Official Vogue and Benetton apps now available for Windows Phone


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Although the last time we read Vogue was when we were waiting in the doctor’s office, we hear that many people rather enjoy the high-end fashion rag. If that’s the case, then you’ll be excited to learn that the official app of the magazine is now available for Windows Phone.

And as a bonus, Benetton is also gracing their presence on the Windows Phone platform with their official United Colors of Benetton app.


First up is Vogue, probably one of the most popular fashion outlets out there. The app is quite basic but laid out nicely. Heck, even their description is simple:

“Get the latest fashion news throughout the day, backstage access, insider interviews, and all the most stylish party pictures direct to your mobile from the Vogue team wherever you are in the world.”

Sounds good enough, although the app seems to be missing some bells and whistles.


Next up is Benetton, which also has kept their description short, even if they’re shouting it:

  • COLLECTIONS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - Browse and share catalogue and campaign images, discover details about the clothes and watch videos of the photoshoots.
  • NEWS - An entire area with updated news and events from the Benetton world.
  • DO YOU LOVE SHOPPING? - In the ‘Stores’ section you will find all the information about your nearest Benetton stores, wherever you are in the world, with details for getting to them.
  • WANT SOME MUSIC? - Listen to the Benetton radio station integrated in the app: your favourite music, wherever you want it, whenever you want it!

So there you go. We’ll leave the rest up to you on your thoughts if they're good or not.

Pick up the official Vogue app here and Benetton here in the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, Dan J., for the heads up!

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Reader comments

Official Vogue and Benetton apps now available for Windows Phone


Nice to see more and more consumer companies and stores coming to the platform. I found the Zara app the other day (I think it was in the marketplace recommendations actually). Really nicely made. You can buy from their whole catalogue (men's and women's) and it's a really stylish app which still uses some "Metro" (sorry!) language. I was impressed. (Just couldn't find a coat I actually liked!)

I think it's great there are now so many official apps, but now the next step is for these companies to promote them on their websites and other advertisements. Seriously, there's been instances where there is a Windows Phone app available and yet they still advertise it as "Available on iPhone and Android". If they mentioned Windows Phone it would do so much to bring brand awareness to people.

I just think it's great that these two fashion icons in particular are embracing the Windows Phone platform... Especially in such an iBone dominated industry as the fashion industry...