Clock Hub

Pin a big old clock on your Windows Phone 8.1 Start screen with Clock Hub

The function of Clock Hub is about as simple as it gets. It gives you the option to pin a live tile on your start screen that displays the time, which is something that HTC-branded Windows Phones can do using the HTC Hub, but is lacking on Nokia and Samsung devices.

But not any more! 

Want a clock on your start screen? You got it!

Clock Hub offers you two options, 12-hour or 24-hour time format, and updates every minute, as one would both hope and expect. The trick here is the app is only for Windows Phone 8.1. Reason? 8.1 allows apps to update once per minute, whereas 8.0 has a 30 minute constraint. Boo-ya.

If you are looking to add a time tile to your start screen or replace your HTC Hub, you can get Clock Hub for free here in the Windows Phone Store. WINDOWS PHONE 8.1 ONLY

Pro tip: As you can see from the above lede image, the Clock Hub does have a transparent background, making it ideal for those of you with custom background images!

Thanks, Sarang D., for the tip!

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Reader comments

Pin a big old clock on your Windows Phone 8.1 Start screen with Clock Hub


I know it's redundant, but I like this app. Works well with 8.1 devices where you need another 'transparent' app and some space. Plus, free.

With that ugly status bar "always on" definitely it is a redundant tile. Takes up too much space anyway. I don't even want to start thinking about how it affects the battery by running in the background every minute!

"I don't even want to start thinking about how it affects the battery by running in the background every minute!"

Um, it's not accessing the internet and doing a data pulldown. It simply updates. Let me ask: how much do you think that consumes in processing power as compared to flipping a Tile or animating Cortana?

Alternatively, if updating a tile every minute was extremely deleterious, why would Microsoft enable it for 8.1?

If you put it that way, may be as long as nothing it does is waking up my phone every 1 minutes, I will never think of battery when using this app. However, putting it right under a clock in the corner, unless I am desperate to put an awesome background on my tiles.. is a no no.

My lumia 1520 battery life decreased significantly after installing windows 8.1
Maybe by 50% or more. Its only 1145 am and i have 35% remaining. Used to be 45% at 10 pm ( i wake up at 530am and unplug ) I guess I'm not getting this app for now :(

Not to brag but battery life in my lumia has been excellent (almost unchanged) after the update. I think we all had different installation scenario (i.e. amount of data, apps installed). I think there should be a thread where poeple can share how they installed the update. How much data was there? Battery status at the time of install? Whether the phone was plugged in during the install. Hard reset was done or not? If yes, was it before installing the update or after? And finally, whats the result in terms of battery life, performance, lags, glitches, etc.

I think this can give a good indication on whats going wrong with so many people who are complaining in the forums.

There is no need for that. Rule of common sense dictates after any update if things don't work as you expect, there is a conflict with old info. Just remove that. How? Hard reset. Hard reset fixes everything with Windows phone. If it's related to hardware you don't have any solution. But hardware related issues are expected from any preview build. Why? It doesn't update your firmware.

How long does it take to hard reset wp? And how long or how do i get back my apps, start screen and other info back? Sorry, never done it on wp. Done on android and apple countless times...

Of the first day after updated, my L920 battery life was horrible, decreased very deeply, so, I let the phone discharge totally, and then charged fully, and do it again, after that, I made a software reset, to reboot completly the system and apps, now two days later, seems to be normal again.

Likely because after the update your phone was downloading and installing updated apps on the background. I noticed I had like 30+ apps showing as "installing."

Start disabling tasks.

I noticed that disabling tasks on 8.0 didn't work well, but after 8.1 it works great. Increases my battery life a ton, even from 8.0.

Nokia Lumia 1020, AT&T

Good point about the tile flipping...why though did they not allow this before 8.1, hardware is the same? Guess its just maturity of the API. At least, I hope it is open to 3rd party apps...Will soon know.

You're probably right about minimal battery drain but to answer your question, tile flips and animations stop after about 30 seconds on 8.0. if you don't touch the screen. Is this still the case on 8.1?

Hi Daniel,

I haven't came across any documentation in MSDN & WP8.1 SDK stating the ability of updating tiles every minute locally on the device. The closest methods I found was

- Windows push notification service (WNS), could do the per minute update, but it would require network access.

- TimeTrigger, which doesn't required network, but have a minimum of 15 minute gap

- SystemTrigger, which only run when certain action is trigger, but would take up a spot of lockscreen slot.

Maybe you could shed some light on this? Thanks!

You might want to take a closer look at the HTC One ;) But I'd say they copied metro more than the other way around

Hi Daniel, I'm the developer of this app, in the current version there is a bug that show many notifications in the Action Center. I've published now an update that fix this bug, it will online in a few hours, sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Fela. Have not had chance to look at the new SDK. How are they limiting what you can do in a 1 minute background task?

