Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 Preview reportedly installed on over a million devices in one week

Every month we look at numbers from AdDuplex, the cross-promotion network for Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps. Those numbers give us an overview of how the Windows Phone market has been doing the past month. It’s also an opportunity to potentially spot some new handsets before they come out.

Today we’re looking at the numbers for the month of April. Windows Phone 8.1 became available last week through the Preview for Developers program. Did it make it into the stats?

Windows Phone 8.1 Preview already 3.1% of installed Windows Phone base

Windows Phone OS April

This is actually pretty remarkable when you consider who right now can install Windows Phone 8.1. The only way to get Windows Phone 8.1 is to have an existing Windows Phone 8.0 handset and intentionally join the Preview for Developers program. You can’t buy the Lumia 630 or Lumia 930 yet with Windows Phone 8.1 yet. The update isn’t available to average consumers with an OTA update. You really need to manually install it.

It’s a little humbling to see that only 3.1% of the entire Windows Phone population is running Windows Phone 8.1. It was estimated by AdDuplex back in January that there were about 50 million Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices in the world. Assuming that's accurate, 3% would equal just over 1.5 million devices. The last time we checked with Microsoft, the Preview for Developers program had less than 200,000 users, making this some very significant growth.

Though it’s called Preview for Developers, it’s really an enthusiast program and many of you out there are running it without ever having written a line of code in your life. That means we, as enthusiasts, make up just three percent of the user base. We really are the vocal minority huh?

Windows Phone 8 is chilling at 78.0% marketshare, while Windows Phone 7.x is clinging to life at 18.9%. It won’t be till later this year that a lot of folks with Windows Phone 7.x will finally have their two-year contracts end. We’ll probably see a big drop in those numbers late this year.

Nokia still king


Is there really any surprise here? Sure, Samsung does have a new Windows Phone 8 handset out with the ATIV SE (see our hands-on), but Nokia is still the only OEM pushing hard with Windows Phone. Nokia controls 93.5% of the market, while HTC holds 4.4%, Samsung at 1.3% and Huawei with 0.8% bringing up the rear. It’ll be interesting to see how this picture looks later this year when all the new OEMs join.

Lumia 520 rocking the top

World April 2014

Again, no big surprise here. The Lumia 520 is still the most popular Windows Phone out there. It controls 34.4% of the global Windows Phone market. Not surprising for a phone that you can pick up for under $100 and in most places, plus if you’re really lucky can find it around $50-$60. Number two is the Lumia 920 at 6.4% and the Lumia 625 in third at 6.3%.

United States / Carriers

US Carriers April

Last month Verizon had only 13.4% of the Windows Phone marketshare for carriers here in the United States. Did the Lumia Icon help push sales? Looks like it. Verizon moved up ever so slightly to 13.7% of the carrier share. AT&T is still on top at 34.0%.

United Kingdom

UK April

It’s been awhile since the AdDuplex numbers looked at the UK. Curious to which Windows Phones are popular there? Of course you are. Surprise, it’s the Lumia 520 on top at 39.7% of the market. Followed by the Lumia 620 and the Lumia 920. You’ll see a trend of the Lumia 520, Lumia 620 and Lumia 920 all controlling the top positions for most countries.


China April 2014

Head to China and you’ll find a slightly different picture for the Windows Phone landscape. On top isn’t the Lumia 520, but the Lumia 920 at 21.2%. It’s also one of the few countries where the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520 (two very high-end phones) do well enough to show up on the charts. Most countries will have those devices grouped into the ‘other’ category because they have such low marketshare.


Philippines April 2014

In the Philippines the Lumia 520 reigns supreme at 28.6% of the market. It’s followed by a handful of other low-end devices like the Lumia 625, Lumia 610 and Lumia 800.


  • Italy – Lumia 520 at 32.1% and Lumia 820 at 9.6%
  • German – Lumia 520 at 18.6% and Lumia 920 at 14.2%
  • Australia – Lumia 520 at 29.3% and Lumia 625 at 11.9%

No new handsets

Normally these AdDuplex reports will show a new handset or two on the horizon. Unfortunately we’re not seeing anything new on the radar this time. RM-1045 are 1080p 5-inch devices that have been popping up around the globe, which means it’s probably the Lumia 930. That’s about it.

