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Poll: How was Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 event for you?

We've witnessed Microsoft unveil and launch Windows Phone 8 today, which introduces a number of new features, but how did the event leave you feeling afterwards? Did you want more, or was it more than what was expected? 

We've waited for the announcement of what's new in Windows Phone 8 for a while, and even though leaks have occurred there's nothing quite like Microsoft revealing exactly what the company has been working on. But even so, some may feel disappointed with what was announced.

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Poll: How was Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 event for you?


Hardly any news on this Press Conference. I loved the Facebook live lock screen and the Pandora announcement. Kid's Corner we already knew as well as Rooms. Also, they didn't bother to talk about the notification row on the lock screen. Finally, no hard dates or prices for AT&T. Suppose AT&T has to announce it first. $50 for the Verizon 822 is cool. Other than that...WTF??

I loved that everyone cheered for the marketing announcement that was great. Rooms seem like Groups reinvented. Pandora was a big meh because its not available to non-Americans like myself. Jessica Alba, awesome! Surprised they didn't show off Wallet and other NFC stuff or the voice integration stuff. LOVE all the SkyDrive integration coming, this is how the cloud should be. Nice that phones can be bought at the Microsoft Store, hopefully unlocked so we can get the 920 on a different carriers if we want. Joe is always a great presenter and the best at MSFT. Overall good event and looking forward to what developers and OEM's bring to the table over the next year.

Loved it, except at the end just pissed me off! No Ativ S on tmo. Another fucking exclusive! No exclusives for
t-hole I guess. Dammmmmmmmiiiiiiit!

The Lumia 810 is exclusive to T-Mobile.  It might not be the best exclusive out there, but it won't be coming to the other carriers anytime soon.

810 is the 820 in different skin. Basically the 710 reborn more or less. There is no true exclusive for t-hole!

It was good, pretty much what I expected in terms of info. I really didn't think there were any surprises left and there weren't. I'm just glad it's done now so we can get some real hands on previews of the phones and OS.

Also, I still can't comment on the site, I have to use the app.

Great! I kind of l;ike the fact that they didn't talk about everything coming to the phone. its really cool when we get updates that matter every so often.


  • New core, new dev tools (making easier to port across from RT to Phone)
  • * This is the really big news that end users won't apprecaite, until more apps turn up but improves battery + performance
  • Proper multitasking
  • Rooms
  • Skype
  • Guest mode/kids corner
  • Significantly improved IE (7 x Javascript, better Tab process mgmt, HTML 5 support doubles)
  • Wallet / NFC
  • Much better hardware
  • New screen resolutions
  • Better camera UI
  • Lock screen enhancements
  • Proper Games Engines
  • Improved onscreen keyboard
  • Data Sense <- who else does this properly?!
  • Better Office and Skydrive integration

*** Seriously, when did Android or iPhone ever have an improvement list like that? (And I'm sure I can't recall them all)

No news on 7.8 this is getting upsetting. Early adopters getting shafted for supporting the platform.

Pretty underwhelmed... Maybe ifs just because I'd about mos the new things already? Also, massive focus on kids with kids corner. Dont have kids and none touch my phone so a bit meh.

I have kids and Kids Corner is an awesome feature, however they dedicated WAY too much time to it. Found myself saying "WE GET IT, JOE!"

Exactly. They were dragging it when it came to Kid's corner. It really felt like they had nothing much to present so they focused alot on a few features.

Guess I have three choices. Stick with tmo and sport the 8x, which Joe b uses, go check out all phones on each carrier and make some kind of hard decision afterwards, or skip the first round of wp8 and hope the second tmo offers more and better. But that's too long to wait. Flubber!!!!!

- Nothing new about VPN
- is WP8 able to remove user-installed certificates (with WP7, you have to do a hard-reset)

I thought is was good, and would have liked more; however, I think that since they didn't go into detail about everything, this will make the discovery process for me more exciting (it will be my first WP device). 
They highlighted the main features; and I think when the device reviews hit, more WP8 and device specific aspects will be revealed at that time.  Verge gave WP8 a 7.9, so hopefully the device review scores will be close to that, and hopefully, even better.

Rumors, all along, have been that 7.8 would be released after WP8 - as much as a couple of months after WP8.  So I don't understand why anyone would expect any info on 7.8 at this time either.

I have also wondered why so many have got so butt hurt about an announcement that was scheduled to happen after today not coming today. So many high expectations.

I think the event was cool, but if I was leading the PR department I'd have made one tweak. Joes great so id have him orchestrate as he did, but id have used celebs to introduce the features. Let Alba tell you about the groups hub and the camera and show the features. I'd have brought cam Newton out of the add and have him introduce ESPN updating the live lock screen. Bring out drake and have him tell you about Pandora and XBOX music with Joe just chiming in at the end of each presentation with the Microsoft spin. In short, if it's about people, put the people the kids want to see front and center. Take the techies out of the tech. I hate to say that, but that's where they need to go. Oh, and they should have just played Facebook the ransom and announced instagram at all cost to kill the last meaningful elephant in the room. Pandora and instagram are the only ones that matter. They got it half right.

Yeah that's actually pretty good idea. It would make it personal and individual. Good idea ChristianKing.

I didn't see the whole thing because I was gone for lunch.  I was hoping to come back for AT&T 920 pricing and a release.  Nope!  That was all I really wanted from the conference.  I have to give it a negative vote.

Not only was 7.8 left out, but also the new business and enterprise features of WP8 had been completely omitted. The presentation felt sooo incomplete.

You missed a fun part when Belfiore noted how Apple "improved" their phone by adding a fifth row of app icons to the home screen.

It was ok at best just an official confirmation of what we already knew but the whole Jessica Alba thing I understand it but it seems like she is just being paid to use WP people saying they would switch too if they got paid for it that's what I'm reading on lots of sites.

When you look at what they've actually put in over a year compared to Apple it pretty impressive. Ok some of it is catchup, but to me its all just done 'better' kind of what like Apple is 'supposed' to be renowned for.

Whole lot of meh. There was no secrets to hold this was it. Verizons lineups sucks. With the nexus costing 300 off contract sucks to say that google got Microsoft today

It was really good, but it would have been nice with some more app announcements. Mainly instagram. They should have added that. Windows Phone 8 is the perfect instagram phone, if only it existed.

The presentation was fine, but why all the secrecy? It hyped things up and now people are a bit disappointed. They could have released the sdk and maybe there would have been more apps at launch.

They could have done this way earlier and already had the SDK out.  More app announcements would have also been nice..  Atleast it's over and we can finally start to get to releases of handsets.

They should have mentioned instagram I don't use it but not mentioning it means two things it isn't coming to WP or wanna surprise with it later.

I wanted to hear something about the 7.8 update. Aside from that, I was pleased with what was announced in the presentation.

I would like to see some more features but that wasn't shown 
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