Microsoft: Over 5 million Xbox One consoles sold since launch

Xbox One March NPD

It’s been awhile since Microsoft shared any official stats on how the Xbox One is faring. The last set of solid numbers we had was from mid-January when the Xbox One moved 908,000 units in December. We knew March was going to be a big month with the launch of Titanfall. We now have the latest numbers from the NPD and you’re probably wondering how the Xbox One is doing since launching last November. According to Microsoft, over 5 million Xbox One consoles have been sold to retailers since launch. For comparison, the PlayStation 4 has moved over 7 million units. More numbers after the break.

Here are the highlights for Microsoft from the March NPD numbers:

  • 311,000 Xbox One consoles sold in the U.S.
  • 110,000 Xbox 360 consoles sold in the U.S.
  • 4.1 million games sold across the Xbox One and Xbox 360
  • Xbox had a 49 percent share of the total game software market (vs. Nintendo, Sony, etc.)
  • Titanfall was the number one selling game in the U.S.

How are you guys liking your Xbox One? We’re still in our honeymoon phase and haven’t regretted buying one yet. Games like Titanfall and Trials Fusion keep us hooked, while we continue to use it as the center of media entertainment center to watch Netflix, Hulu and cable.

Source: Xbox Wire


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Microsoft: Over 5 million Xbox One consoles sold since launch



Dead rising 3, upcoming Halo, Gears of War, sunset overdrive, Quantum Break, D4, Mass Effect (probably not exclusive anymore but still) and that only games we know so far. Against what? Order 1886, deep down, uncharted which wont be released for another 2 years at least, god of war? Prob even more. Killzone? Sucks as always or maybe knack? I'll prob will get ps4 next year but just because of uncharted and god of war and maybe order 1886 if it won't suck

X1 exclusive games list currently dominates PS4's. There are 14 AAA exclusives on X1 vs. 3 on PS4 (1 of which is worth playing).

For those who haven't yet, check out Project Spark on Xbox One and Windows 8.1. So much potential.

I wouldn't worry about that number. 1st I've been in gaming since 87. I watched Sony make a deal with Nintendo to add a cd drive to the super Nintendo and then they backed out taking the tech with them to make ps1. Using their brand name and clever tricks to fool gamers into thinking their system was better than it was they dominated, does anyone remember them saying their games on ps2 look better than toy story? Such a massive lie games on ps3 never looked that good, yet people bought it. Now nothing has changed. First look at the fact the ps4 is available in every major market Xbox one isn't. Second the Japanese do not support American product, just like I won't buy theirs only American and European. Right now Sony has a price advantage. That won't last. Sony is hoping Xbox won't drop in price. Ps4 is more expensive to produce and they are seriously a hurting company financially. Halo, gears haven't come out yet and there are millions of 360 gamers just waiting to upgrade. Microsoft is one of the fastest evolving companies around right now and are aggressively attacking multiple markets. They have 22 game studios building games internally all exclusive. They are putting out more than a billion in new franchises and studios. They have more than 12 unreleased games in development, to come out this year. They are getting massive press on a weekly basis. And we are talking about Microsoft, a company who got into the phone and tablet industry and have been doing awesome considering the competition. This is a long game and Microsoft has gone on record saying that. So don't worry about those sales numbers. Because of this things will only get better.

Not only that they have excellent marketing I must admit and they are very aggressive if they see blood they're like sharks lol. Those game sharing ads were brilliant when MS was going to release an online only console. It is the reason I am not buying one ever and the zynga CEOs comments MS shouldn't have let them piss on customers without an apology. The never gaming device I buy will be a 2nd GPU when the witcher 3 is released for PC. but you remember those cool Sony "you are not red ə" ads or when they were the Sega Saturn was out I owned a Saturn at the time, but I now admit the ads were really clever. "If you still want a Saturn, your head is in Uranus". Point is they market and hype their consoles and it wasn't too long that they were the top dog and they can easily retake that crown seeing that X1 looks to be in the similar situation as the PS3 this time around a few dollars more and a few pixels short.

Some things you say are true, some are wrong and I couldn't understand some others. 

i.e. Sony has got PS4 released in more countries. First of all this isn't good for MICROSOFT because the people want to upgrade from their PS3 or X360 to a New Gen Console. If they can't upgrade it to the XBOX One, they will just get a PS4. Most people are lazy, and won't import an XBOX One (including me).

Also. Sony is selling their PS4 at 0 profit, and even loss. (Microsoft did the same with the 360, I think they don't anymore with ONE). But this is because they have no other option. They have nothing more to loose, because Game Market is very important to them. A lot more than to Microsoft. If they have to, they will go nearly bankrupt. Microsoft go so far.

