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Windows Phone 8.1 will have a dedicated Bing podcast app

Podcasts didn’t receive too much love in Windows Phone 8. They took a backseat in the Xbox Music and Video hub and didn’t really get a whole lot of attention from Microsoft. That looks to be changing quite a bit with Windows Phone 8.1. A new Bing app will focus purely on podcasts. Here’s an early look at the app.

It looks like podcast support in Windows Phone will be quite a bit better in Windows Phone 8.1. The new app comes from the Bing team within Microsoft, not the Xbox team like it was in Windows Phone 8. We’ve seen a handful of excellent apps from the Bing team on both Windows Phone and Windows 8. Hopefully the podcast app will bring that level of polish once it’s released to consumers. We say that because right now the app isn’t much to look at, but it does have a handful of basic features you’d want in a podcasts app.

  • Variable playback speed
  • Favorites
  • Support for both audio and video podcasts
  • Bing search to find and add podcasts
  • Sharing support

Bing Podcast App

The biggest change (and one that will be most appreciated) is the ability to search for and add podcasts using Bing. Right now on Windows Phone 8 you need to go to the Windows Phone Store to find and add podcasts natively without using a third-party app. That’s nice, but it’s also the reason why non-US podcast listeners on Windows Phone need to rely on third-party apps. Now anyone can presumably just search and add their favorite podcasts or URL to get their favorite programs.

The app currently has a pivot-based interface the following views: now playing, favorites, collection, and get podcasts. It’s nice to see the ability to change up the playback speed. Useful when you’re using to really long episodes, but want to power through them. You can mark particular podcasts as favorites, view your collection, and search for more podcasts in the other parts of the app.

The app has a simple UI at the moment and isn’t anywhere near as pretty as other Bing apps like Weather, News or Travel (beta). Hopefully the team is just nailing down the functions first and will add the polish when this gets released to consumers.

Anyone else look forward to playing with podcasts in Window Phone 8.1? Be sure to check out the initial Windows Phone 8.1 SDK leak and a subsequent gallery of screenshots from Windows Phone 8.1.

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Windows Phone 8.1 will have a dedicated Bing podcast app


Well, you don't value what you have until you loose it, right? The notion of doing smth via the PC was annoying and was critisized a lot, now there are a lot more we can do via the phone, but they made it more complicated with podcasts.

My favorite feature for podcasts :). You get through so much more content. Perfect for breaks at work.

Any idea of what play back speeds it supports?  I find x1.5 to be too fast but x1.25 is alright.

Looking good, cant wait. Being from the UK I havent had good postcast support for two years now. Nice since it was taken away in 7.5


I also hope that people can remove the app if they dont want it... right now there is a Help app you cant remove. I never use it nust it taking up space.

You can only remove those apps which have been installed from the Store. So if it's a store app then we would be able to delete it otherwise no.

I also would love the ability to speed up podcast playback. In one podcast I listen to, the podcaster just talks way too slowly.

I keep seeing new Bing apps from Windows 8.1 show themselves in the emulator SDK, but I haven't seen Reading List :-( is this actually coming to WP8.1? That was the whole idea behind the Reading List, was it not?

No, I don't think the design is basic at all. But I think it is simple. So I agree with him and disagree with you. Unless of course you're talking of the features being basic then you're talking of a totally diferent thing altogether.

i missed the delivery from the post man or women, but on the paper it say Nokia, just wanted to give the heads up that the keyboard came, i will pick it up tomorrow and take pictures

Never had a problem here... other than no way to manually check for new episodes. I would like to be able to save specific individual episodes. For example, one podcast I like releases a new episode every day, and only keeps that one in the catalog. WP currently deletes the prior episode whether I got to listen to it or not.

Uh... you can totally tell Windows Phone to keep multiple episodes under the subscriptions settings. Also, you can manually check for and download new episodes. But the problem with that is the system doesn't consider those separate of the ones downloaded automatically, so they don't count towards the number you set and they won't auto delete. It's a total s*** show.

I always felt that had something to do with that storage issue, where it couldn't manage the temporary files for downloads, apps and related items..? =[

It will be great to finally have native podcast support in WP8 in Australia. Still boggles my mind that we don't get podcasts while most of the rest of the world has support built in. That said, it does mean I get to use awesome apps like iPodcast.

Awesome. Hopefully it will be much better. I absolutely hate when I have to find where I was in a podcast because it wasn't bookmarked properly. Sometimes I avoid doing things that stop audio playback or make it a point to hit play/pause/play/pause to force it to bookmark.