Look forward to the full report on the AdDuplex blog tomorrow!

Want to win a Nokia Lumia 720, a Nokia Lumia 1320 or a Huawei Ascend W1? Then participate in the monthly photo challenge and their app publishing competition. Just head over to the AdDuplex blog for full details!

Data souce: This report is based on data collected from 3886 Windows Phone apps running AdDuplex SDK v.2. The raw data analyzed was collected over the day of April 17th, 2014 (UTC time) unless otherwise stated. We have made every attempt to consolidate different reported phone model names under their canonical retail model names, but it is possible that some of the rare model name variations were not accounted for.

Thanks Alan (@ailon) for sharing the numbers!


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Windows Phone 8.1 Preview reportedly installed on over a million devices in one week



What would happen if both Microsoft and Google didn't allow Apple to use their services like search engines and maps? Can they survive on their own?

Totally. Remember that maps were a fiasco? Yet iphone sold like hotcakes. Still waiting (and hoping) to see those lines for lumia.

To me, the absence of Google maps seemed to hurt them a lot in terms of reputation, but I didn't know about the actual sales. Do the people still get it just because it's Apple, or do most people not use navigation? Also, wouldn't Siri die if Microsoft or Google didn't allow them to use Google search or Bing?

True. I am not arguing about the importance of google and microsoft services in ios. I am merely pointing out the fact that apple sells more because of its reputation than anything else. Anyone saying otherwise should look at the sales figures outside US.



While Apple maps did take their toll on Apple's reputation, people eventually got over it, once they improved. And unlike a company like Microsoft, where even the tiniest mistakes can't be forgiven (well, granted, Vista wasn't a tiny mistake, but still...), I hear all the time, "Oh, Apple maps weren't /that/ bad," or "Apple was making maps for the first time, what'd you expect?"


I'm not saying those statements aren't true, I just find it interesting how forgiving people are towards Apple just because of their iconic status. If Steve Jobs knew anything at all: It was how to create a brand.

Apple would probably "invent" the search engine to use for Siri. Just like they "invented" everything else. Hell, if Jony Ive was stuck on a deserted island he could probably "invent" his way off XD

Map data was replaced by their own solution. Apple can't just whip up a search engine to replace the massive amounts of data lost by Bing.

People will wonder why Siri doesn't answer questions like she used to ("How tall is Lebron James?"). I believe Bing powers Yahoo too, so that wouldn't exactly work either.

"the Preview for Developers program . . . making this some very significant growth."

Thanks to Dan's lecture article about Preview for Developer

I love my collection of WP handsets, WP 8.1 is brilliant, the only thing I await is; Cortana! Bring it to the UK properly! C'mon MS!! Lumia 920, HTC HD7, Lumia 520 and Lumia 925 household.

Hmmm I'm in Angola and I'm using Cortana... Why don't you change your region and language to US until Cortana is ready for the UK at the end of the year?

Maybe because he cant be bothered to see his system in US english which looks horrible in some corners of the phone:) Maybe he also wants his phone to understand him speaking english rather then "american"

True! I am English not American, but is not because I can't be bothered it is because I like having all of my UK settings.

I had it for about 1 day and got sick of it not understanding what I was saying, I wanted it to use the English searches and not use the US store too.

Yeah same here, I installed it on 8 devices, but then none of them have run apps with the adduplex sdk either

They could have if, after they pulled that shameless stunt with WP7.5/WP8, they had offered people a chance to exchange their phones for a new WP8 device for a symbolic price. They didn't. So people kept buying WP7 devices (because they were cheap) long after WP8 came out.

That's not all bad, buying wp7 is better then buying an android phone. Helps the ecosystem either way

Not really. Actually I know lot of people that went to Android after what Microsoft did to WP7. It was something really really stupid and the timing of the release of the first Lumia devices, which put WP on the map, even worse.

Agreed, it was all kinds of stupid. The biggest damage wasn't just in the consumer market. If I was a developer, I'd still be pissed enough to keep boycotting the platform. At least for five years until I was confident they finally had their shit together.