And believe me Sony is putting at least the same amount of money into marketing, new franchises and studios, as Microsoft.

Furthermore, we are talking here about numbers and not moral. If they lie to the customers, it sure is not very nice of them. But if it works they wont care. Numbers are business, not moral.

About the "massive press". I know for sure that PS4 is getting more press than XBOX 1. Just go to Google News, or Bing News  and depending how you write your searchterm, you will get more news about PS4 than XBOX. Most of them in fact being news about Sony selling more PS4 than MS, which also isn't good news for Microsoft and their Marketing.

I am getting tired of people just playing up stuff that is not important and playing down the real problem. It is like saying "I got 1000 Bananas" and in reality 90% of them are uneatable.

I do agree with you it is not a sound strategy for Microsoft to not release in those countries. Yet your comparing sales. Asked it is a massive factor whether you'll believe it or not. Your banana comparison doesn't fit fyi.

Yeah... I started with bananas and didn't know how to end it :)

Of course it is important in terms of sale. I just mean it is disappointing because they dig their own graveyard. Every time.

First I don't Google search. But thanks for the info. Second when you search you'll find a million people telling the same story. That isn't massive press. A troll who creates a web site or you tube channel isn't press. Original stories. That is what I am saying. Yes moral is kinda a big factor to many. I won't Google because I don't trust them. Being well known for tracking us and keeping files. Off topic but people are hilarious, they freak out if they find the gov tracking them but could care less if a massive corporate company does. Back to topic. Like I said in an earlier post sales don't matter. Things may change. We all benefit. But stop coming on here to hate on Xbox. Awesome you like your ps4 so go play it. Maybe give a thumbs up to us fellow windows phone users who enjoy Xbox. This isn't a ps4 post, this isn't a post asking ps4 fans to come hack on Xbox. This was to inform gamers how Xbox is doing. Sony gamers, you want people to buy Xbox and Wii because if Xbox and Wii didn't sell what motivation would Sony have to actually improve their product. Nintendo is one of the greatest innovators in gaming history, though looking back id say they are.. We would not be playing games like we do if not for Nintendo. Xbox pushed the boundaries on how we play games, interact online and the way a systems UI could provide more than gaming. These two companies because of competition of changed the very way we enjoy games. If they left Sony would become the next Atari. Look at ps1 vs ps2, only real difference was they put in better graphics and a DVD drive, was it ground breaking absolutely not. With Atari, If you're actually old enough to remember what they did. System after system barely any change in how the system performed. So praise competition. And stop trolling on Xbox news about your PlayStation. Please thank you

PS4 didnt actually do all that great in japan at launch its still killing x1 in alot of countries cause being in 29 extra countries is better than winning in 1 very profitable country.

Take this as you want not including others countries here. Japan Xbox 360 lifetime sales 1.65million ps3 lifetime 12.5
Last month ps4 13000 plus Xbox one hasn't even registered but far less than x360 which was two hundred and sixty five.

You're an idiot, it does not have more games than ps4 right now. Do you know how to count? Apparently your parents couldn't afford the free pbs channel.

Well at least the gap with ps4 isn't TOO HUGE. hopefully the price cuts will help. I love my Xbox one. Icant stand the ps4. Lol my bf has if ha

Exactly, ps4 launched in 33-35 markets and The One in 13 (approximate numbers) so I think The One is doing pretty good

PS4 has been launched in 48 markets while XB1 in 13 markets.  The PS4 was launched two weeks earlier before XB1.  XB360 is still selling well.

That's true only for the North America.  XB1 was released two weeks later for the rest of world.  But that may only account for less than half million units to PS4.  XB1's problem is its restricted release to only 13 markets and its higher cost.  It should improve later this year though. 

True, but availability was quite low until recently, at least in some markets.

Maybe some people got PS4 because XBO was not available in their country, but I'm pretty sure some got XBO instead because PS4, albeit theoretically available, wasn't in stock for months.

Hard to say what approach is better.

XB1 will be released in China in the summer and then 26 more countries, including Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Sourth America and some European and South American countries in September.  So for XB1, the party has just started. 

Plus Microsoft totally screwed up with the always on internet and trying to kill physical games. Thank God they backtracked but the damage was done.

I wish they had succeeded. Physical games are the bane of the industry. Digital only.

