in the 808's camera for a lesser one. Maybe the 1820 will convince me.

Still snappy! The polycarbonate on the right side is starting to peel away, leaving me fearful of the buttons not working one day. Other than that its a tank and I love it!

It It's perfect.. Bright glossy red, and not a scratch. It just stays in my car now, and is only used for music.. What an awesome 32gb XBM player it is... No, seriously.. I wiped all of the apps, and only use my 920 for music.. My 1520 get's no love on the music side...

I've got the same setup except my 920 is my driver and my 520 is my music machine. Still waiting to upgrade to the 1520. I'm stuck with ATT and I really want Qi. I'm planning on snagging an RM-938 1520 when they become more readily available.

Yep...32GB Class 10 card. So for $75 ($60 for the 520 & $15 for the card), I've got a fantastic music player/beater phone for when I don't want to risk my 920. 

Me too, some scratch one the edge and some even got chipped off... Covering it with nokia's Case but now thinking of buying new housing... Wonder why but I can feel something in my L920 moving if I shake it (maybe the battery) worry me a little bit

That's why you gotta get a case on that biach ASAP... Mines a year only and it has maybe one teensy tiny little faint scratch on the back.. In other words it's in excellent condition.

I too can feel something slightly loose inside my L920 when I lightly shake it. Its never shown even the slightest sign of an issue as a result, but it's nice to know I'm not the only one.

I also have something that shifts in my 920 when I move it around. Like the other poster said, I don't seem to have any issues with it. Though I wonder what it is. I have to say, my FFC is pretty much worthless because of the dust, which is probably my biggest grip against mine. Otherwise, I would say, even though I closely follow all the Lumia news, I can't really see a reason to upgrade. My wife actually wants me to get a 1020 just because she likes the photos I take of the kids, but I'm not sure if I should wait until WP8.1. I've got a couple more months before I can upgrade, so I'll see how stuff goes. 

But 920 rocks! It gets a little hot sometimes, too much dust in the FFC, and seems to struggle getting a GPS lock in some buildings. Otherwise, I got my sister and my dad to get one because it's so solid. If I do upgrade to a 1020, I'll give my wife the 920. 

Top 3 best phone I ever owned. You come across a phone that sets a certain standard and this by far was one for me. I use it as a media player now since I'm on 1520 but I miss it sometimes

Yep.. I would say it's the best device I've ever owned, even beating my 1520 quality wise... What's up with the off white, dull, speckled, capacitive buttons? Are yours like that?

It is holding up, but the battery life definitely has been sub-par. With minimal use it is only lasting until the afternoon before going to battery saver. No background apps running, strong wi-fi and cell signal. No BT, no NFC, no music playing, no using camera. Just emails, checking FB, and some NBCNEWS/Weave reader usage.

Run down battery until it shuts off and then recharge. This will "reset" battery and should get you better life. Worked for me as I had same issue.

we have 5 920s here and 3 are still running strong a few drop dings, 1 was repalced last week due to the middle button no longer functioning.  the last one though has been a POS, 3 broken screen, and bad usb connector.


great phone though, just wish the screens were better. :)


It was going very well until yesterday. I dropped it and since then, the vibration motor has lost like 3/4 of its power.

I wish the vibration motor on my 920 would loose most of its power. That way it would be usable. Mine sounds like a chainsaw.
Other than that, my 920 is great. And as I still have the L800 in use, l suppose the 920 will be around for a long time too.

My Lumia 920 is still holding strong. I still love it. Only thing that bothers me slightly is its WiFi connectivity. If I leave home/ work, where I am connected to WiFi, and come back, the WiFi doesn't connect on its own. I have to turn it off and turn it back on again to be able to re-connect. Even clicking on the WiFi connection name (to connect to it) doesn't work, I *HAVE* to turn WiFi off and back on again. This happens every single time, and yes, under advanced settings I've set it to remain enabled when screen times out and to automatically connect to WiFi hotspots (not sure if the second option needs to be necessarily turned on though). I'll take it to my local MSFT store some weekend and have them check it out.

But other than that, I love everything about it, from its screen size, to its wireless charging capability to its camera performance.

Same thing happens to me ocasionally - not always but enough to detect a pattern.  It started recently, so I'm thinking it may related to the Black update.

Happens to me every day, put it in flight mode, then back out to fix. Still a pain. I've had a similar issue with 3 other L920s.

There is a slight possibility that it's actually a router problem, make sure your firmware is up to date! Sometimes those problems will stay dormant for a long time before they pop up and make a WiFi setup buggy.

It's not a router problem. Happens to me on every wifi connection - at home, work, friends' place, everywhere.

Ah! I missed the part with the WiFi hotspots, sorry! Hopefully the MSFT has some ideas. If they suggest a full reset, sometimes those things get stuck on the spinning gears, and it was through the forums here where I found the software and downloads to hook it up to a computer and get it out of that state. Good Luck!

I had to factory default my 928 as my compass stopped working after a bad drop and the factory reset fixed my WiFi problem as well as compass.

