Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia Lumia 925 Windows Phone unleashed on the United Kingdom

The Nokia Lumia 925 has been unleashed on the United Kingdom and is expected to be on a few retailer's shelves this week.

The Lumia 925 is being described as a new interpretation of the Lumia 920. The Lumia 925 sports a 4.5" AMOLED WXGA (1280x768) screen protected by Gorilla Glass 2 and with Clearblack, Super Sensative Touch technology.

The rear camera is a 8.7MP Pureview shooter with optical stabilization and short pulse, high power, dual LED lights. As far as memory goes, the Lumia 925 has 1GB of RAM with internal storage differing a little between carriers.

In general, the Lumia 925 will have 16GB of internal storage. Vodafone will have an exclusive black model with 32GB of storage. O2 will have an exclusive white version with 16GB of storage.

No word on pricing but the Lumia 925 should be available through Vodafone and O2 this week. Three, EE, Phones4u, Carphone Warehouse and independent retail outlets with shipments later this month.

For those looking for SIM Free versions, Expansys UK has the Lumia 925 in white available for £499.99 (shipping noted in three days) and is taking pre-orders on other models.  No pricing is listed for the pre-order models.

Here's the full presser from Nokia.

Nokia Lumia 925

London, UK – Nokia today announced the availability of the Nokia Lumia 925, a new interpretation of its award-winning flagship, the Nokia Lumia 920. The Nokia Lumia 925 introduces a metal design and showcases the latest PureView camera innovation, new features and third party applications.

With the most advanced lens technology, including 6 physical lenses, and next generation imaging software, the Nokia Lumia 925 captures clearer, sharper pictures and video, as well as the best low-light images. The Nokia Lumia 925 also introduces the new Nokia Smart Camera mode, coming as an update to all Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphones in the near future. Nokia Smart Camera is the easiest way to take the perfect photo. It captures ten images at once and allows you to quickly edit and share using options like Best Shot, Action Shot, Change Faces, Remove Moving Objects and Motion Focus.

“We are delighted with the channel support for the Lumia 925,” said Conor Pierce, VP Nokia UK & Ireland. “It’s a fantastic device that will be ranged across all of our partners here in the UK.”

The Nokia Lumia 925 introduces metal for the first time to the Nokia Lumia range, bringing appeal and allowing for a significant reduction in both weight and volume. The polycarbonate back comes in white, grey or black. A wireless charging cover can be clipped onto the back of the phone to take advantage of Nokia’s extensive wireless charging accessories and ecosystem. Covers, sold separately, come in white, black, yellow, and red.

“The Nokia Lumia 925 is the best Nokia Windows Phone 8 device yet and will further support the growth of Windows Phone,” said David Johnson, O2’s General Manager Devices. “We think customers will love it, especially our exclusive white version.”

Leading Nokia services, such as the HERE suite of integrated location and satellite navigation applications, Nokia Music for unlimited streaming of free (with no sign up required)  music mixes, and new applications like the forthcoming Hipstamatic all add to make one of the most complete smartphone packages in the market today.

Sales are expected to start in the UK this week. The Lumia 925 will be available from Vodafone in an exclusive black 32GB version, from O2 in a white 16GB version and will become available in 3, EE, Phones4u, Carphone Warehouse and independent retail outlets with shipments later this month. The Lumia 925 will be available free from many outlets with airtime packages starting as low as £34 per month including unlimited airtime and texts.

Nokia Lumia 925

  • Operating system: Windows Phone 8
  • HERE location and mapping services: Free global HERE Maps and HERE Drive+; Free HERE Transit available in the Store
  • Display: 4.5” AMOLED WXGA (1280x768), 2.25 D sculpted Gorilla 2 Glass, ClearBlack, High Brightness Mode, Sunlight Readability, Super Sensitive Touch for glove and nail usage
  • Battery: 2000 mAh battery, Wireless Charging supported via an accessory cover
  • Processor: 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon
  • Main camera: PureView 8.7 MP with Optical Image Stabilisation, Autofocus, short pulse high power dual LED flash, most advanced lens technology, 1080p HD video at 30fps with Optical Image Stabilisation. Includes Nokia Smart Camera mode.
  • Front facing camera: 1.2 MP wide angle
  • Memory: 1GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory; 7 GB free SkyDrive cloud storage

About Nokia

Nokia is a global leader in mobile communications whose products have become an integral part of the lives of people around the world. Every day, more than 1.3 billion people use their Nokia to capture and share experiences, access information, find their way or simply to speak to one another. Nokia's technological and design innovations have made its brand one of the most recognised in the world. For more information, visit 


Reader comments

Nokia Lumia 925 Windows Phone unleashed on the United Kingdom


I Want... Thinks its sexier than my 920 and I like the metal and the charging back cover case. But it needs at least 32gb. I keep My 32gb 920 around 3-4gb free but couldn't do any better.

Would this be worth getting now? Or should I wait till later on in the year for newer versions?
Currently using HTC Trophy 7 and had it since release.

Finally somebody selling the charging shell! I wonder if it will be $40 when they come to the US? If so I might go ahead and buy the shell now in anticipation of having the device. :D
Edit: nevermind! Their US site has them for $33!

Who's selling the charging shell?  I've been looking for it!  Even Nokia's site just lists it as "Coming Soon"TM.

Haha but you will!  I would just go ahead and order one but I've got a code for 20% off accessories at O2 so when they start selling this hopefully I'll be able to save a few pounds.

I am doing the same. Lol. I thought i was crazy. I bought a silicon case , hard case and the wireless charging case. All in different colors.
hahahaha. Thank god i am not alone.
I am eyeing a battery plus case too. :D

I can live with my 8Gb 820 just fine. Other storage takes about 1/5 of space but I have another 8Gb as in memory card so I can at least offload photos there. Fix should be out due soon.

I had a stock notification from Clove today. - £480 inc. VAT.
Was hoping it would be nearer £400. Probably a little optimistic of me.
I found it slightly amusing that they have the White version when that's been announced as an O2 exclusive.
*evil mode on* Mwah ha ha ha ha ha

Pre-ordered from 3 who say it will be delivered on the 21st. Does anybody know if there may be any chance it gets delivered earlier as I'm going to glastonbury on the 26th and I'd like more time with my lumia before then haha!

Does it have a removable/replaceable battery? I won't buy a phone that can't swap out the battery. When I am on the road, I can't be dependent on chargers every day.

Try the lumia 521/520 for swappable battery. You'll make a considerable number of compromises compared to the 925, but its better then cheaply androids.

Wait for the 930... It will blow the 92x line to pieces! Too expensive so late into this generation of devices. You can pick up a 920 for £250ish from EE now anyway.

Depends. For people who want a lighter, more classy Nokia, the 925 is a big step forward. Also the camera seems to be a big improvement.

pre-ordered from Three the other day, cant wait... but 16GB is a disapointment, what was the point even doing that? they clearly dont listen to their customers

will hold on to my 810 til the price drops on 925... wish it has the availability for micro sd expansion storage, that'd be hella sweet... and hope that we can install apps on them sd cards....

£499 - Think ill wait for the price drop that will no doubt happen in a couple of months.