It wouldn't we amazing, it would be a standard feature that was available at the start of WP that was left out of WP8. This is my single biggest gripe with WP. Here's hoping to it finally being fixed.

It might be, considering bing news has syncing (that said, hopefully they release this for Windows 8.1 along with the phone version).

It would be great to have the same apps on Windows 8.1 and all our podcasts being synchronised accross devices.

I don't care what it looks like, doesn't make a difference while driving... Just happy that this isn't a US feature only!

Is it me or is 8.1 like going to be 100x more massive then when we got 7.5? Color me excited for April.

They rushed out WP8. They ran out of time. That's why 8.1 is shaping to be so massive. It has everything they couldn't finish for WP8 plus the stuff from 8.1.
It would be smaller has they given more features in GDR1 and 2.

I wish I could just use Zune to sync podcasts so I could keep my Zune and phone synced up at the same spots...oh well...I can dream.

If Bing owns these apps I think it's a reasonably safe bet that a Windws 8 version is coming to desktops sooner or later. If so that will make cloud syncing of playback across devices a bit of a no-brainer. Let's hope. 


Very happy to see that podcast support is not getting dropped altogether, as I'd suspected after seeing the Music and Video apps being separated...

Finally, I get add Podcasts via URL. I was quite happy about that native podcast so far but there some podcast that I was missing.

How do podcasts work now on WP8? I see a podcast section in the music app, but no way to find and download podcasts...

Thanks for your reply! I don't have a podcast section in the store actually... Maybe it's because I live in Canada? I always wondered why there was a podcast section in the music app but not in the store...

Another way to do it perhaps is if you download a podcast from their site on a PC and transfer by plugging in your phone...don't see why that wouldn't work? ;)

Need support for password protected podcasts for paid subscription podcasts. I miss Zune still in so many ways, like above and wireless sync across devices, but if they can get halfway decent podcast support I may get over it. Still can't believe they knowingly made the choice to take a huge step backwards when Zune functionality was one of the few things that shined above and was being copied by iTunes.

I agree.

The ZUNE PC software is still AMAZING. Microsoft should re-connect it to Windows Phone and incorporate it into their web solutions, just as they have with the Outlook PC software and Offices 365.

I still use the amazing ZUNE PC software on Windows 8.1.

Secret goodness. Check out all the features that still exist.

What about us podcasters? When I search for mine, it shows old info and an old logo. Will I be able to go to the Bing team to get that updated? I don't have this issue with Droid or iTunes.

That shouldn't be a problem with this new app, since the podcast doesn't have to come from the store. It can come directly from your link.

How could you lose interest? There are podcasts on absolutely everything, and sometimes many of them. Just too busy?

With everyone here. Still on WP7, and I love podcasts. Stoked for the chance to see WP8 really run with this. Music and Podcasts are improving greatly and makes me feel I have done right in being patient!!

Hopefully it will sync with your MS account, so if/when they make Bing Podcasts for Windows 8.1 your subscriptions and play state will follow you.

Yes. MS should be able to provide these great features. If the podcasts were stored in OneDrive and sync'ed and stored locally, then there would be the opportunity for other podcast app developers to connect. The competition would surely bring us the choice of great feature rich apps.

I hope it has the ability to multitask while watching a video podcast and for the audio to continue to play in the background.


It's great that native podcast support is finally here.


I'm not liking where this is headed. First video and music being seperated, that's almost ok But this,a seperate app for podcast, why not have it in the xbox musix hub?

Something that should be in this update is support for mp3 audiobooks. If a native audiobook app also should come thats four apps (video, music, podcast, audiobook) instead of one hub. That's not ok.

There should be more hubs not less. I don't want to scroll through four "pages" to start an app. Everything should be hubs like the picture, music and video and peoplehub but with more integrating in the hubs.

Every social media app should be able to show it's feeds in the people hub for example.

Most likely they will act like iHeartRadio does with the current hub. This will have the advantage of being able to update the individual apps without the need for an OS update like the hub needs. So you'll get the best of both worlds.

All I needed was a simple player that synced and played flawlessly. Maybe its finally time for that now. What I'm saying is that current podcast players is all flawed in one way or another.
And as a note, Bring cast is the most annoying app I had to deal with.

Its weird that people had such a problem w/ podcasts on the phone? In Music/Video you go to the store, hit podcasts, search, select and subscribe...how hard is that? =[

Not hard when you live in the US have a Podcast section in the Store. We don't live there, so we don't have this section. So iPodcast is where its at at the moment.

no podcast section in the store, in canada! no way to manually add them.

im using podcast lounge and/or podcast critter

Super easy!

