Nokia RM-875 visits the FCC, proof of an international Lumia EOS

Nokia RM-875 FCC

We’re only three weeks away from Nokia’s Zoom Reinvented event in New York City. It takes place July 11 and it’s there we suspect the Fins to take the wraps off of the Nokia Lumia “EOS”. Over the past few weeks we’ve seen the upcoming device in a variety of different states – smartphone housing, full images of the device, FCC filings and more. When it comes to the FCC filing the device was going under the name Nokia RM-877. Now there’s another device hanging out with the FCC – the Nokia RM-875.

A few weeks back when we first saw RM-877 we just knew it had to be the upcoming EOS because it had dimensions that were nearly identical to the Lumia 920, but ever so slightly larger. And as you know, we’ve seen some images comparing the two devices side-by-side and the EOS does look a hair larger in both height and width.

So what is RM-875 that just visited the FCC? It looks to be an international variant of the EOS. The specs and schematics between RM-875 and RM-877 are identical except for a few things. RM-875 has support for LTE in the 850MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz, and 2500MHz frequencies. Stuff you’re more likely to see internationally than on AT&T.

That means the EOS should be available to a number of our friends around the globe.  An "Elvis" world tour perhaps...?

So, who is planning on picking one up?

Source: FCC, Via: Engadget


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Nokia RM-875 visits the FCC, proof of an international Lumia EOS


Seriously though I feel you man. If the 925 isn't at least confirmed or launched by the July 11th reveal Nokia can kiss my HTC Titan.lol I'll pass for something else or give in to the dark side that is Android and the HTC One. I really want to know more about this GDR2(or something) update before I go anywhere though. My Titan still works fine.

I am planning to buy one for my wife. This will also be a replacement for my pocket digital camera. Life is good with one less device.

I have sold all phones in my cache for this.  Lumia 920, Galaxy S3, Optimus L9 and my iPhone 5 are gone or about to be.  Rocking the T-mobile 8X and I can say it has way better batery than the 920, hopefully they get smart and add a way to turn off LTE.

The T-mobile 8X has a setting to limit the fastest connection but the 920 does not.
WIth the 8X for T-mobile is not even an issue cause it doesn't have LTE anyway.
I also hope that they add more setting options for APN and MMS settings, like android include the ports and stuff.

Good to know ATT is playing hardball, since im buying this outright will get the international version. Thanks.

ATT are just a bunch of a-holes, I don't get why OEMs allow their hardware to be limited in features by the idiot operators.

Ok I don't have an att, so you can't turn off mobile data? can u not use WiFi either? Why don't you unlock it? And what's the problem is it battery life? I pretty much never have data on as I always use WiFi can u do that on the att 920? Kinda sounds like a shit money grab from att

You can turn off mobile data.  You cannot set it to 3G only though.  You can use wi-fi just fine.  I don't think unlocking it would matter... it's still the AT&T firmware.  I don't know why flowkidd wants to turn off 4G... maybe the 4G signal in his area is very weak and it uses the battery searching for the signal?  I know there was an issue with the firmware before last that caused 4G to be pretty unreliable until the next update.  That was when we were all really missing the ability to turn off 4G and just drop back to 3G.  But they released a new firmware that fixed that.
The 3G setting is also not present on the AT&T 820.  I don't know why AT&T removes this setting... I think I heard somewhere that they are trying to shift users onto the 4G network to relieve congestion on the 3G spectrum?  Not sure though...

Interesting, thanks for the reply. I wish carriers would leave the phones firmware alone, pisses me off just seeing there logo when I boot up. Glad that Telstra has left their mitt's off my 920s settings. Shame on you AT&T

I remember when Sprint used to routinely modify Windows Mobile to not show call duration in the call log.  Same phones on other carriers would show it, Sprint would specifically remove it.  As an hourly biiller it would really piss me off.
Irony is now that WP doesn't even offer this feature... so I am no longer on Sprint but I am STILL annoyed.  :)

Its time for OEMs to stand up to the damn carriers or for consumers to start complaining in mass, the problem is most of these complaints come only from the few tech savy people, the other sheep don't even notice anything is wrong or missing, they just blindly tolerate the carrier tyrany.

Can someone help explain what it means to have an unlocked ATT pentaband Lumia 920?  Can I take it anywhere in the world (mainly Asia and on US T-mobile), and it will work both voice and data (2G, 3G, or?) if I get a local sim card?  Just got my 920 unlocked recently.

Wait...were did you get the idea that the EOS would be USA-only? I know Americans are a bit egocentrical but comme on Sam...we all knew the EOS would never be USA-only lol =P

Anyway, what this seems to be proof of is that, this time, North Americans won't be subject to carrier-exclusivity on the phone. Let us not forget that the FCC has zero power outside the US and that the rest of the world doesn't give a rats arse to what FCC says (even the USA should sometimes ignore them...just sayin' lol) so if they got a device for "approval" that may indicate that it will be possible for Americans to have the EOS without having to get on a contract with AT&T because only phones that are to be sold in the USA need FCC's approval. And to me, that's great since I'm completely against carrier-exclusive phones.
That said, I won't be getting this. Sure 41MP is nice but I already have a L920, I don't like EOS's design at all and its even bigger than the L920 which is already too big for my taste. So I'll give this a miss.

Went through 5 lumia 920s before canceling my contract with rogers and getting a refund. Hopefully the eos is problem free. Is crash. Hangs. Turns off. Doesn't turn on. . battery drain . etc

I never brought my phones carrier locked and defaced by a carriers logo. So I happy to read that it might be available as an unlocked, unbranded device. Though I'm not sure if I will buy a new phone after less than a year and I'm more than satisfied with my l920.

Tough choice, since I really like the idea of having the amazing zoom in capabilities the EOS will certainly have. Maybe I can hand my l920 over to a family member or friend. :)

You are lucky if you have enough cash to go for an unbranded unlocked phone every few months, many others don't have that luxury.

@radde. I'm in the same boat as radde. Really enjoy my L920, but really want an unlocked EOS.
What is the best avenue to get an unlocked EOS?