Sure am glad to hear your comment. I want the clock app but been put on hold after reading about the notification annoyance. Will download it tomorrow. Also, consider removing the app title in the tile. If it's good enough we will tell our friends, no need for the title. THX for supporting WP.

Hey Fela. I tipped wpcentral about your app. Just one request please. Is it possible in a future update to remove the clock hub name on the live tile?

It must also give the date, but atleast per minute updating tile is gud, hope that happens for other tiles as well.

thanks for the fast reply. are you using a desktop? coz i dont know how to see notifications about people who reply to my comments on there a way on how to activate it?

edit: i just manually go to the article and scroll to my comment to see if someone replied to me :|

There is a option of "Notify me when someone comments" Beneath the text box..Tick the box before it..You would be inboxed with the reply and ofcourse the name of that person..

Not compared to flipping Tiles or animating Cortana. It's not pulling down data, just refreshing. I don't think it'll be a huge drain, otherwise why would MS give devs the tools to do it?

Then the Glance would not be using up a lot of battery life..As it's only refreshing..IF The sensors don't take up a lot of battery..

Daniel a question out of proportion.. Hope you don't mind it..i was actually thinking of WiFi was claimed to be there any news about it because I cant find it

If only it didn't say 'Clock Hub' at the bottom of the tile. But it's a 3rd party app, and I think it's great!

Thank you thank you thank you !!!
I felt kinda lost when the HTC clock stopped working after 8.1 !

Though this is not my prefrence but microsoft should have integrated a tile in the OS itself. I have seen a lot of people crying about it in forums in last few months.

Well glad we can expect more apps now as restrictions are slightly less.

Will this update cycle make notifications on apps like 6tag and 6snap pop more often if one have a snapchat marathon?

Time:Me by Arnold Vink has a lot more features and is a much better app, plus they have a sideload version that runs on 8.1 without the 30 minute limitation. Arnold also has a Windows 8.x version you can pin to your start screen that has the exact same layout.

You can get it here:

I'm still using his app even on WP8.1. He mentioned some time ago that he is planning on a building new version that works in the store. Nice to have the current time, weather, and battery percent all in the same app!

I gave up on the side-loaded TimeMe. It would often miss updating and be off. Maybe the wp8.1 version will be better but I'd rather not have integrated weather. Might be nice if it did something tho, like opening alarms, and showing alarms on the tile.

I'm amused by the idea and credit the dev with making the app, but....

I think the second and third screen caps of this article show the redundant nature of the app...


I realize it's intended to clone the HTC clock, but I'd rather have the option to use Segoe instead of that HTC-style font.

Just tried it out - nice app actually, wonder why MS didn't include this natively?

Would love to see this give the full date as well, date day and month.

Good job!

Good point! And rather unfortunate.

Either way this live tile helps arranging my tiles to get maximum transparent coverage. I like that!

Only thing i don't like with this app is it is showing the app title on the tile. Otherwise, great app. How battery hungry it might be is above me.

I always get sad when reading comments on articles ... does anyone read an article first anymore? I can imagine Daniel sitting there, reading the comments as they post, wondering "Why do I bother?". Someday soon, he'll be in his office one morning, looking at that drawer full of free smartphones he's got, then he grabs the drawer, rips it out of the desk and tosses it all out the window (oh the irony), never to be heard from again.
For the sake of Daniels sanity, please...READ.

I wouldn't think this app deserves an article only for itself.

Also I hate that it bugs me (in Action Center) every 5 minutes to rate it, while I already have done it.

I like the idea, buy really that's a lot of stupid notifications. Block them using the notification center settings?

"I wouldn't think this app deserves an article only for itself."

Were you in anyway burdened by our publishing this article? lol I happen to like this app, so it gets an article.

That's funny shit.   But I bet he still doesn't get it.  The purpose of any article to them is to do one thing.....and that's bitch.

Yeah. It's something I saw on android. I never thought I would see the spamming notification center on windows phone.

Too much oldschool for me, waiting for something with a little more style ;)

or maybe I'll do it myself :)

Nice app, though needs to not say "Clock Hub" in the bottom of the tile. Also, it keeps spamming me every few minutes to review the app (notifications appearing in action centre), so while I like the app, I will be giving the developer a scathing review for this behaviour.

Anyone know of a nice weather app, that has a transparent background? Neither amazing weather, weather flow nor weather from Nokia seems to work...

Anyone know of a weather app that has a live tile which shows the forecast but also has a clear tile to support the new start screen? WPC needs to update there app too. Surprised they haven't yet honestly.