Except that podcasts sometimes don't download until hours or days after they're available, which isn't what "subscription" generally implies.

Or that if you're outside the US, podcasts just don't work at all, because I guess the international copyright laws on free content are complicated.

Or that if the Store doesn't have the particular podcast you want, there's no way to get it.

But except for those tiny issues, the existing functionality is awesome!

Really looking forward to this. Podcast support is utterly dreadful in WP8. Third party apps go some way, but most of them are flakey at best (Podcast Lounge was the only one that "sometimes" works for me. Bringcast took a massive nose dive at some point so I gave up on that). Yes, very much looking forward to this in 8.1 (podcasts and separate volume controls were my two biggest bug bears).

I found that the native WP8 podcast app was inordinately slow to find new podcasts.

Getting a Monday episode of TechNewsToday on Wednesday was not acceptable.

Podcast Lounge is superior.

Here's hoping that Microsoft finds a way to get back to a leadership position in these types of things, and stops being an "also ran".  

Overdue in my opinion.  Glad to see this happening. The native podcast for WP stinks, and can't find half of the ones I like to listen to.  The apps are OK, but often clunky and hard to use.  

Just let our current podcast apps save to SD card and have done with it. Even if all they do is provide access to one single podcast and they'll have improved 100% over the current system, which provides precisely nil podcasts unless you are a US Windows Phone owner. As the US is exactly where Windows Phone users are not, in general, the MS approach has been impossible to understand. They have missed the podcast boat and it is pointless to try to catch up now. The other podcast apps are great, just take the chains off them and we don't need MS for podcasts any more. If they bring out a poor alternative app that can save to SD and keep the decent alternative apps crippled, I will not be surprised.



That's my single biggest gripe overall with the Windows Phone.  If MS isn't going to give developers the tools to create a great app in ANY arena, then they're taking on the responsibility of writing that great app themselves.  Currently, only Microsoft could write a music app with gapless playback - and for three years now, they've chosen not to, which means that EVERY other platform (even BLACKBERRY, for G-d's sake) has a better music app than WP.


If "Bing Podcasts" is truly an "app," and not some new name for a "hub," then it shouldn't have any capabilities that any other app couldn't have.  Which would suggest either:  (best case) all apps in 8.1 can read/write to/from an SD card; or (worst case) none can, including this new podcasts app, which instantly becomes useless.


I'm encouraged by rumors that 8.1 allows installation of Store apps to SD cards - it would be silly to allow that but not allow them to store data there.  Fingers crossed.

Very excited about this!!! Windows Phone 8.1 is sounding better and better each day, and I can't wait for it!

This has been my major complaint since I got my 8x. I've been caring around my old android phone just to have a good podcast app with variable playback speed. Finally!

I really hope this won't just be available for the US. Canada is dire need for this...or maybe it's just me :)

Podcasters should still submit feeds to podcasts@Microsoft.com for wp7 & wp8 but wp8.1 doesn't rely on podcast directory feeds, it uses Bing to search the web for your feed. So make sure you have "podcast" tagged in your feed & sign up for Bing Webmaster Tools & make sure to submit a sitemap containing your RSS feed to Bing Webmaster Tools.

This is per Whitney at Microsoft who is handling podcasts now. v-whwish@microsoft.com he is quite helpful.

A Minnesota Trans-Atheist Podcast

Yes, and now I can report that it completely sucks.  Slow to resume (very slow) and almost never remembers last position played making you start the podcast from the beginning.  Complete trash. I'm about to go back to Android just so I can have a real podcast player. :(


Can't find any of my podcasts on this app. Worse than the wp8 version giving me either only the audio version or a podacst that isn't remotely related. Microsoft really lilkes to do things halfassed

For fun, let's point out that it's AUGUST 2014, Windows Phone 8.1 has been officially released, and Podcasts are still a WORSE experience than the one that "didn't get too much love" before. There has been NO UPDATE to this app since release* To sum up:

There is NO podcast discovery, no suggestions, nothing.

Searching in UNRELIABLE, bringing up irrelevant results and podcasts that can't play.

There is NO METADATA DIRECTORY of popular podcasts like in the store.

The interface is UGLY compared to the old one.

The ONLY feature we got added was 2x speed. We lost all of the above.

As usual, thanks Microsoft! Windows Phone 8.1 is making everything awesome!

*Remember the reason for making these smooth, fluid, beautiful native experiences into janky, slow, ugly apps was to update them at lightning speed. Guess everyone is busy scampering around trying to weave the Xbox Music from a steaming pile into gold somehow....