Ugh, people still don't get why the original policies were better. Yes, I know I can buy my games digitally now (I do), but the point is that I'm getting ripped off. Because Microsoft has a monopoly on the digital game store, the prices are always higher than physical discs, which go on sale faster and more frequently on discs because third-party retailers compete with each other. Not only am I paying more for the digital copy, but I also miss out on the benefits of physical discs, including frequent promotions to pre-order and get extra bonuses ($10 gift cards are common), as well as the ability to share or re-sell my games to recoup some of the costs. With Microsoft's original policies, all discs would've been installation discs only, meaning that all discs were digital games, and therefore, there would've been no monopoly on digital sales and I could've gotten any game as soon as it went on sale by any retailer. Furthermore, I would've had the ability to digitally share my games with other people and re-sell them. I have none of those features now because a bunch of ignoramuses rioted online about something they didn't, and clearly still do not, understand.

If its any comfort to you. The same goes for the ps4. Here in DK there is usually a ten dollar price difference in favor of the physical version.

Did you try getting a life? Go outside. Play in the sand. Get some sun. All those FPS are frying your brain cells.

Digital games would be amazing. There's so many different possibilities you have with digital games but everyone whined about it so they switched it back to physical.

You can still buy any game as a download. They didn't keep the family share feature because it was a load of bullshit and would have just made everyone even angrier with them if they released it. Keeping it vague even after cancelling it lets them say it was going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

They switched back because the majority of people don't like the digital model. You might but you're part of a VOCAL MINORITY. The proof is the success of the PS4. The Xbox will eventually get past that debacle and overtake the PS4

I really hate this argument. People bash PS+ for you not owning the Games vs Games with Gold. What they don't understand is that this was gonna be worse than Plus. C'mon really? 60 bucks a pop to "lease" a game as you had to check in every 24 hours. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to play it. That's Preposterous! I

Now, Games with Gold is coming to XBOX ONE as well. And I'm sure it'll take the same form as Plus, which wouldn't be bad as we'll probably get newer games.

I hate the setup of PS+. I don't want a glorified rental scheme. I want to own my games, permanently. Games with Gold does that and it's much better for me. If they change it to the stupid Sony way, I will cry.

At least you don't have to check in everyday like you would have if MS would have gotten away with that DRM crap. That's worse than Plus. You don't need to check in everyday to use it. So, I felt like I wouldn't have owned crap if they had kept their thing. Some people don't have internet you know or you could have that Sim Fiasco as well, what then? No, no bueno at all.

Even so, they had Thief for like 30 bucks the week after it came out. So, if you want to go all Digital and save some Money, there you go. They're catering to you. Me...I only do music digitally.

You check in everyday on your phone already before you use any of it's services. Why would it have been such a big deal if the Xbox One had similar check-ins? It was to prevent piracy, which is badly  needed. It would've been better for the industry.

Yes, because checking in on your phone with it's own data plan (and it's primary function of making calls is not disabled when you don't have internet) is totally the same as what the Xbox One was doing. Again, if you want digital only the choice is still yours but don't sit there complaining about how everyone who didn't want what you want is stupid. No one is obligated to put their wants and likes on hold for your convenience.

You can't make phone calls on your phone until it checks into the network and validates you. But people (rightfully) accept this is okay. When Microsoft tries to do the same thing (to curb piracy, mind you, something destroying the industry), people freak the eff out. It's the same thing: it's a mandatory check-in before you can use a service.

"No one is obligated to put their wants and likes on hold for your convenience." You don't realize the hypocrisy of this statement? Fascinating.

Comparing digital games to a cellphone is absurd. Hey you can buy all the digital games you want. Nobody is stopping you. You can log in on any consol and download a game you purchased. You are still a VOCAL MINORITY. The VAST MAJORITY wants the ability to get cash back off a game they no longer want. That's exactly why Microsoft backtracked. As far as you wanting to be the anti piracy police. Here's proof the VAST MAJORITY buy and sell their games legit.

Saying they're incomparble is absurd.

Of course the vast majority of people buy games legitimately. That's irrelevant. What's relevant is that enough people pirate games to cause irreparable damage do developers, publishers, and therefore, to gamers. With Microsoft's original plans, you would've been able to sell your digital games, something you can't do on any other digital platform: Steam, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, etc. It would've been revolutionary and great for the consumer by setting a new precedent. Instead, once games fully become digital in a few years, we'll be stuck with the current crappy system as Microsoft will simply be able to fall back on the status quo with no need to do something revolutionary anymore (because the market is already taking us in that direction). Consumers are so myopic. It's very frustrtaing because their short-sightedness ruins things in the long-term.