Ok. Pinned to my Start as a wide tile and it shows the weather. But is not clear. Lol... Am I losing my mind. When its medium its clear. Small... Clear. Large... Not.

Weather app from Microsoft... Simple and effective... (not bing)... Its 1mb in size I think... Never drained battery and updated very frequently...


I don't see the point in this app, is it beautiful yes and completely agree with it. On the other hand it's completely useless and redundant. I installed the app thinking I can pin 2 tiles with 2 different time zone but I cannot and that kills the one possible use of it.



Clock is already present on the home screen and on lock screen, so IMO is useless and it's 24MB for one tile which has no alternative use. I see waste of time and productivity as the asp could have been so much more as I need an which can show more than one time zone.

Not bad but it is a little slow to update.  It's currently 2 minutes off the current time on the phone. Remove the "Clock Hub" name on the live tile and have the current date instead would be better.    


I hope they can turn it into the old flip clock image like HTC always had on WinMo. I really miss that!

THANK YOU! I always enjoyed the look of having a clock at the top, something I always missed from my Android days. Looks great.

My HTC hub live tile stop working. It stopped displaying the time and weather after the update.  It's just a blank tile with the word HTC on the bottom left corner. Anyone else had the same problem?

Wow! that's awesome..within 2-3 days of launching WP8.1 & that too DEV's preview..we are seeing soo many Customization Apps & many others coming on..
this is just the teaser..PICTURE TOH ABHI BAAKI HAI MERE DOST.

Hip-hip hurray for WP8.1

I feel its redundant now that the time is always displayed on the top of the screen, and holy notifications! Ok, I'll review the app already, but don't expect a great review after filling up my notification center like that!

App has beautiful layout, out looks awesome even though we have fixed clock. Notification can be blocked.

Finally! When I suggested this feature a couple of months back I was almost crucified on the comments but as it turns out a lot of people find it useful.

Some people have left negative comments in store for this app. May be they don't know it requires WP 8.1

Nokia already had this same feature back on my old N8...could set it to show clock always on home screen..not to much new with this app


Facebook and Instagram work via the Microsoft Push Notification System (MPNS) WP8.0 apps can do this too. The MPNS can send notifications as it happens while using little battery power. The only tricky thing, is that it requires that you own the severs to push the notifications.

This is different from background tasks, which works using the pull operation and uses alot of battery power because it has to constantly check for new notifications. It does not require you to own the servers. Unfortunately, this is the only way that unofficial apps can send notifications.

No!!!!! That's not fair!! Nokia users get everything! Let us HTC users keep the big ass clock at least!!

Another pointless app together with Tilesparency, bringing nothing but inconsequential cosmetic trivialities. Glance gives a clock when off and there's an always on clock when moving round the phone. Who goes back to their home screen to find the time from a big ugly tile? Mental.

Been using TimeMe for a long time. If you side load it as i did, it updates every minute. I can even change the color of the tile.

Hopefully Arnold Vink updates his excellent TimeMe App which is a bit more full featured than this. 

Up till now you've had to sideload it (pretty easily) to get it to update every minute, but now with 8.1 that shouldn't be a problem.

@Daniel hey it seems Microsoft doesn't want us to use any app without network connection..... I mean to say this app's one minute tile update time is not working without constant network connection... Any solution for that????

Not working on my Lumia 920 with WP8.1, the app opens freezes and exit automatically, uninstalled, reinstalled and tries again, same thing happened, such a shame I've always wanted an app that displayed that clock and now that finally is realased it doesn't work on my Phone :(

gys, i just cannot download this app, no matter how much i try!! ait just gets stuck on "pendind" for hours!! i even downloaded it on my pc and copied it to the sd card gor still is stuck on pending with half the download bar full.. can u pls help me??

Doesn't work half the time. Tile space replaced by Blue Skies weather app (which is fantastic so far)

I like the clock a lot, but it needs a live tile: the back side should contain date or countdown to a user defined event/s.  Need to remove the title "clock hub" from the tile.  It's not a hub, and everyone can see its a clock...


Does anyone know when this app will be out in Australia?

also, where can i find the background image used in the pics above?

Just got the 2nd update. Still goes off. People who write WP apps should get an L520 to test apps on, since they probably represent half of windows phones. Maybe it's the small memory. BTW, I have done a hard reset.

Does anyone have a link to the orginal? That worked perfectly and had no weather, which I don't want.

On HTC 8X 8.1 the live tile won't show the clock and it's just doing nothing on my start screen. It's "always allowed" from battery saver.

awesome, very welcome. 

the HTC app is terrible at updating. you often have to open it to get it to refresh.

Developer is a sadist. He creates the first working WP clock tile and then destroys it. He could restore the 12MB one but won't because we must be punished.