Nokia Touch Update

Nokia Touch update allows you to disable button vibration

Nokia never fails to impress us with the little options and configurations the company adds with its system app updates. This latest release (version for the Touch system app on Lumia Windows Phones enables a new setting for consumers to toggle, which affects the vibration feedback caused by hitting the capacitive buttons. You're now able to simply turn the vibration on and off.

We actually speculated that this would happen back in September, so we're glad to see it finally arrive.

This setting affects all three buttons – Back, Windows and Search. It's a small alteration with a massive impact on the user experience. Say you don't wish to have your hands massaged while holding your Windows Phone and hitting the capacitive keys, or perhaps you'd like to have the phone completely silent, including any motors running to provide haptic feedback. It's a minor update with a cool new feature.

You can check for updates on your Lumia Windows Phone or hit this link to manually grab the latest Touch release. It's worth noting that a prompt will appear for you to reboot your Windows Phone when changing this setting. Do you prefer to have the capacitive key vibration feedback on or off? Sound off in the comments.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Reader comments

Nokia Touch update allows you to disable button vibration



Who here is still annoyed by the silly screen brightness dimming bug that the 1520 has❔... We need a fix for that❕

I like being able to restart the phone without holding down the power button, and sliding the screen down.. This is much less cumbersome..
MS should let developers make apps that can do this..

An API that can shut your phone off? Available to ANYONE in any app? Not gonna lie, that sounds terrible! haha

Because that is what android can do. I am not saying it is the worst thing in the world, but it would be nice to have it without restarting. It just looks like it is another workaround from nokia. 

Android phones are the phones who usually requires a restart now and then, if it doesn't restart or turn off by itself. Windows Phone is far more stable in the long run.

Is it really that big of a deal to wait for the couple of minutes it takes to restart?

you'll end up with a fresh boot anyway which should increase battery life and make it more responsive.

Android has it built in to the OS, so yeah obviously this is most likely just a Nokia workaround. Restarting your phone takes no time at all either, unless you spend every second of the day on your phone. Just have it restart when you put it in your pocket, by the time you are out the door it'll be done.

It's not a workaround, it just reveals that this is a BIOS setting that the hardware reads only on power up. Nothing wrong with that.

Using WP for so long, I could hit the three buttons correctly without even looking. If mine stopped working I wouldn't mind. They're blinding XD. I want a toggle to turn them off or lower it's brightness.

@talk4lig, you got that right lol... They are pretty bright in the dark. Was hoping they would have added a setting to adjust the brightness but i can live without it. The haptic feed back on my L920 is negligible and prefer it on. Otherwise it feels odd...

Takes too long to shut down so I manually restart for it to work.i wanted this option before but now I dunno why even after this option has arrived,I kind of feel incomplete without the vibration i had got accustomed to.turning vibration back on right now. :D

Hahaha the same goes with me. I'm so accustomed to the vibrations that now I haven't turned it off even though it would save battery. My Lumia 1320 battery life is very good so doesn't make that much of a difference to me.

Hah, what do I say! In the beginning the haptic feedback vibration used to drive me nuts! But over time, I have begun liking it! Yes, I like it now, since i have got used to it, and in any case. it gives me a confirmation that my touch command was registered, so I am more sure about my touch commands. However, I will still have the update for the options. :)

and i thought windows keys written under touch setting would enable the windows key to act as a notification light in the future but it was for this......sigh

+925 This and being able to close apps without spamming the back button were my top two wants since Windows Phone 7.5. Sadly I stil don't have either because stupid T-Mobile is taking forever. But seriously, Kid's Corner before the basic function of being able to close apps? Does anybody actually use Kid's Corner? Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the minds of the Windows Phone team.

Kids corner is awesome, gives me the peace of mind that i can give my phone to any niece or nephew without worrying that they will start sending random texts or emails to tenants and landlords thus getting me into whole heap of trouble. I don't mind that they have access to the camera roll as all i have is maintenance pictures and property pictures for marketing. When the accidently lock it, it gives me time to engage them in other activities like football (soccer), colouring, origami etc.