I've had my black L920 since day one. I prefer not to use the mammoth otter box but with only minor damage I can say this a tough phone. Can't beat the qi wireless charging and all the other things "ahead of its time" that came with this device. Only downside has been AT&T. :(

Got mine in January 2013.  It is still going strong. I can't upgrade it until January 2015, so hopefully it will keep ticking until then. :)

Are u with att? I also got it on Jan 2013 2 yr contract but on my att account it says I can renew 9/22/14...or maybe im reading something wrong

Yes. I'm with AT&T. Let me check my account and see if the date has changed. This is what my upgrade status says:

AT&T Upgrade Status:
• Congratulations! You are upgrade eligible today for a new smartphone with $0 down on AT&T Next; a new way to upgrade every year and get our new lower rate plans.
• You are eligible to upgrade to a new phone at full price today. This line may be eligible for an upgrade on 01/30/2015

I've had mine since the beginning, and it's still chugging along like a champ. I have a weird screen glitch that happens every once and a while, and the vibration is weak/sometimes non-existent, but nothing major...the one time it fell :/ Best phone I've ever had, hands down. Now I'm just waiting to see what's next up for WP8(.1) phones. I don't want to make the switch to a Lumia 925 or 1020 because I still think the 920 is better. It's also one hell of an upgrade from my old WP7 LG Quantum. Couldn't be happier with it.

Agree. I'm on my second 920 since Nov 2012. Only major hardware complaint is the dust on the front face camera. But overall awesome phone

That is the only thing I hate about my 920(3 devices so far) wife's white one is the only one that doesn't have that problem.

I still love mine. I have a 1520 now, but my Lumia 920 has now been repurposed to run my Bluetooth sound system and be my GPS in my car to save my phone battery.

Haven't had it a year yet and about to go away for its third repair... Display flicker, then flash stopped working..
then flash stopped working again one week after it was repaired. Not great! But I do love the pho e otherwise...

After lumia 800 this model 920 was a big step up overall. Lumia 1020 it's nice but I wait for Snapdragon 805 cpu in other phones from Nokia.

Been a user since release. Like my 3210, this phone have had its share of drops and fall. Still in one piece, still going strong. Only difference is, I can now shoot some cracking shot of the floors I've cracked in the night club where my phone landed.

I have my yellow 920 since November 2012, and I still love it as if it was the first day. I used to buy new phones every six months, but there is something about the 920, the feel, the touch, I don't know, that makes it unique ! And the camera is still amazing, most of my friends can't take as good pictures/video with their newer phones.

Adding that Nokia is updating it regularly, I honnestly think it's one of the best phones I've ever had !

I got the yellow Lumia 920 on day 1 of release from AT&T. It's holding pretty well. Actually, I had a broken screen just last month (happened after 3 drops in a span of 2 days [holidays and drinking...]). Anyway, I got a glass+digitizer for $45 and replaced it myself (it was kind of hard) and I'm back in the game.

I agree it's a pinnacle device, to the point that I have not been highly motivated to upgrade to any other WP to this day (the 1020 was a close call). I will happily wait for the 1020 successor.

The 920 remains a speedy handset with enough memory and features, and the camera got much, much better after fw and sw updates. The app support is fantastic. Battery life is good if you manage it well. Very happy with my 920 to this day.

Does anyone actually own a Windows Phone that became less snappy after a while? Because I haven't encountered or heared anyone with such a problem. We all know about Android breaking down after a while and Apple nerfing their own devices but WP devices keep going strong as far as I know. My 920 is no exception.

I have a 8X on VZW and i notice some lag when i get low on memory, sub 500 MB.  I should have waited for the 928 but I was impatient.  But overall, WP typically doesn't lag at all.

Yeah I notice lag from time to time on my 8X, but as you said, that's only because I have low storage. But apart from that, my year old 8X is still going strong.

I have had some issues with mine and had to swap it twice under warranty.  I have it in an incipio case but the corners have gotten quite dirty.  I have the blue one.  Overall, I have been happy with it but I can't wait til December; I am hoping to see a nice MS WP at that point (wishful thinking)

I did the same. Then the 928 came out and I couldn't help my self. I was ready to pay full price and the rep said if I get a jet pack on my account they will do the upgrade price. I was looking for a mobile hotspot anyways so it worked out got my 928 for $99 :D
Also Verizon asked if I would sell back my old 8X for $149

Love my 920.. been using a note 3 for just over a month and can honestly say I'm switching back to my 920. I miss the camera, miss the durability, I miss my apps NOT crashing, I miss my exchange search actually working. After using Android for over a month, I can see all the things that Windows Phone got right, right out of the box.. my note 3 wouldn't open a text doc by default.. I had to download a third party app.. anyways.. Love my 920.

I've had my 920 since December 2012 and it is great shape still. I sometimes stare it and admire its beauty. My only (and very recent) issue is that the screen rotation locks up, which is likely due to the gyroscope going bad. It will happen occassionally or if the phone takes some impact, like tossing it on the bed.

I'm hoping this phone lasts until the next holiday season.

I have the 928 and had a problem with the compass after a bad drop. NOKIA said a factory default would fix and it did. Maybe worth trying.