Yes, I can buy all the digital games I want, but I'm getting ripped off because ignoramuses slowed progress. As is, Microsoft now has a monopoly on the digital game store, the prices are always higher than physical discs, which go on sale faster and more frequently on discs because third-party retailers compete with each other. Not only am I paying more for the digital copy, but I also miss out on the benefits of physical discs, including frequent promotions to pre-order and get extra bonuses ($10 gift cards are common), as well as the ability to share or re-sell my games to recoup some of the costs. With Microsoft's original policies, all discs would've been installation discs only, meaning that all discs were digital games, and therefore, there would've been no monopoly on digital sales and I could've gotten any game as soon as it went on sale by any retailer. Furthermore, I would've had the ability to digitally share my games with other people and re-sell them. I have none of those features now because a bunch of ignoramuses rioted online about something they didn't, and clearly still do not, understand.

Is it truly hypocrisy when you are the one who wants to change the status quo in a way that was far more beneficial for a small group of people versus everyone else. If you want to call it hypocrisy, go ahead, doesn't change that at the end of the day everyone goes home a lot happier because MS had the good sense to bend and settle on a happy medium. BTW, piracy is never a good enough reason to treat all of your customers like thieves and try to wrap it up in the pretty bow of "convenience."

Do you own a smartphone? Have you ever purchased an app for one? Then you're a hypocrite because that is the exact setup you're claiming to loathe. Worse yet, Microsoft was improving on that formula by giving us extra features like game sharing, renting, and re-selling. I'm not hypocritically changing the status quo: the status quo is already changing. Look at the music industry. Physical media is dead. No one wants it. Same with games. PC, phone, tablet games are already all digital. Console gaming is the final holdover, but trends are already showing that console will go all digital soon too. You can't fight the inevitable, but you can at least try to get a better deal out of it (which Microsoft was giving us), but now because naive consumers who didn't understand what was going on fought against it, we'll all lose out on those extra features in the long-run. In only takes a few short-sighted yahoos to ruin things for everyone.

Thanks, YOU Just lost your argument for yourself.
2 Star Wars, Fast and Furious, Twin Blades, Breakout and a few more that I can't remember. Them are games that I BOUGHT that are gone. So I've lost money on digital games. If you think digital games were going to lower the prices of games. I've got some beach front land in Arizona I'll sell you cheap.
I'm just glad Microsoft listened to the MAJORITY.

Your response indicates that you still have no idea what you're arguing against. With Microsoft's original policies discs still would've been sold and retained for installation purposes. Thus, your argument is moot: you never would've lost a digital game as long as you had the disc (which is what your entire argument is predicated on) because you could always use the disc to re-install the game.

Also, you clearly do not know what the word majority means. A few thousand people online having a hissy fit do not consitute a majority. They only constitute a vocal minority. Those in favor of Microsof'ts awesome policies also constituted a minority. The majority were largely indifferent or unaware. 81 million Xbox 360 consoles were sold. How many people were in the anti-awesome-Xbox-One-policies social movement? 100,000 would be a generous estimate. 100k divided by 81 million is nowhere near a majority, Pythagoras.

And, yes, all economic and historical indicators suggest that all digital would lead to lower prices. This is pretty much historical fact.

Dude you got your head so far up your........... You can't see logically. Regardless the Majority is happy.
You want digital because you have the illusion that games would be cheaper. Have the prices of cds gone down? NO
Have the prices of movies went down? NO
Yet you believe games will. Hmm Ok
Can digital games be resold as often as physical games? NO
are digital games monetary asset's? NO
Are physically games? YES
Just sit back and take a second look dude. I think if you really think about it from all the plus's and negative's you'll realize Microsoft was about to bamboozle us. Thank God the listened to the majority and did the right thing.

You still don't understand what the word majority means. The majority doesn't care. A minority wants what you want. They're called Luddites. A minority wants what I want. They're called 'people who aren't blinded by myopia'. You also clearly still don't understand what Microsoft was trying to do: they are bamboozling us now because they have a monopoly on the digital game store. Had their original, more consumer-friendly policies been in place, they would have no such monopoly, and customers would enjoy the benefits of pricing competitions among third-party retailers.

I never said I wanted all digital because it would mean cheaper prices (although it will mean that: just look at Steam. And yes, music prices in online digital stores cost less than new CDs). I want all digital because of all the other benefits it brings: the ability to hot swap between games without having to exchange discs like it's 1999; not having to worry about lost, stolen, broken, or scratched discs ever again; the ability to access my entire games library on any console in the world simply by signing in; the ability to digitally share my games with 10 people simultaneously, across the world; the ability to sell my digital games, which no other digital distribution service currently allows, etc. The benefits of digital greatly outweight the "benefits" of physical. The great thing, though, is that this discussion will seem antediluvian in but a few years because physical will be completely dead by then. It'll be nice.

