Nokia teases the Lumia 920 with "Everyone loves a comeback" banner

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Hamburg, Germany

One of our eagle-eyed readers spied this Nokia banner hanging in Hamburg, Germany today. It shows Nokia is gearing up for their round 2 with Windows Phone and the Lumia 920.

The banner, in its simplicity shows a 920 peeking in with the phrase 'Jeder Liebt Ein Comeback' or 'Everyone loves a comeback'. Indeed, we wouldn't disagree with that assessment at all. Thanks, Damon B., for the photo!


Reader comments

Nokia teases the Lumia 920 with "Everyone loves a comeback" banner


That is the most drab/dull looking building I've seen in some time. What is this, remnants of Soviet Russia?

It's the other way around. Germans love to loan words from English. Their ads are full of "babies" "kids" etc instead of respective German words.

LOL, I was just being sarcastic!  But it is interesting that they love to use words 'babies' and 'kids' as you mentioned...

hey guys only nokias house shop will sell the unlocked version of the 920 and the 820.So all other available off contract phones are from carriers so i dont think that amazon will offer it very cheap because they want that you sign a contract

Nokia, that 920 seems to be a very nice phone, I love the effort, but please make that next phone a little lighter if u can..:-)

I thought Nokia was only a has-been in North America, but still owned Europe and Asia? Why would Nokia fanboys lie about that??!