The whole wp7 not upgrading isn't as bad as you think for a developer. Obviously a little more work maintaining 2 branches of the same code, but it hasn't changed my opinion developing. I personally will continue to support wp7 for a bit longer. The only thing I wont release on wp7 is the unity game I'm working on, as its obviously not supported. You need to remember without doing what they did, they couldn't of made as many changes to wp8 as they have. I for one am happy with how it went.

No but the people you said bought wp7 long after 8 came out, it was common knowledge at that point they wouldn't get upgrades.

No it wasn't though. They release the Lumia 900 less than six months before they released information that it would not get WP8.

People were PISSED.

That's anecdotal though. I know a lot of people who were willing to try WP8 after its release too. See how that works?

I'm surprised to see that WP 7.x makes up 1/5 of the Windows Phone OS after 8 being out for almost two years.

That's most likely the case. I actually have a 900 myself and will be dropping that 18.9% by one user this weekend with a new 1520.

How do you not have your upgrade yet? I got my 900 on launch week so my 2 years was up on the 9th but I upgraded in January because I went no contract with next

My contract ended on April 15th but the first chance I gave to upgrade will be this weekend.

in Canada providers just switched to 2 year contracts, before we were stuck on 3 year upgrade cycles

Congrats man!  I predict you will love it.  I went from a 900 to a 520 (mic holes got all fouled up on the 900 and I couldn't get them clean enough to be heard properly anymore) and then to the 1520 and boy do I love it.  I almost envy you your excitement! 

Might be to do with the fact that until a few months ago WP 7 devices were still widely available to buy at cheap prices, so they were brought by quite a lot of people.

Honestly... That's my WP "need for the week" that's what I'm really waiting for,,almost with the same anticipation as waiting for WP8.1 Sunday before last...

I know MS will get the app working great someday. But i would be suprised if today's release actually shut people up.

Man ...these media apps on WP are utterly broken. I CAN'T PLAY VIDEOS BECAUSE THE VIDEO APP SAYS "Signing up" WTF!!!


My music app is either my Zune 80 or Nokia MixRadio.

Microsoft sux big time with these half assed efforts in the media front.

My music tags are messed up through Xbox music app! I play Eminem and there is Rihanna in background xD

Eminem is one of the greatest musical artist in years.. His content is full of substance.. What do you listen to?

Eminem is my favorite artist, I'm a Stan (if u know what I mean) ;) He is also top artist on Xbox music store. I think everybody loves him, but that's not topic here xD

EXACTLY, where is update to Xbox music?! I needed because it's the only player that scrobble to! And I cannot listen to music without scrobbling :(

Me too! I'm waiting for it so badly. The existing on 8.1 now can't do is best! Album artwork and backgrounds are no more there. Now in using the mix radio but seems so slow on loading my own music from the storage. I can sync music from iTunes but everytime need to sync like new, not updating the synced one. I can not wait the syncing process of 1000 songs everytime...

To be fair, i didn't do the preview for GDR3 because it wasn't a major update. I couldn't wait for 8.1 however. This update was worth risking an issue for.

True. Windows 8.1 Preview messed up my PC by not allowing me to upgrade to Windows 8.1 proper.
But I still risked upgrading to Windows Phone 8.1 Preview because of the new features.
My Lumia 1520.3 deserves to run the latest and greatest software.

Have they said anything about total numbers of users? Like has it gone up to 55 million or something? Or will that be tomorrow?

Yes, I'm surprised that the Developer Preview spiked by apparently 750%. Judging by the article, so was Daniel. What's your point?

It means when the wildlings take over Castle Black they're going to eat Jon Snow and his friends, right? He knows nothing anyway.

It means running your mouth then being proven to be utterly false and a moron.
Another version, is like running your mouth off to your boss then having to go back and beg for a favor or raise shortly after.

Well I typed it into Cortana and I got links to "how to eat a crow" so... Yeah, I've never heard of it and neither has Bing.

Because they are meant to support OS that is released. 8.1 isn't released yet. It's not even in their web pages.

only a couple of annoyances, the main one is redirect to Mobile pages on IE instead of direct web page even on desktop mode grrrrr

That's pissing me off to no end. WP IE was the one Mobile browser I could count on to serve me desktop every time.