"they are bamboozling us now because they have a monopoly on the digital game store"

Well, as far as I know, they don't have a Monopoly on the Video Rental Service, yet you pay a dollar more to rent a movie on XBOX VIDEO then on Vudu, Amazon, Sony, etc etc.

Microsoft, like most Corps only care about money regardles of them stating how much they have our best interest at hand. If they could have gotten away with it, they would've. Simple as that. But they saw they had no chance in the market if they did. Some people are still unaware MS changed their DRM policies and are giving that as a reason for not getting an X1 even as we speak.


That gap will shrink and the One will blow by the PS4. Alot of One people jumped ship to the PS4 because of that digital only crap. The stink is dying down now. Also the One is creeping into other countries. I'd guess by fall the One will take the lead and sail away.

Correct, those are sold to retailers. Sony has sold over 7 million to consumers. I'm sure if they put their sold to retailers numbers is would be almost the same, just a bit higher. Finding a PS4 is still hard.

The only thing in Sony's press release that suggests sold through is the wishful interpretations of fanboys.

In this report, it is mention that Xbox is sold to retailers while Sony's one is sold to consumers. Do a google search and you can see, no fanboyism here.

Those words are intrepretations of language that doesn't exist in Sony's actual press release.  No direct confirmation from them.

We have half a dozen of both systems at my local WalMart... Including the titanfall bundle still.

I love my one......just wish Microsoft would do an Xbox video app for roku so I can watch my stuff in the master bedroom on tv

Not an ASP an app! I love the Word Flow keyboard on my phone, but I really need to check what I'm typing more diligently.

Strong sales. Now bring on the games. The updates have been Impressive. The XBOX One has lived up to the hype so far and its getting better with every update. If you can accept that the software stack for a console is going to evolve there's not a lot to complain about the way MS is improving it monthly.

so the massive logistics and money necessary for launching the console in almost three times the number of countries their closest rival decided to place their bets only yielded less than a 30% of advantage

considering that, let me reply to you with a :/ as well

Ha people keep going on about the number of markets but Microsoft hit the huge ones same as Sony. And total sold is what matters anyways and PS4 has more total sold. Imagine if they had released a SKU without Kinect at launch for $350. It would have sold more.

Yeah. I'd guess that PS4 lead is mainly due to getting stronger hw for less money, but now that MS is releasing decent bundles at decent prices, we are seeing that the gap between the two consoles' sales becoming quite steady. There certainly isn't enough of a difference for developers to start ignoring either console.

Its more than 2 million actually; the PS4 figures are sold to consumers, whereas XBOX One is sold to retailers, and at least in Ireland and the UK it is really easy to get an XBOX One; in other words, there are a lot sitting on retailer's shelves. In comparison to PS4s anwyay.

Just let me play my damn .MKV files already...thats all I ask. You get that working, or a half way decent PLEX client, and you'll triple Sony's sales. It really is that simple.

Just install shark007 codecs on a PC and playto the XBO, alternatively it'll allow mkv's to natively list in the xb360 system video player.

Bought both mine for the media features. Games are secondary. Kind of nervous Phil Spencer is going to push gaming too much now that he's in control.

Because people here buy into the MS ecosystem. If you're heavily apart of that ecosystem it's not too bad, but yeah, standalone the One's media features are pretty terrible.

Bought two actually, second one because my wife said its the first time she's ever had an all in one option for under the tv that she understands and loves. Before it was a constant issue helping her and my kids figure out which inputs to switch on which device to watch something...and then which remote to use for the given situation. Closest we had before was the media center PC but that didn't do bluray natively.

Well, despite the Xbox One selling a little lower than the PS4, the Xbox brand as a whole is still doing very well! And those numbers for the Xbox One are better than I thought. These numbers make me quite happy.

As much as I love all of Microsoft's products I have been with Sony since the PlayStation 1 and I will not leave. I will be getting the PS4 when as soon as I get the chance. But when if my wife wants to buy me the Xbox One I'm all for it. :D

No lol. I just need more money.lol PS4 comes first and then if I could afford it, the Xbox One.

Xbox is shipped to retailers, Sony is sold to consumers. We don't know how much is sold to consumers for the Xbox

I love my Xbox One. I really could care less how much PS4 sells, at least they're both selling well. It's not like the profits from either console sales are ending up in my wallet. Just keep the games coming and I'm happy.


They're both doing great and that's great for gaming!