Of course, it is a nice feature to have if we are put into situations such as those you mentioned. I just don't understand the priorities the developers have. To me, that's like having a smartphone with all these neat features but no wifi or bluetooth (or some other basic function that every other OS has). A couple weeks ago I was playing a game on my phone, but for some reason I couldn't close out of it no matter how many times I spammed the back button. I could hold the back button and switch between apps, but there was no way of getting rid of it until I restarted my phone. Sure, maybe the "close app" feature may not have worked in that situation as well, but I won't find out until I get the update.

No i can confirm at this point that you don't require black ....have it on my phone, gdr3 is installed though... Lumia 620 is my phone fyi

no... it doesnt require black update.. it z working on my l620 with GDR3 update(dev).. i had to restart twice to work it....

Send your phone to Nokia Center if you don't want to wait getting Black update. They will flash Black firmware for you free.

Cool. This was much more annoying on my old Trophy, but this is a welcome addition, none the less.  

I restarted my phone, then when i loaded back up my keys still vibrated and wont let me open my touch settings

Updated the wives 520, now it doesn't allow the touch settings to be loaded. When I tap the touch settings it tries to load and then crashes. Works great on my 920 though. Hope they fix the problem with my wives as she hates the feedback.

Same here. Ok on my 1520 but somehow not ok on my 920. After restart, the capacitive keys still vibrate but now I can't access to the Touch app. The app will close immediately I launch it.

I got a issue with the Touch update, when i get into the setting its says " Touch can't be opened. An app update may be available in Store" any ideas to solve the problem?pls no factory setting!?  NL 1020 THK

Finally! I really wish there's a toggle for the turning off the capacitive lights. They're extremely annoying!!!

But I love the button feedback. I always want some sort of feedback when I press gives notion that your command has been accepted. Nice update but no thank you.

I used to want this for the keyboard back when I got my 920 right out the gate coming from android and swiftkey, but now doesn't seem like a necessarily option and also not included from what I have read here....still this is why I love Nokia! Yes they maybe behind on some aspects compared to android and ios but they continue to update their phones!

It's a quote underrated feature the heptic're gonna miss it when it's gone. I would love to have the option to auto-disable the vibration only when batteries are under a certain charge percentage or simply paired with energy saving options.

I simply adore how everything Windows related has to restart in order to apply changes :D Anyway, vibration disabled, let's see if I'll be able to live with it, for experiment's sake :D

Updated and switched off. My 521 isn't as bad as my hd7 was, but I don't care for the vibration on the buttons. Also shut off vibration of Xbox controller (360, not One).

How very timely. I just sent my 920 to warranty repair (with only a few days left on my warranty!) because the vibration had almost completely died on my capacitive buttons!

my Lumia920 never vibrates when using such buttons
there any haptic feedback since i purchased it
i have a 620 and it's available
also same for a friend 920
same fot my brother's 925

dont know why


I also didn't ever have this vibration on my lumia 920.

Don't know if I have to feel myself good or bad :S

Again , restarting the phone will make me angry and if i didn't like the feature and want to turn of it thn i hav to restart again

My 620 says no updates are available. If I go to the Apps page linked above and send it to the phone it gives me option to reinstall, but nothing ever changes. Have restarted phone too, no idea how to get ths update.

first dont install it bcos it wont work untill GDR3 update scondly you can simply tap the search botton on your phone the right botton along windws sign than bing will open then click on the eye shape at bottom than click on it it will open camera just scane that above given 2d bar and automaticly u will be n store after getting and clicking the link

This is good for me cause I dropped my L521 and it vibrates a little too much now when I tap those buttons to the point its a bit uncomfortable, so this is welcomed.

I'm used to Nokia touch devices of the old days. After using WP, I'd even love to have the vibration feedback when typing!

this is so my phone giving more solid feel.... and hey mine restarted in just 4-5 seconds....


Still waiting for configuration for Search button. Don't know how many times I ahve pressed that one by mistake.

1 second delay should be enough.

How much impact will it make on my battery life? Any idea to what extent will my battery be conserved with this update? Anyone, any idea?