Interesting to see how 520 was meant to be a hit in "emerging markets" yet it's the best seller in the UK. Shows how skint we are :(

Lol. Even in Portugal, with an monthly minimum wage of 485 euros (£ 400) the best selling WP is the 625. I laughed my ass of with your comment.

I actually wonder why Philippines is even included in the article, do we have the best wp percentage among SEA countries? I used to be the only wp user and now we are 5. So maybe wp users are growing back in the Philippines after the flood and still is of cheap android phones.

Actually.. Like many of my friends.. We want to try something new and refreshing.. And maybe has a Wow factor. So we tried WP8.. HTC user BTW.. All of my friends are on laggy android. But when they saw how beautiful and fast wp is. They said that will be their next phone. Office integration is a plus and they're really attracted on how people app work.. As well as the messaging hub.. (I hope they bring it back to wp8.1) I really don't like they remove online integration in messaging hub now. I hope also in the Philippines, local manufacturers like MyPhone and Cherry Mobile make a Windows Phone Device.. Since it is said in rumours that WP will be free. :)) let's help the platform by WORD OF MPUTH and SHOWING THEM techniques :))

My household is using wp phone...Lumia900(wife),Lumia920(me and son), Lumia625(daughter), Lumia 525 (my other 2 daughers)..

I think it's fitting how the WP7.x has an orange slice with it getting the mango update and all.

Disappointed that no new devices were seen. Means we are probably at LEAST six months out. I need a new phone, the flash on my 920 is jacked. The 925 isn't worth burning an upgrade on and I doubt a 1520 would fit in my pants. Doesn't leave me much in the way of options.

IMO this shows how overdue the update is, AND how great the features really are. Plus let us not forget it's only a BETA. Sky is the limit, it can only go up from here!


What do you mean overdue?! About two years is not that long... If your building a space station. Keeping up this pace WP 9 should share the headlines with the first human in Mars.

No, they could release WP 9 this fall and invalidate the entire store and WP 8 hardware.
Never underestimate MS' ability to shoot themselves in the nuts.


That is why it is a "preview for developers"

Do not expect normal support on an OS that hasn't even been RTM'd

That is why my daily driver 1020 is still 8.0 and my spare 520 is rocking the new BITS!

I'm the opposite, my daily driver 920 is 8.1 but keeping an HTC 8s on 8 just in case. But no real issues so far so good decision.

Well, if you consider many of us here at WPCentral have more than one device, I'm sure those 1.5 million devices are in the hands of less than 1 million users XD

Fat chance. It's only fully available in the US where windows phone has a ridiculous market share. In the biggest WP markets (Europe) Cortana is little more than a toy, a useless toy I might add.
Maybe some day if and when its fully available in Europe and other big markets but judging by the Bing track record outside the US I'm not holding my breath.

He does have a point. Americans really have no idea how bad and/or poor Microsoft's services and offers are outside the US.

Indeed. Makes me sad that my over seas counterparts don't get the same great Microsoft experience I enjoy. Extra absurd when you consider how low the US market share is when compared to many international markets.

I gave Samsung too much credit. I thought they bad 5% but HTC is bearing them and HTC hasn't made any hardware in two years lol(the 8xt is essentially an 8x)


But these numbers are crazy for the developer preview.

well Windows Phone 8.1 is amazing! the boring part it's to create the account, after that, everything is just nice.
But I guess some people don't want to risk their phones, but in my case everything seems to run fine if not better. I upgraded my sister and mom to 8.1, they love it!
the only thing I hate it's how wifi is always on now. but oh well, hope nokia firmware will give me back my choice.

Just toggle WiFi to the off position and then under "Turn WiFi back on" choose Manually instead of the default 1 hour. WiFi will stay off until you turn it back on.

If that helps u get by. To me its people realizing the crap update, and getting rid of their phones. Hell, my 8x with 8.1 is goin up there soon. Help pay for the Icon I just got with 8.0.

I account for 13 installs!

1020 X 6
920 X 4
520 X 1
521 X 1
1520 X 1

I manage my friends, family and coworkers Windows Phones as far as keeping them up to date. I'm looking to secure a new Windows Phone as a backup, probably a 620 so I may be at 14 before summer arrives.