I just wish Nintendo was doing well too.

As a company they are. 3DS sales are fantastic and Nintendo has enough money so Wii U sales probably won't hurt them too much in the long run. They really need some new management, though.

MIcrosoft needs to show how many games were sold . PoS4 sold 7 million consoles but only 20.5 million games or 3 games per console. That's kinda sad for a over 5 month old console when they depend on games as their #1 feature. Not to mention both consoles sell at a loss so those game licence fees need to be coming in(with the shape Sony as a whole is in they need to be coming in yesterday).

/BTW what I mean by bad shape, is that yesterday Sony dumped it's stock in Square Enix

Attach rate is not the same as overall game sales. That is games sold at time of console purchase. Mostly the ultimate bundles, etc.

The fact that Square Enix is not doing exclusives as well adds the reason why they sold their shares,


I'm really happy the consoles sales figures are do closer to each other, the closer they after the more innovation to come for both hopefully :)

Price and global availability seem like the biggest barriers to people choosing ps4 over the Xbox one. I have high hopes that Phil Spencer can right the ship and even smash it out of the park this e3.

Go Xbox!

X1 @ $500 sells 5 million would = $2.5 billion. PS4 @ $400 sells 7 million would = $2.8 billion. Interesting figures indeed... Imagine what a price drop would achieve for MS.

This also depends on how much money each loses when they sell a console. (they don't MAKE money on consoles for sure).

They may be breaking even now, but all the components inside and the cost to make is getting cheaper by the day, and they will start making money on hardware soon.

The Xbox One costs $471 to manufacture and the PS4 costs $381.  The problem for Microsoft is they are paying far more to AMD than Sony is.  Impressive when you consider the PlayStation 4 not only has a more powerful GPU, but also has 8gb of DDR 5 RAM.  It was made pretty clear by industry insiders that internally, Microsoft never expected Sony to announce that the PS4 would retail for $400.  They were entirely caught off guard by the DDR5 announcement as well as was evident by the late introduction of the eSRAM in the Xbox One to attempt to boost RAM speeds. 

The consoles do not cost $500 and $400 in every market. Each market has different pricing structures.

MS has already dropped the price by $50 and including a $60 game for free. They would have less than 5 million if they hadn't. People just don't really care about Kinect, it was a very bad bet and they're paying for wasting so much time and money on it.

Same. My Kinect is the shit. It recognizes my face when I walk in and its so much easier to record or do things by simply saying it.

I owned just about every Sega system ever made. When the Dreamcast died, I threw in the towel on gaming. It wasn't till I got a Lumia 928 in May 2013 that I got intrigued by Xbox, enough to get me to pre-order an X1. Got it launch day and love it. First game console I purchased since 1999.

I remember watching porn on it through the browser @56k with some free ad service. BTW Our home computer was in the main room

Well at least those "PS4 idiots" didn't completely waste $500 on a Modern UI style secondary cable box, and a lacking one at that.

And what kind of person gets a GAMING console to use with cable? That's what the cable box is for!

I'm assuming you're not aware that Sony is launching the worlds first internet based cable TV service this year on the PlaySation 4 and various other Sony products.  Not only will it deliver a streaming television service, it will also include on demand features and a cloud based DVR service.  This project has been in the works for many years now, but there was a lot of legal tape to get through before Sony could ever announce it.  You'll be hearing more about it soon as it is launching this year. 

The first console to get the next Naughty Dog game is the one I'm buying. Nothing but love for all devices. Without competition we'd all be slaves building pyramids.

I don't really care how many units have been sold in comparison to something else. I know I have a good product that I enjoy using. The Xbox One - dispite the occasional frustrations - has become my hub in the living room. The media functions are great, the games are fun, and the thing just works for the whole family (gamers and non gamers alike). I even use my Chromecast more now that I have it plugged into the TV input.

Lol Cart. So no love for Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Donkey Kong Country, the two Mario's, ZombiU, etc? I would say that the Wii U currently has the largest, most varied, and imo best library of the current systems, then Xbone, then PS4

That's pretty good news! Even though Sony sold more, I'm glad both companies are doing well. I own both consoles, and love both. :)

I love my Xbox one. Killer Instinct all day. The future is what I am most excited about. Looking forward to running windows apps and games on my Xbox One.

Half the regions and $100 more (50 if you live in Canada) and its only 2 mill behind. I remember haters saying no one would ever buy it.

Sony fans wanna make an apples to apples sales comparison. 40+ markets to MS' 13. Sounds fair to me. For MS to sell 5mil in only 13 markets is pretty damn good. Plus, many U.S. 360 owners still haven't upgraded. I think a $399 price point would be a watershed point for upgrades and you'll see these numbers even out.