My Lumia 920 had a faulty battery but has been sorted and all ok since. Cracking phone and the camera was great. So weird when I pick it up after holding my 1020. The weight difference is quite astonishing. Both feel tiny after using the 1520 for a while. 

Always remember first going out with friends and taking photos of the nights out over Christmas and New Year. They all mentioned how good the photos were. Was quite chuffed with it :)

I still have my Rogers Nokia Lumia 920 and I'm not looking to change it soon. It's the first time I like a phone that much

Got mine on release date and its still going strong batterys still holding out and awaiting the Nokia Black update from EE, if anything since Amber the phone seems quicker Camera still takes fantastic Photos never used the USB Charger though always the charging plate and it still Wirelessly Charges perfect, I'll be honest i'm going to miss the device when i do upgrade

Bought mine in Jan 2013 and used it for about a year. Now i'm using the mighty Lumia 1020. Love both phones to the max. What i wish it has are 1) fm transmitter, 2) sd card slot, 3) built in Qi charger (for the 1020).

The screen is shattered, the microphone broken, the battery is loose, and now it won't turn on.

(It had a nasty fall)

Actually just off the bar at buffalo wild wings. I was very surprised at how badly it was damaged for only falling about 4 feet.

Launch device and mine actually saved my life the other day. I'm the video dad for my daughter's cheer academy and I usually use a Panasonic Camcorder.  Well this last even was smaller and I wasn't thinking about filming it but when I got there partents where asking if I was going to film it.  I mentioned I hadn't thought about it but I would with my phone.  So it came in handy!!  The Videos of course looked amazing.  The Image Stabilization is a very helpful feature and I remember hearing it was a gimmick!  Nonsense!  The 3 mics also a godsend as the audio recording is stellar on the videos.  I got thanked and got compliments that the videos looked great.  I do wish for the 1020 sometimes but I'm really waiting to see whats on the horizon.

I have a few drop dents but it's been pretty resilliant.  I don't drop my phone often so mine isn't a great candidate for drop test.

The bad?  Internet Explorer is my biggest gripe.  I'm not one of those Internet Explorer is terrible people as I constantly rotate that, Opera and FF on the desktop side. On my WP though it constantly crash and sends me to the Start Screen or crashes the phone and reboots.  IE was PERFECT in WP7 outside of the lack of flash but getting by with HTML supported video sites took the sting off of that.  IE needs to be fixed.   

Oct 2012, still and absolutely mint phone. Decided to change the housing today just to change it up first time, ready for an upgrade though hopefully something new at MWC. 

Muhahaha i got my 710 :P
My two brothers and mother have Nokia lumia 920. Its a perfect phone which can run everything. When i shot a video with it , everyone was surprised of its quality . Not only the video but voice too!
It runs all games up till now .

Still got my 920! Been working like a dream since day one! (well after I got it replaced twice due to gdr1 bricking it and then overheating with another) Screen is still scratchless although the back has some weird shiny marks on the back that I just cant get rid of (black version)... And not getting much love from three for the back update :( BUT ITS STILL THE BEST PHONE IVE EVER OWNED!!!

Had it since At&t launch date.

-Screen is still intact. The rear black body is all scratched from drops and pocket wear.
-After GDR 2 update I lost ability to sync to my primary MS account, so no more text backup or email downloads for that account. and for the past month I've lost ability to receive MMS's which sucks. Reading on the forums it has to do with the text backup function but I'd rather not delete my threads.
-The phone does hangup quite a bit. Especially on the messaging app.

- Hoping WP8.1 fixes most these bugs.

Other than that, the phone has been great.

I've had the same problem with MMS as well, but don't want to delete threads and risk losing them for good.

Try resetting it (reinstall) or at least remove some stuff to free space. Seems TRIM is not run often enough and SSD slows down quite a lot in time.

sorry let me correct that, yes the memory is solid state, but it is hardwired to the board and not a separate drive like a computer SSD.

Still it is called SSD. Although they refer it as Memory in the specifications, which is ambiguous, but for regular Joe it sounds better. 

I had an issue with my MS account not syncing as well, but the easy fix for me was to re-add my outlook stuff using a "new account". Basically added the same account as a 2nd outlook account and asked the original one to stop syncing. After that I was getting emails again on the 2nd account.

Not sure if that fix will work with the MMS issues too though, since my sync issues didn't come with never had that problem.

I'm actually getting my 1020 tomorrow. (finally)

I've had the 920 since January of last year, which was a few months after launch, but pretty much since the beginning. No flaws whatsoever. It's been nothing but wonderful. It's just time for an upgrade.

Mine is doing well "mostly", but I had a battery drain problem for the first time yesterday, but it seems to be ok now. Battery life in general isn't what it used to be though. I also have been having problems receiving MMS pics and group texts since around September/October. Not sure if that's the phone's fault though.

I wonder if it's a known issue that can be fixed by Nokia/Microsoft without having to delete text messages?

I just installed the Lumia Black update this morning and it "seems" like it might have fixed what the last update (probably) broke. Can't be for sure just yet...