I helped them all register their devices with their own account or did it for them with their own account info and then have their phone back to them.

Nokia are trying their best to kill off the Lumia 620 with the 625 however the 620 is the only cheap decide with all the features as the flagship phones except fm radio. Why do they do this?

IPhone doesn't have NFC either. There's a lot of things it doesn't have really. My Icon has FM, and I love it. HD displays aren't necessary either but it's also great to have too.

I don't like how Nokia mistreated (our) Lumia 620 in favor of 625 which lacks some of my favorite 620 features like ClearBlack display, NFC, HAAC mics.

Well,well,well, shoud do better when they takes over nokia....they mus5 remember that some if not most of w8ndows phone owner are holding not because they love windows phone..but because they hold asentimental value to everything that is nokia..they must uphold the physical quality which this vocal minority loves about nokia and they must do everything to keep bettering the OS...

It shows a fan base that wants to see Microsoft succeed. I think we (majority of people that have 8.1) can agree that the potential is there and we are curious. I personally think that good things are in store for Windows Phone. And I really don't want to go to either iOS or Android

Yup. While I occasionally lament on lack of features Windows Phone (pretty much completely addressed in 8.1), or see how bad the music situation is right now, I think about how much I dislike iOS and Android, and always conclude that: For better or for worse, I'll see Windows Phone through 'til the bitter end.

Go WP!

And Sam, you said there would FINALLY be a WPC giveaway (a REAL device, not a smartwatch or whatever) when WP8.1 will come out. Are you guys waiting on the 930 for the giveaway? Just curious.

As far as WP7 devices go, the Lumia 800 and 900 are the only devices that are allowed to live on IMO. They're just too beautiful to be put down.


The other WP 7.x devices? Move on people :D

I dunno, the Titan II wasn't bad. That was the last time I could think of HTC beating Nokia head to head (and they seemed go have step down from there). It is a shame how the WP7 crowd was screwed over multiple times...8 not being compatible, and being told and shown about 7.8, and only two phones ever really officially getting it. Oh well I've moved on, but would like to see a physical keyboard make its way to 8 sooner or later.

God I loved my 900. It was my very first Windows Phone ever. It served me very faithfully. Still got it sitting in a drawer. Every few months or so, I like to take it out and reminisce.

Damn solid device, that's for sure.

My wife is happily using my old HTC HD7 on 7.8. She's not overly fussed with buying a new phone so I give her my current one each time I upgrade. Not long and she'll have a 920.

Maybe some folks like me, just waiting for the right hardware. My contract with AT&T was up in Fall 2012. I stayed with my Titan until a 4.7"+ screen was available (I wanted to love the 1520, but it was just too big). So I only recently jumped to Verizon and my new Icon.
These numbers for 8.1 are great. What an opportunity for Microsoft to get major testing from enthusiasts to get those bug fixes in the works before the carriers roll it out.

It was just as surprising how many people installed the iOS 7 beta.  It seems the consumer world is becoming aware of beta software.  Which is very strange.

I'm enjoying 8.1 on my 810 and have been using it all day. I swapped the SIM out of my 925 and into it this morning and can't seem to swap back. LOL. I'm not enjoying the music situation or that I can no longer simply send a photo to OneDrive (although I can email it to myself) via the pictures hub, but I imagine Microsoft will iron these things out once it releases 8.1 officially. I'll most likely update my 925 then, but I think I might keep my 920 at 8. We'll see.

Yeah, I noticed that as well. OneDrive is not visible as a share option within the photohub. Ofcourse you can always open OneDrive first.

I would bet my mother in law life that WPCentral is "responsible" for the vast majority of those 1,5 million who risked going for the 8.1 preview update.
Good job guys, honestly.

Haha, yes!!! I myself have been spreading the proclamation of 8.1 to my few friends who use Windows Phone. They're happily running 8.1, but otherwise wouldn't have known how to install.

All the major Tec sites covered the preview app,before I never seen anything but from WPC,so no surprise really.

Of course my friend. You'll still get your official OEM, device and carrier specific firmware once your OEM begins to roll it out, and if/when your carrier approves of the update.

ewww....  I don't watch South Park much at all and never saw that before...

I repeat.