Microsoft needed 13 Markets to reach one million in 24 hours whereas Sony only "One." For all you and I know 3 Million X1 could still be sitting on shelves, where SONY'S are sold to consumers.

So I take it you are a Sony fan, yet here you are on a windows site with I'm assuming a windows phones. Trolling. Do you honestly thing your troll statement will change anyone's minds? Your talking about day one sales right after massive negative media and a console that costs 100$ more. No matter what you respond with the fact is a console that has had massive negative media, costs $100 more and is available in a fraction of the markets is keeping up with the ps4 makes you wonder why that could be. Have a nice day with your ps4.

I have both consoles and the PS4 is better than an XBOX One in everyway for games and its only a couple apps behind for media. Not to mention the kinect 2.0 fkn sucks and barely works. My PS4 camera and voice controls work way better than the kinect. My XBOX One is only used for ESPN, Killer Instinct is the biggest let down. I am a microsoft fanboy but when it comes to gaming consoles, the playstations have just been better.

This is how I know your statement is completely done out of straight hate for Xbox. I honestly don't believe a word that you've said. First it's impossible to take someone serious when they can't compete a logical sentence, let alone when they can't do it with out doing with profanity. Then your statement's are completely full of hate, angry and straight aggressive towards a piece of tech. You say your an Xbox fan. Then in sports you know at times your team might let you down. Does that mean we hate our team.... No. I'd go as far as to say you have followed the I hate Xbox trend, maybe to fit in. Who knows but you're statements are completely your own. Killer instinct is an awesome game and millions who bought it can agree. Though Kinect isn't perfect it isn't garbage. Not even close. Maybe you have a speech disability and sadly it can't understand you. Or a really deep accent. I and many many other people will agree that it's not perfect but not only is it getting better, it's more than functional. By what you say on the games you have you are obviously not trying others. I won't name them but there are some great games already. Maybe this Xbox is your brothers and your mad he won't let you pay, your friends and you're just a Sony fan boy. It's Ok. But saying it's just horrible is definitely not accurate. The camera on ps4 is by no technical aspect nearly as capable, proven many times by the press and even by its limited technical abilities, again an unfounded and completely untrue statement. I'm sorry but if you're gonna go into a site for fans of windows products at least do it with some class and intelligent statements. Good day.

I'm a fan of both systems. You have no right calling out the previous poster on his sentences when you don't know how to spell, punctuate or use proper grammar.

My bad on the spelling. I'm using the new flow text thing. I was calling him out on making statements that were not factual but completely opinionated. Also on his lack of ability to do it without using profanity. Can't really take a person serious no matter the message if the message is filled with profanity. For someone that so desperately wanted people on this site to know how horrible Xbox is, maybe he should go about it with a bit more maturity. I never once called him out on his spelling and/or grammar. Thank you for your input though.

I have a windows phone but bought a PS4......does that mean I'm not allowed to come to this website anymore?

Seems to be that you can be a fan of XB1 but if you mention liking PS4 you get called a troll. Just don't get it.

Then don't sit on a windows based site bashing a windows based product. Maybe you don't know what trolling means. I am also a huge Nintendo fan along with Microsoft Xbox. But I won't come on to troll, if Nintendo ever starts to do better than Xbox and ps4. So enjoy your ps4, it's a great console. Just leave the fan hate and fan garbage for those other three letter multiple coverage sites.

I'm guessing the point was that you can make excuses for either side. Fact is PS4 is selling more, not all that much more in the end, but still more.

Many of the markets that the PlayStation 4 is in that the Xbox One isn't avaliable in aren't by any means "key" markets.  In fact, they really don't account for any major sales numbers.  We are talking as a whole, around 500,000 console sales.  Sony has always made their products more avaliable in emerging markets than Microsoft or Nintendo has.  The Xbox One is in the importnant key markets where most sales are made.

The Xbox One isn't selling "bad".  It's actually selling better than the 360 in the same amount of time.  The problem for Microsoft is that the PlayStation 4 is just selling phenomenally well and as a result, makes competitors sales appear weaker than they actually are.

The only reason I got a Xbox 360 was splinter cell and to rank up in call of duty besides my ps3. My price point for the Xbox one is $250.

Console wars = meh!
They are both great systems... Congrats to Microsoft on the awesome numbers. Keep bringing the content...content is king!

Love my xbox one.  There isn't a game on it yet that makes me have to game daily, but I do turn it on for other stuff.  Kinect works great besides having to say "on" a few times whenever anything else is playing in the room.  Don't regret my purchase.  It gets even better with every update.

Having the PS4, Wii U, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, Dreamcast (strictly for PowerStone), I have a well rounded experience with all companies. As it stands now, the Xbox One is ruling the heap. The 360 is close behind because is integrates with my computer movie collection for streaming. I'm still playing the launch games, as well as the latest batch of Trial Fusion and Titanfall. For all around entertainment use, the Xbox One, just works better. Easily jumping from Netflix to TV to games to Skype (living on an island I use that alot for family and friends), voice chat, hand gestures, Kinect, it just works better for an overall living room experience. Sure there's room for improvement. Yes, I've yelled at tue Kinect until it heard my command, but none of that is something that cant be addressed via software updates. I'm waiting for better integration with stored media and streaming, so for the time being the 360 covers that. The next console after that, I use is the Wii U. Games like Donkey Kong, Mario 3D, Rayman are amazing. Then we have the upcoming Mario Kart still! The PS4 is sadly collecting dust. I'm trying to find reasons to turn it on. Save for the launch titles I have and inFamous it doesn't do the other entertainment any better. I'm spoiled by the voice commends. And the Playstaion Eye is NOT holding a candle to Kinect. Trust me, I've tried using mine. I just need GAMES for the PS4, I do like the system and Sony as a whole, but I have all if 2 games for it. That's sad. All in all, in due time it'll be good too, for now its Xbox One.

You just need games for the PS4? You could have bought the PS4 versions instead of XBox One versions, they are by far better on the PS4. Not to mention, the exclusives for the XBox One suck and the Playstation Eye recognizes me everytime as to where the Kinect doesn't understand sh*t. I"m gonna call you out on this one, you obviously don't know jack. I guess I should have known if you're one of the two people that are buying Wii U games.

So,you've called me out, but without anything credible. Lets backtrack a bit and clarify. I'm speaking on launch titles, which I didn't SPECIFY to be the exclusives to each systems launch. I'll give you that. My bad. So, let me reiterate, at the moment the PS4 when it comes to certain MULTI-PLATFORM games usually has better visual fidelity. In other words, it looks better. Okay, that's nice, graphics do play a roll in this whole gaming thing, but not by much, so don't get too excited. Anyways, the multi-platform titles released for each system were the same run-of-the-mill titles we have been seeing, BF4, CoD: Ghosts, Madden 25??? Really? I mean save for the graphics being better, you are literally playing the same game on PS3 or an Xbox 360. I'm not trying to necessarily play only multi-platform sequels on a next-Gen console. That's just me though and my choice, don't get too caught up on that. I have Knack, its OKAY at best, not terrible, but it isn't say, Crash Bandicoot or Jak and Daxter. Infamous is very good, I actually do own CoD (even though I don't play it) and Final Fantasy. That's it. What your claiming is that your dislike for the Xbox One launch games (I believe you mentioned they suck) is somehow fact? A credible source of information? Or just an opinion, like mine at the end of the day. You mention my purchasing of Wii U titles as proof that I wouldn't know what I'm talking about. Or better yet, my opinion has no merit because 2 people (including me) bought the system? Lets get down to some real facts. The Wii U is the ONLY next-Gen console, the ONLY ONE, with games rated above 9.X on review sites and Metacritic. Mario World 3D, DK: Tropical Freeze, Super Mario, soon to be Mario Kart, Rayman (that's multiplatform though). We can't even say that for our beloved XB1 and PS4, yet somehow that's the better choice? If we are talking about smart choices and which games have the better rating, we all picked the wrong console. But, guess what, that's doesn't matter. As for your comparison to the Kinect with PlayStations' Eye, you literally have no argument. On specs alone, technical information and engineering, the Eye is not in the same league as tue Kinect. Not even the original Kinect. Please take a gander at the things people have accomplished with the original Kinect, in a variety of different fields. The Eye was never considered for any outside application, like the medical industry, because it literally does not have the power to accomplish such feats. In the end, I've stated my personal opinion about the CURRENT state of PlayStation. This will pass and bot everyone will not feel the same. Please back up your claims with real facts and respect other opinions.

Xbox One brings so much more to the table than PS4. The One is a console I enjoy using even when I'm not playing games. The voice control alone is just awesome.

You will be reminded of this. PS4 has no games, yet it beats XBONE with what's supposed to be the biggest game (Titanfall) so far this year on any platform even with a price cut and bundling. This happens in the month TF released and in the backyard (US) of Xbox. Maybe you are one of those who thinks the USA = the world.